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Academic Coaching service in Collab includes various types of guiding for students given by the professionally trained team members.  

First step of the journey starts with partnering with students, who are seeking for more information and opportunities, to identify their goals and ambitions to guide them into a career path that satisfies these goals and ambitions. 

Choosing the right country and school is crucial in terms of studying abroad. Identifying the suitable program is the next step, which is only possible with careful assessments and evaluation of the student’s educational background. In order to do so, all the documents that indicate information about students educational background (transcripts, diplomas, certifications etc.) are taken into consideration. For each country and school, there are a set of requirements to get accepted. Depending on these requirements, our team detects the most suitable ones and prepares a list of recommendations for student to analyze and arrive at the right decision. 

Of course, it doesn’t end with only making a decision. If the student is eligible to apply to chosen program, the process continues with admission consultancy. If the student is not eligible for some reason, Collab’s team will execute a compensation program for the student. If the student has to take an exam like IELTS, TOEFL, IMAT, GMAT, SAT, AET etc. or has already taken the exam but did not meet the required score, our team will organize a set of exam preparation courses that the student can take in order to reach the score that is needed for the program in time. For more information on exam preparation please:

Collab’s team also plans further academic consultancy to the students who are planning to stay and settle in the country they study in or plan to change the country of education. This roadmap is created through the goals and aspirations of the student and its purpose is to ensure that the student receives the education in accordance with these and reach their goals in the long run. 

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