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As a partner with Collab International, you gain access to a wide range of resources and tools designed to enhance your local education agency's capabilities and streamline the study abroad process for your students. Fill out a form, and we’ll get back to you about partnership opportunities!

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Collab Academic: Your Gateway to Excellence in Education

Collab Academic is a modern, new-era higher-ed portal designed exclusively for our partners. This tool serves as your one-stop solution, providing comprehensive information on universities, their programs, intakes, admission requirements, and tuition fees, all in one centralized location. With Collab Academic, you can access a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, eliminating the need to search through various sources for critical information. 


Key Features of Collab Academic:

  • Extensive University Database: Gain access to an extensive network of over 250 prestigious universities from 15+ countries, mainly Europe and Canada, along with partners from US and UK. This wide selection empowers you to offer your students diverse and tailored study abroad opportunities, maximizing their chances of finding the perfect academic fit, especially with the many sets of budgets and requirements,

  • User-Friendly Interface: Our portal is thoughtfully designed with ease of use in mind. Navigating through the platform is intuitive and efficient, ensuring a seamless experience for our partners.

  • Quality Admission Process: We realize the biggest question when choosing a higher-education partner is the smoothness of the admissions process. We promise to provide you with detailed admission guidelines, university selection coaching, and 72 hours average submission time for full application packages! 


Our Unique Services: Going Above and Beyond 

At Collab International, we take pride in offering our partners a holistic support system to ensure your agency's success and your students' satisfaction. In addition to Collab Academic, we provide a range of unique services tailored to meet the specific needs of our partners:

  • Exam Preparation Services: Empower your students to achieve their best results with our specialized exam preparation services. We understand the importance of standardized tests in the admissions process and strive to equip your students with the tools and knowledge they need to excel.

  • Local Services: As a global education agency, we recognize that each region has unique requirements and preferences. Our local services cater to the specific needs of certain countries, ensuring a personalized approach for your students.

  • Coaching Services: We believe in nurturing talent and providing comprehensive support to students throughout their study abroad journey. Our coaching services offer guidance and mentorship to help you navigate new challenges, options, and requirements for your students in newer destinations for your agency. 


Exciting News: Meet Collab International at ICEF International Fairs!

Collab International is thrilled to announce our participation in three prestigious ICEF international fairs in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Berlin, Germany, and Dubai, UAE. As the leading B2B networking conferences for the international education sector, ICEF events present a remarkable opportunity for us to connect with education agencies from around the world and forge new and fruitful business partnerships!


Meet Collab International at ICEF Events:

ICEF Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Date: 14-16 September

We look forward to meeting with agencies from Latin America and beyond to explore potential collaborations and discuss the benefits of becoming a valued partner with Collab International.

ICEF Berlin, Germany:

Date: 5-7 November

We're excited to engage with European agencies and showcase the exclusive advantages and unique services that come with partnering with Collab International.

ICEF Dubai, UAE:

Date: 12-14 February 2024

Join us in Dubai as we connect with agencies from the Middle East and other regions, and together, we can unlock new opportunities for international education.


Are you attending any of these ICEF events and interested in partnering with Collab International? We would love to meet you in person! To ensure that we have dedicated time to discuss your agency's needs and explore potential collaborations, please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment!

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