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Brunel University

Brunel University

Brunel University London, located in the city of Uxbridge in west London, is one of the leading universities in the UK. This globally respected educational institution attracts students from over 150 countries with its wide range of academic programs, international approach, and quality of education.

London is a unique living and education center for international students with its endless possibilities of activity. With its world-famous tourist attractions, food and beverage and entertainment venues, shopping and cultural centers, London are almost at Brunel University London’s doorstep.

The university operates from a single campus located in Uxbridge, meaning students do not need to travel to attend classes or get together. The Brunel campus, with its excellent facilities and facilities, is a living center in itself with a 24-hour library, a modern sports center, and well-equipped classrooms and study areas, as well as on-campus restaurants, shops, a bar, and nightclub.

Brunel University London acts as a springboard for thousands of accomplished academics and professionals, backed by meticulously designed services and academic program features. With dedicated career guidance services, regular job fairs and professional networking opportunities, and proximity to London's tech, financial and commercial hubs, Brunel offers its students a chance to enter the global and ever-evolving job market one step ahead.

Life at Brunel University

Brunel University London has always been among the leading institutions in education innovation and learning quality. For more than 50 years, the university has supported many new educational approaches, such as "sandwich" programs. Brunel works tirelessly to ensure that students are equipped with a solid academic and professional skill set that will enable them to succeed in their careers.

Brunel undertakes various initiatives to support all learners as prospective students, students, and graduates throughout their journey at the university. These include a team of career counselors who work with students during their time at Brunel and after graduation.

The Brunel Center for Excellence in Education (BEEC) works to enhance the teaching and learning experiences of Brunel students by providing a wide range of extra-curricular learning opportunities.

Brunel has also made a name for himself by adopting and using technology that supports a flexible and interactive approach to learning.

The university also offers numerous opportunities to students. Chief among these are the following.

  • The library is open 24/7 throughout the semester.
  • There are books, magazines, audio-visual materials, 150.000 e-books in the library, which has an extensive global collection.
  • There are 1200 study environments in the library, including group study rooms and quiet study areas.
  • There are also guides in the library, such as LibSmart, to support students' knowledge and skills.
  • Computer Center and Media Services,
  • Brunel Center of Education Excellence,
  • Head Start Program,
  • Art Center

Brunel University Programs & Fees

Brunel University London has a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. These programs and their fees are as follows:

Undergraduate Programs

  • Arts and Humanities (English, Creative Writing, Music, Theater)
  • Economics & Finance
  • Education
  • Law
  • Physical Education and Youth Sport
  • Politics and History
  • Social Sciences (Anthropology, Film & TV Studies, Journalism, Sociology)
  • Business
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Games Design
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Design
  • Engineering (All BEng and MEng in Civil, Electronics and Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
  • Occupational Therapy BSc
  • Physiotherapy
  • Anthropology
  • Children, Youth, and International Development

Master Programs

  • Psychology / Psychological Science
  • Business and Management
  • Contemporary Performance Making
  • English and Creative Writing
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Games Design
  • International Relations
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Media and Communications
  • Music
  • Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Society
  • Psychology, Health, and Behavior
  • Computer Science
  • Design
  • Economics & Finance
  • Engineering (all routes unless listed in specialized courses below)
  • MSc in Financial Mathematics
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Neurorehabilitation / Functional Neuroimaging
  • Occupational Therapy (post-registration)
  • Public Health and Health Promotion
  • Social Work
  • Sport Sciences and Sport Psychology
  • MA in Intelligence and Security Studies
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Structural Integrity MSc
  • Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) MSc
  • MSc in Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration)
  • Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design MSc
  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Education costs

For undergraduate courses: £16,335 - £19,855

For Masters courses: £19,000 - £27,270

Brunel University

Accommodation / Cost of Living

Being the 1st most preferred location in the world, England is home to the oldest, well-established, prestigious, and quality universities that students can attend.

Because England is a multicultural residential area, the lifestyle of each city is different. Student life can be very different for students in different parts of the UK. Your experience depends on the university you attend, what part of the UK you are in and what you do. Student life can be fascinating and educational.

Universities in the UK have dormitories. Students can stay in these dormitories according to their convenience and preferences. Also, the most common type of accommodation in the UK is homestay. Students can choose from accommodation with or without meals and many more. For students choosing Brunel University, the annual cost of accommodation is around £6,000-13,000, and non-accommodation prices are around £3,000-7,000.

Ways to Study Abroad

A global graduate is offered to students considering an exchange or study abroad program at Brunel University London. Countless students from all over the world choose Brunel University for education every year. One hundred fifty of the world's countries are represented at Brunel, which allows its students to live and work as part of a diverse, international community.

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