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Scholarships for International Students

Looking for the suitable university and scholarship programs could be a challenging task for students wishing to study abroad. Several European countries and Turkey offer various government- and/or university-funded scholarship programs for international applicants. Academically talented and high-achieving students can benefit from scholarship awards that cover tuition fees fully or partially in addition to financial aid or stipend. Offers for funded scholarships differ depending on the country, type of institution and degree program that you are going to apply. ICES Turkey does not offer consultancy services; however, we can provide guidance to international students in their home country.

Here is a list of the most prominent university scholarships for international students who wish to study in Turkey or Europe:


Turkish universities offer scholarship awards, ranging between 15-50% tuition discount rates. You can find several programs that provide scholarship for international students at some of the most outstanding foundation universities in Turkey, including Koç University, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul Medipol University, Kadir Has University, Başkent University, and Bilkent University. 

The Netherlands

NN Future Matters Scholarship Program

NN Future Matters scholarship awards are aimed for young people who wish to enrol at postgraduate study programs in fields of economics, finance, IT, data science, risk management or entrepreneurship at participating Dutch research and education institutes. 

Countries whose citizens are eligible to benefit from the NN Future Matters scholarship are Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Japan, Poland, and Turkey. The amount of scholarship is worth € 5,000 paid in three instalments, except for students coming from non-EEA countries such as Turkey and Japan. The NN Future Matters program also provides financial support for tuition fees and citizens of Turkey and Japan are entitled to a maximum of € 20,000 because of their non-EEA country status. In addition, this program offers mentorship to awarded students.

Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme (OTS)

There are multiple scholarship opportunities for international students who wish to continue their studies in the Netherlands. Orange Tulip Scholarships are offered to students coming from eligible countries to study at participating Dutch higher education institutions. Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nesos) manage and promote these scholarships.

Dutch institutions are responsible for selecting the scholarship awardees. Eligible countries whose citizens can apply for the Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme are Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, and Vietnam. The total amount of the scholarship may change for each country. Dutch universities participating in this program include outstanding universities such as Maastricht University, Eindhoven University of Technology, Amsterdam Business School, Tilburg University, and Utrecht University.

Amandus H. Lundqvist Scholarship (ALSP) Program

The Amandus H. Lundqvist Scholarship Programme offers scholarships to brilliant students who have been admitted to a master’s program at the Eindhoven University of Technology.  The scholarship award covers full tuition fees (worth €16,000) and living expenses which amount to €5,000 per year. Selected students can benefit from the financial aid for two years through the course of a master’s degree. You could submit your scholarship application together with the admission request to the degree programme.


State Scholarships at Aarhus University

With the support of the Danish state, Aarhus University provides financial aid for qualified students coming from non-EU/EEA countries. To be awarded, applicants must be admitted into 2-year master’s degree study programmes at the institution. Scholarship offer includes full tuition fee waiver and partial grants for living expenses. The content of the scholarship awards may change depending on the faculty and study programme that the student is going to study. You can submit your scholarship application jointly with other documents and requirements to be admitted into a specific master’s programme. 

United Kingdom  

GREAT Scholarships

GREAT Scholarship programme provides scholarship awards for students from eligible countries to study at the most renowned universities in the UK. GREAT Scholarships offer financial aid to students coming from 13 eligible countries to study at one of the 43 UK universities, including the University of Cambridge, the University of York, the University of Reading, the University of Kent, the University of Glasgow, and Imperial College London. Eligible countries whose citizens can apply to GREAT Scholarships are Bangladesh, India, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, and Thailand. 

Additionally, GREAT Scholarship opportunities include 26 scholarships reserved for students focusing on sustainability and a sustainable future in their studies. Qualified students from Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Turkey can apply for one-year postgraduate programme related to climate change and receive GREAT Scholarships for COP26. The scholarship award includes a minimum of £10,000 for the payment of tuition fees through joint support provided by the GREAT Britain Campaign, the British Council and designated higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. 

Chevening Scholarship

Chevening scholarship provides full funding to outstanding candidates for one-year master’s degree programmes in the UK. It covers expenses including tuition fees, accommodation, and flights. Application requirements for the Chevening scholarship include being a citizen of one of the eligible countries, having completed an undergraduate degree with honours, and proof of minimum two years of work experience. The scholarship program requires awardees to return to their country of origin for at least two years upon completion of the degree programme. 

Jean Monnet Scholarship

The Jean Monnet Scholarship advocates academic programmes with a focus on the European Union studies. It supports experts studying and working in EU-related fields. In addition, the program aims to reinforce Turkey’s EU harmonisation in line with the EU acquis. One of the key objectives of Jean Monnet Scholarship is to strengthen the administrative capacity and to increase expertise in Turkey’s EU membership negotiation process. Therefore, one-year master’s degree programmes with a particular focus on the EU acquis are eligible for Jean Monnet Scholarship awards. 

The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition fees with a maximum amount of € 20,000 as well as living expenses which differs according to the host country. The program also provides financial support for various other expenditures such as visa application, health insurance, travel costs, study visits, and educational materials with a one-time payment of € 3,000.

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