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De Montfort University

De Montfort University

De Montfort University is located in the city of Leicester. Until 1992, it was known as Leicester Technical School, founded in 1969. The University's only campus is Leicester City Campus. Leicester is just 1 hour from London by train and easily accessible within the UK, while Paris is just 3 hours. It has approximately 20,500 registered students. The curriculum is conducted under four faculties: Faculty of Art, Design, and Humanities; Faculty of Business and Law; Faculty of Technology; Faculty of Health and Life Sciences. There are eight student dormitories on the campus in the city center.

Founded in 1870 as the Leicester School of Art, the school was later renamed De Montfort University. The school, which gained university status in 1992, is named after Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, who established the first parliament in 1265. De Montfort University has approximately 20,000 students worldwide, divided into the faculties of Art, Design and Humanities, Business and Law, Health and Life Sciences, and Technology.

Life at Montfort University

All university accommodation is within walking distance of the renovated campus. It’s only minutes from many of Leicester’s attractions because it's on the edge of the city center.

Finding the right place to live while in college is essential. Knowing this, Montfort University tries to provide accommodation close to the city center and campus for every student who wants it.

The university campus is already highly appreciated by current students. Promising an enjoyable university life, the university also offers its great library, My Campus Center, the award-winning Vijay Patel Building, the QEII Leisure Center, and various demonstration rooms in the student residence.

The university places a strong emphasis on career-related skills. Most of their courses are accredited by professional bodies, and teaching aligns with current industry practice. Their extensive business links allow many students to be placed in jobs with organizations as diverse as the BBC, NHS, HP, and Deloitte.

As a result of research, De Montfort University is among the top 25 UK universities with the best employment rates. DMU's campus is just a five-minute walk from the city center, home to a variety of shops, cafes, and a thriving nightlife. For extra-curricular activities, there are more than 140 clubs and societies for students to choose from, and the university also organizes guest lectures on campus with leaders in their fields.

Montfort University Programs & Fees

Montfort University programs and fees are as follows:

Undergraduate tuition fees

  • Art, Design, various and Humanities: £14,250
  • Business and Legal: £14,250
  • Media: £14,250 - £14,750
  • Engineering: £14,750
  • Calculation: £14,750
  • Health and Life Sciences: £14,250 - £15,836

Master fees

Postgraduate tuition fees at the university range from £14,600 to £21,000.

De Montfort University

Accommodation / Cost of living

England, which is the 1st most preferred location globally, is home to the oldest, well-established, prestigious, and quality universities that students can go to.

Since England is a multicultural residential area, the lifestyle of each city differs from the other. Student life can be very different for students in different regions of the UK. Your experience depends on the university you attend, what part of the UK you are in and what you do. Student life can be fascinating and educational.

Universities in England have their dormitories. Students can stay in these dormitories according to their availability and preferences. In addition, the most common type of accommodation in the UK is homestay. Students can choose accommodation with or without meals and many more options. For students who prefer De Montfort University in Leicester, the annual accommodation cost is around £6,000-13,000, and non-accommodation prices are around £3,000-7,000.

DMU's campus is located in the heart of Leicester. It is a city rich in history, modern achievements, and diverse heritage. The advantages of living and working in Leicester are many. It ranks among the top three student cities in the UK, just behind Manchester and Cambridge, in the 2020 Student Life Index compiled by NatWest. It has also been selected as one of the top 10 cities in the UK to start a business report by A poll by Bankrate named it the third most progressive city in the UK when it comes to tackling social and environmental challenges.

Leicester has many shops, restaurants, bars, and a lively mix of music, film, sports, comedy, and culture, as well as plenty of green space in and around the borders.

Ways to Study Abroad

Studying abroad, whether undergraduate or graduate, offers an essential experience and education opportunity for many students. Studies have shown that students who go abroad tend to perform better in their degrees and are more likely to hold graduate jobs than those who don't. Based on this information, De Montfort University also offers its students the opportunity to study abroad. In addition, it also includes students in many exchange programs. Students from various countries of the world can study at the university.

De Montfort University has an Embedded College called the International College (DMUIC), which offers integrated programs for students outside the UK. Run in partnership with the Oxford International Education Group, DMUIC offers undergraduate and postgraduate pathways leading to a degree award from De Montfort University.

DMUIC provides students with all the support they need to succeed in their continuing undergraduate education. DMUIC offers the first stages of the International Incorporated Bachelor, Pre-Top Up program, and International Incorporated Master's programs.

After completing phase 3 of phase 1 (and/or phase 2) at DMUIC, education can be continued directly at De Montfort University.

DMUIC is located in the heart of the DMU campus - a few minutes’ walk from Leicester’s vibrant, multicultural city and just over an hour's train ride from London. It is possible to automatically become a part of the DMU from the day one starts training at DMUIC. DMU is a truly international university with students from over 130 countries.

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