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Collab’s admission consultancy service includes various types of support operations, provided by our team of professionals to ensure that students admission process goes smoothly. 

Once the student makes a choice regarding the destination, our team begins the operation immidiately to succesfully enroll the students into the suitable programs. The operation is handled professionally and delicately, in order to facilitate the admission process. Our teams responsibility starts with checking and planning according to the application deadline of the school or schools that the student is planning to apply. Depending on the deadline, a road-map is drawn to support the student with appropriate courses to gain certain qualifications that will redound the application. For more information on the compensation programs, please visit our exam preparation service: https://www.collabinternational.com/exam-prep

Moreover, at Collab we handle the students application process in general. Application processes also differ from school to school in terms of implementation, selection process and response time, so the application process requires an high level of caution to get the acceptence letter smoothly. During the admission process our team establishes a communication with the school representative, in order to keep track of the application closely. In case of a positive or negative change, student or the guardian is notified. 

Ensuring the integrity of the documents needed from the school (transcripts, portfolios, certifications etc.) and visa (passport, motivation letter etc.) also is our reponsibility. For more information on visa counselling please check our visa application service:  https://www.collabinternational.com/visa-application

We also provide students with recommendations on the matter of accomodations. We do this in accordance with students needs and choices since the dormitories may differ from one another. It’s important to us that student has a comfort zone for her/himself in order to relax and study in peace. 

Collab takes care of the paperwork that is involved in such applications with the years of experience in filing successful applications and care that each student deserves. 

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