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The whole world knows that studying in England is a great idea. With its successful academics, researchers, entertaining curriculum and fantastic travel plans, England is ready to form an unforgettable big part of their lives for students. We have written for you how the country, which has proven its educational achievements in the international arena, offers students in all aspects.

In the UK, undergraduate education usually takes 3 years. In some technical departments, this period may extend up to 4 years. At most universities, the academic year begins in September and October. Summer vacation covers the whole of August. Terms are longer for colleges and shorter for universities. More than 100 universities host tens of thousands of students from all cultures and languages ​​from all over the world every year.

How to Become a Student in the UK?

In order for students to receive university education in England, their high school graduation averages and English levels must be sufficient. Students whose high school graduation average and English level are not sufficient to be accepted to the first year of university can attend 1 year foundation education. The main purpose of this program is to enable students who come to England from different countries to get to know and adapt to the education system in this country and complete their missing credit scores.

Students with a high grade point average and a high level of English have the chance to start from the 1st year without directly participating in the foundation program, with some conditions. Foundation education given by every institution may not be accepted by every university. For this, another point to be considered while choosing the institution where Foundation education will be taken is whether the university to which the application will be made is valid for this foundation education.

In addition, some schools that provide Foundation education specify a minimum IELTS 5.5 score as a condition for participation.

Advantages of Education in the UK

Being a student in the UK has many advantages. The most prominent of these are as follows.

  • Education quality with international validity around the world
  • Rooted education system history
  • Providing students with advanced technological infrastructure, laboratory and library facilities by universities and the duration of undergraduate education is 3 years.
  • Providing students with full-time work permits during the holiday period.

Student Life in the UK

Both living and studying in the UK will make students familiar with British culture in a very short time. Because English is not just at school; It can be used in all areas of life. Spending every hour of the day at school, on the bus, speaking English with foreign students from other countries will cause spikes in the accent and speaking rate of students who choose the UK for education.

Student life in the UK often provides students with many advantages compared to other countries. Students in the country buy many things from books to technological gadgets. For this reason, most brands offer promotions for students. The UK offers a number of advantages to students in terms of clothing, concert-theatre tickets, airline tickets, furniture, technology, meals and more. The concept of the book is very valuable in England. Most students contribute to their budget by selling the books they use. But those who want to earn money from the book in the country; They should take care that their books are clean and squeaky clean.

How much does it cost to study in the UK?

Your spending on tuition depends on the type of qualification and the university or school you choose. There are many top universities and colleges in the UK with their own fee structures.

Moreover, the tuition fee also depends on the region of England you choose (there are different rules for various countries such as England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) and level of education.

Generally, humanities, education, and arts majors are more affordable, while health and engineering majors are more expensive.

If you are planning to study a master's program, the tuition fees are mostly expensive and the fees vary according to the department. Like all countries, MBA programs are the most expensive in the UK.

Education Programs

Average Fees/ Annual

Bachelor degree

10,000 - 20,000 £

Master's Degree

10,000 - 20,000 £

PhD Degree

5,000 - 24,000 £

Accommodation Fees in the UK

Many universities in the UK offer international students accommodation on campus. These can be self-catering or full board. Some campuses also offer their students shared homes or apartments with kitchens.

Accommodation on campus is a more affordable option. However, you need to submit a timely and separate application to find safe accommodation for yourself. If you can't find accommodation, you can search for rooms to rent, homestays and local hotels. In this case, your university's accommodation office can help you with a list of accommodation options.

When looking for a place you should have a checklist that includes expenses, facilities, deposits, inventory, rent reservation, bill payment, lease agreement, council tax and house rules.

The weekly wages according to the accommodation types are as follows:

Accommodation Types

Weekly Fees


£15 - £70


£83 - £157

Homestay accommodation

£175 - £245

For rent

£550 - £650

Cost of Living in UK

You need to set aside some money for your grocery shopping, social activities and emergencies. You should also consider the following overheads when creating your budget:


Approximate monthly fees

Bills (electricity, gas, water)

£40 - £50

Food and household expense

£160 - £200

TV license

£12.56 (or £150.50 per year)

Mobile phone

£15 - £50

Clothes and shoes


Leisure and sports

£10 - £20

Books and Stationery




Travel and transportation


Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK may seem a bit more expensive compared to other countries, but it is actually more convenient when compared to equivalent countries such as Canada and the USA. The reason for this is that while the education period is 4 years in the USA and Canada, it is 3 years in the UK. The country where you will receive the best education among the countries of the world will undoubtedly be England. The country is famous for its huge lush parks. Here, people come to the parks with their suits and high heels to enjoy the midday sun during their lunch break. Because the weather in England is mostly cloudy and rainy. For the British who want to enjoy the sun on the hill at noon, the best meeting and eating spot (with take away drinks and food) is to come to the clean and tidy parks and lie down.

Also, if we touch on a few more details about student life in England:

  • The British are very accustomed to foreigners, students and tourists. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help when you need it.
  • Do not avoid talking to students from other countries in your class. Remember, they are new and foreigners just like you. Look to improve your English in mutual dialogue.
  • All museums are free in London, with the exception of some museums.
  • When you're bored in England, run to the parks for peace of mind. Rest assured, the parks in the country have a calming quality.
  • There are countless, some even free, theaters in the country that you can go to every day. Don't miss out.
  • Note that you can travel to Scotland and Wales visa-free.

Advice for Students to Study in the UK

We have given various pieces of advice to those who are wondering what the student life is like in England.

Whatever training you go for, if you are going to stay in the country for more than 6 months, you must register with the police at the foreigners' office in your area.

The institution that provides all health services in England is known as the NHS (National Health Service). It provides free treatment for students who will stay in the country for less than 6 months, in case of an emergency health problem. However, for students who will stay more than 6 months; They can enroll by giving student certificates and accommodation documents to the nearest health institution to the region where they are staying.

There is no work permit for students going to a language school in England. Except this; undergraduate and graduate students can work 20 hours a week on a part-time basis.

The London Underground can also be referred to as a "tube" in some places. The Tube is known as the world's oldest underground transportation and is the second longest subway in the world in terms of length. Students who will study in London in England have a subway network to everywhere they go within the region and they will not have any problems in this regard.


The card you can use for the London Underground is the "OYSTER" card. You can top up your Oyster card at automatic machines at metro stations and buy your first card there.

Opening a bank account is one of the obligatory matters you need to do about student life in the UK. If you want to open a bank account in your name in the country, you must first provide a specific address. Then you must have any documents to prove that you reside at this address.

An important detail about the country is the weekly system. In the UK most payments are made on a weekly basis. These payments; It covers salary and rent issues.

You can use the "rent a van" service whenever you want to move your house and belongings. ”rent a van” are car and crew rental companies. You should call these companies 1 week before your move and inform them about your belongings. Then you can set the deal on the price and the time and day. Apart from this, if you are going to be transported with only a few pieces of suitcase; By opening an Uber account, you can rent an Uber XL.

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