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Accounting is a branch of education that analyzes the economic activities of a company or organization. This information is then reported to management, creditors or investors. Accounting can also be called financial reporting. United Kingdom is more than 300 years old and consists of four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England has been a center of learning for the last 1,000 years and has had many ancient and distinguished universities. Foreign students make up a significant part of the student body at UK universities.

Accounting and Finance programs in the UK are designed to give you unique perspectives and knowledge in economics, mathematics, political science, psychology and sociology. By learning to gain a theoretical and practical understanding of basic financial practice, students will also have knowledge of how to prepare and interpret financial information.

Advantages of Studying Accounting in the UK

Job opportunities in Accounting or Finance are often very well paid, which will open many doors for you to work in a good position. For students seeking a qualified career plan, accounting study programs in the UK offer the most profitable career options available, particularly in the job market. Accounting and Finance graduates can move into a wide range of positions and professions after graduation. Accounting and Finance career options include; accounting, certified public accountant, banking, insurance brokerage, financial advisor, financial trader, investment analyst and tax advisor.

Due to the broad nature of accounting and finance degrees, employment opportunities are available in a variety of companies and industries. These include accounting firms, banks, insurance companies, consultants and large corporations. Accounting and Finance programs in the UK will help you gain unique perspectives and knowledge in economics, mathematics, political science, psychology and sociology. Students will learn to gain a theoretical and practical understanding of fundamental financial practice, as well as how to prepare and interpret financial information.

How Long Does It Take to Study Accounting in the UK

For students who will study accounting in the UK, the modules at each university will generally be the same. These modules cover topics such as bookkeeping, statistics and credit and financial analytics. Year 1 will lay the foundation for all future studies and introduce basic financial and economic practices. Year 2 will introduce you are a-dependent modules that you may want to focus on while continuing to develop your understanding of corporate finance. Year 3 will require you to focus on a year-long project, usually in the form of a thesis. After a total of 3 years of education, students will be able to start their careers in accounting.

The Best Universities to Study Accounting in the UK

Accounting and Finance programs in the UK prepare students for careers in the accounting, finance and business sector. The training covers areas such as corporate finance, financial risk, management accounting and auditing, as well as general business areas such as operations and people management.

The best schools for Accounting and Finance in the UK are as follows.

  1. University of Glasgow

Established in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in English-speaking countries. Located in Scotland's largest city, the University of Glasgow is one of the world's top 100 universities and currently has an enrollment of 20,000 students from over 120 countries. Glasgow is also a member of the Russell Group of UK's prestigious research universities.

  1. London School of Economics - London School of Economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science (informally the London School of Economics or LSE) specializes in Social Sciences specifically. It is the UK's most multicultural school, with two-thirds of the 9,500 enrolled students being international students. In addition, LSE is one of the UK's 24 leading schools selected by the prestigious Russell Group.

  1. University of Bolton

The University of Bolton was originally established as the Bolton Mechanics Institute in 1824, some changes were made to the school in 1990, and it was given Bolton University status in 2005. More than 11,000 students are currently studying. More than 30 courses taught at Bolton are professionally accredited, including the British Psychological Society and the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Bolton offers some of the lowest tuition fees in the country to students who want to study at the University of any financial means.

Admission Requirements in the UK

There are 3 basic application requirements to study accounting in the UK. The conditions that determine which school the student will be placed in and in terms of basic knowledge and language requirements are as follows:

  • Typical International Baccalaureate requirements: Minimum 35 points

  • Typical A-levels requirements: AAB and at least one of the accounting, business or mathematics majors.

  • Typical IELTS requirements: 6.5 overall, not lower than 6.0 in any component.

In addition to these, a student visa and a receipt showing that the health insurance tuition fee has been paid are also required at the application stage to be a student in the UK.

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