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Study in Italy

Italy is one of the most developed countries in Europe and has the most opportunities in terms of education. Today, it is one of the countries that host the most students from abroad. In our country, studying at university in Italy has become very popular. There are many important reasons for this.

Italy with more than 90 higher education institutions, the majority of which are public universities; It is a country where you can get quality education in fields such as medicine, engineering, political science, history, architecture, dentistry, economy, psychology, sociology, fashion and design. In addition, the majority of universities provide education in English as well as Italian. All these reasons are very attractive options for those who want to study in Italy.

Reasons to Study in Italy

Italy has the most prestigious universities in Europe and even the world. In this country, you will have the opportunity to study at distinguished universities such as Roma La Sapienza, University of Milan, University of Bologna, University of Padova, University of Pavia.

Italian universities provide education with more affordable tuition fees compared to other European countries. In this way, you will not be affected by the increased fees due to the exchange rate difference and you can receive training at affordable costs.

In addition, you do not need to know Italian to study in Italy. You can choose any of the universities that offer English education, the number of which is increasing every year.

Even if you study English, there is no reason why you should not learn Italian. By living in the country for a long time, you can learn Italian and invest more in yourself for the future. In addition to meeting new people and learning a new culture, Italian will also benefit you in the business world as a plus that you can add to your CV.

Italy is a country with an impressive history and many natural beauties. It is particularly rich in history. Historical buildings that have defied years still stand tall and fascinate people. While you are studying at university in Italy, you also have the chance to visit and see these places.

Studying at a university in Italy also allows you to see different places. Students have the right to free movement in Europe. In addition, transportation between countries in Europe is also very easy. Although a plane ticket bought on time is cheap, you will have plenty of time to visit thanks to suitable train tickets.

Advantages of Studying at University in Italy

There are many prestigious technical universities in Italy, especially for those who want to study engineering and architecture. By studying at these universities, you will have the opportunity to reach the top of your career. With the quality education programs of these well-established higher education institutions, you can graduate with all the technical knowledge about your field. World-leading universities such as Politecnico Di Torino and Politecnico Di Milano are among the best technical universities to study at.

In addition, Italian universities come to the fore in many university rankings. There are 11 universities from Italy in the ranking of the world's top 500 universities. With a total of 36 universities in this ranking, which is called the QS World University Rankings, Italy offers a great opportunity for students who want to study here.

About the Education System

In addition to all these, studying at a university in Italy is an easy process. Undergraduate education in the country is 3 years. At the end of 3 years, students can graduate with a bachelor's degree. There are also 2-year master's and 3-year doctoral opportunities. 

An academic year consists of spring and fall terms. Between these periods, students may have the opportunity to return to their hometowns. 

Undergraduate Education in Italy

Undergraduate Education in Italy lasts for 3 years. In Italy, it is possible to study Undergraduate Education entirely in English or Italian. Apart from this exam, in order to be accepted to Italian universities, as a prerequisite to complete the process, it is necessary to pass the university exam in our country and pass the threshold. Undergraduate Education in Italy lasts for 3 years.

Master Education in Italy

Master's programs in Italy last two years as in our country. With practice-oriented courses, students are enabled to apply the knowledge they learned in undergraduate education and to specialize in their fields. Universities in Italy are among the best universities in Europe and the business world closely follows the developments there.

Tuition Fees in Italy

How can you study at university in Italy? The most curious part of the question is the tuition fees. In Italy, only annual tuition fees are charged at state universities, as in our country. Annual state university tuition fees range from 900 to 2300 Euros. Tuition fees in Italian private universities vary between 5,000-30,000 Euros.

Students who pass the base score in the university exam and are entitled to study in a 4-year department at any private or state university in Turkey can easily enroll in a university in Italy. Students who have completed 3-year undergraduate education can continue their 2-year graduate education after graduation, or they can obtain a residence and work permit in Italy if they find a job within 1 year.

The majority of international students studying in Italy are students from America, China, Iran, Poland, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Top 5 Universities in Italy

Italian universities have been in great demand from all over the world in recent years and include many foreign students. One of the biggest reasons for this is that Italy is a very interesting country. The geopolitical location, climate, historical and touristic places of the country cause a great deal of immigration from abroad.

The vast majority of immigrants take place in Italy for the purpose of studying at university. Many people from abroad travel to Italy to study at the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe and the world. One of the reasons for preference is that the undergraduate education in the country is 3 years. In addition, Italian universities offer education with more affordable tuition fees than universities in other European countries. All these make Italy an attractive country in terms of education.

In addition, it is not necessary to know Italian to study in the country. Many Italian universities that teach in English host hundreds of students coming from abroad every year. Every year, hundreds of students from Turkey immigrate to Italy to receive education in these quality schools. The five largest of these prestigious universities in Italy can be listed as follows:

  1. Sapienza University of Rome

    The Sapienza University of Rome was founded in 1303 and is one of the oldest universities in Italy. The campus of the school, which is the most populous university in Europe with approximately 115,000 students, is located in Rome. With many Nobel laureate alumni, Roma La Sapienza is cited as one of the best universities in Italy and the world. The school, which was the only public university in Rome until 1982, has been one of the most preferred universities since the past. It is possible to study in fields such as medicine, architecture and engineering at the university, which provides education with 11 faculties.

  2. University of Milan

    The University of Milan, one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Europe, was founded in Milan in 1924. More than 2,400 teaching and research assistants work at the university, which provides education to 62,000 students. Providing education in a wide area with its 9 faculties, the University of Milan is the only representative of the European Integration Research Universities Association (LERU) in Italy. Faculties; consists of arts, law, agriculture, pharmacy, political sciences, science, sports and medicine departments.

  3. University of Bologna

    The University of Bologna, serving more than 80,000 students with its 23 faculties, is the oldest university in the western world. The foundation year of the university, which is headquartered in the city of Bologna, is known as 1088. It also has campuses in cities such as Ravenna, Cesena, Forli and Rimini. The university, where distinguished academics have been teaching since the 14th century, has been one of the most important educational institutions in which logic, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, arithmetic, rhetoric, grammar, theology, Greek and Hebrew courses are given for years. Continuing its activities with 11 faculties and 33 departments today, the University of Bologna has found its place in the top 200 of the world's best universities.

  4. University of Padova

    The University of Padova, founded in 1222 in the city of Padova, is the second oldest university in Italy and the fifth oldest in the world. The university, from which many famous names have graduated from the past, serves more than 65,000 students today. It is possible to study in fields such as architecture, engineering, art and medicine at the University of Padova, one of the most prestigious universities in Italy.

  5. University of Pavia

    The University of Pavia, founded in the city of Pavia in 1361, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. The only university in the Lombardy region for centuries, the school now serves more than 24,000 students. The University of Pavia, which has 9 faculties, continues its activities with more than 80 undergraduate programs.

Housing and Living Costs in Italy

Student residences in Italy are usually managed by the international office at your university. These accommodation offices provide information on renting apartments, which are often cheaper than the cost of finding housing in the private market in Italy. Contact your institution to confirm the accommodation guarantees they offer for international students as they may be more accessible than dealing with the private rental market. Typically, housing guarantees are only for students from outside the EU.

In the private market, it is common for students to rent a room rather than an apartment and share it with other students. Student housing in Italy is more expensive in larger cities and can range from €300-600 per month depending on size and location, depending on how far you are from the city center and campus.

Accommodation information can also be found with real estate agents for a fee. Students who want to make their own accommodation arrangements without the help of a realtor can use the online portals. The minimum rental period for most accommodation in Italy is one year, but student accommodation in furnished rooms is usually available for shorter periods.

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