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Collab International operates as the global enterprise of ICES Turkey, the most reliable and prestigious education counselling company originated in Turkey. With it’s team of highly educated counsellors as well as more than 500 partner institutions and universities, Collab provides students from all over the world with study options that are suitable for them to start their journey of new careers and research through studying abroad and supports them on the way. 

Collab knows that every student has their goals and needs, hence its team approaches each student with delicacy and care. Each student’s educational background is carefully evaluated in order to give them the most suitable offers, in accordance with their ambitions. After evaluation process, each student is provided with a list of recommendations and from there on, the student makes the choice. Collab also recognizes the students strong and weak suits, and supports students to overcome the obstacles along the way of their academic objectives with preparation courses from its valuable associate Puza Academy or recommending the right foundation schools abroad. 

Along with school and study consultancy, Collab also ensures support to the students in the means of finding the right accomodation, insurance policies, work and residency permits, visa applications and so on. By doing so, Collab opens the door to every student willing to begin their education journey or add to it, through its partnerships and collaborations with various educational institutions from all over the world.

Collab’s mission, is to support students in need for coaching and consultancy with an assistive and goal oriented attitude and work ethic, dependent on transparency. Following the pioneer footsteps of ICES Turkey as in putting the understanding of students needs first and fulfilling those needs sufficiently, Collab continues to make a difference in students lives today.  

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