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Collab International 

Collab International is a new generation global education consultancy company specializing in tailormade solutions for students at a global level while supporting educational partners from all around the world for finding a right path for students with diploma deficiencies, language and test preparation along with a vast variety of partner colleges and universities in more than 15 countries.

Having over 20 years of international education experience and more than 500 partner institutions and universities, Collab International assists every student with its team of highly educated international consultants. As students have different backgrounds and goals, our team carefully evaluates each student’s educational background to guide them through their international education journey.

With a “Student First” approach, Collab International provides a range of services in accordance with the students’ needs by collaborating with various business partners as listed below:

Academic Consultancy (Over 15 Countries): We help students to choose the right path according to their academic qualifications, budget, skill sets and career priorities. 

Admission Consultancy & Management: We manage applications meticulously for each country and university partner. We guide students and partners to file each document perfectly as requested by the target countries and universities to avoid any future issues within the application process with our highly expertised team for each country separately. For more information please visit this page. 

Exam Preparation: We prepare students for academic and language exams to a large extent. We offer many preparatory camps including AP subjects, IMAT, TIL/TOLC exams, GRE/GMAT exams, SAT/ACT exams and IELTS-TOEFL and YÖS examinations.

Education Coaching: We are coaching students starting from the 10th and 11th grade of high school to prepare for the top-notch universities in the world from the early stages.

Visa Application Services: We have a highly expertised visa team that can help our students and partners for all the countries we are offering academic services for.For more information please visit this page. 

Accommodation Services: We have accommodation placement services in many European countries and to a larger extent in Canada and Turkiye.

Local Services: We offer local services such as airport pickup, residence permit application, bank account opening, drivers license courses, insurance booking, sim cards and more in many European countries, Turkiye and Canada.

Immigration Services (Canada): We offer immigration services for students, partners and parents with the vast opportunities Canada offers for potential immigrant candidates from start-up visa to intra-company transfer, investments, student dependent visas, study permit extension, work-permit applications and permanent residency applications.

By working with Collab International, students have the chance to receive the right guidance in their journey to reach their potential with all aspects planned to prepare in the best way possible for their future careers!

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