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Study in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland  

Ireland is a perfect place to study abroad with its beautiful landscapes, green countryside and prestigious higher education institutions. Home to top ranked universities in the world, Ireland offers world-class study programmes. It has a warm and welcoming local culture as Irish people are known to be very friendly. Availability of great post-graduate opportunities is another reason many accomplished students choose to study in Ireland.

Ireland is home to the headquarters of several well-known multinational tech corporations, such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. This provides countless opportunities to young graduates in Ireland—both local and international—who want a great start to their careers in the tech industry. 

About Ireland  

Republic of Ireland is situated on the island of Ireland to the west of Great Britain. North-eastern part of the island belongs to Northern Ireland, which is one of the 4 constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Republic of Ireland, with its population of 4.9 million, is a member of the European Union and the EEA.

Dublin is the capital and most populous city of the country. Other urban centres include Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Waterford. Its rich historical heritage and unique cultural characteristics make Ireland a unique place for international students. Also called as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is famous for its green countryside, historical castles and world-renowned beers.

Universities in Ireland  

Universities in Ireland provide a diverse and inclusive environment for all international students. Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world, especially known for its great system put in place to cover students’ tuition fees.

Popular Irish universities that are consistently ranked amongst the top higher education institutions in the world include Trinity College, University College Dublin, Dublin City University, Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland, University of Limerick, and University College Cork. The Republic of Ireland is home to countless undergraduate courses and post-graduate programmes that are run with the utmost academic excellence in vibrant student campuses. Warm and welcoming Irish culture ensures a remarkable study abroad experience for international students. 

Higher Education Authority in Ireland pays for the tuition fees if the student has lived in a country that is a member of the EEA or Switzerland, according to Free Fees Initiative. Students who fulfil the criteria and are registered for a full-time undergraduate degree programme are eligible for applying to Free Fees Initiative. Keep in mind that tuition fees vary for international students. Non-EU students might be required to pay higher tuition fees. 

Living in Ireland

No matter the city you choose to study in Ireland offers a unique experience for its international visitors. Most Irish cities are small, yet they provide various entertainment options. As well as entertainment, living right in the middle of beautiful, green, natural landscapes and studying in a country with a rich history makes for a perfect chance to experience academic study while learning about an extraordinary culture.  There are many fascinating destinations in Ireland if you wish to plan a weekend trip to relax and explore. You can take short trips to places like Cliffs of Moher, Rock of Cashel, Ireland’s Eye and Dingle peninsula. If you are more interested in the modern cosmopolitan life, Dublin is an ideal place. Its active nightlife, numerous cultural events, concerts, and museums provide great entertainment opportunities for its visitors.

Cost of Living

The average cost of living in Ireland is relatively higher compared to other European countries. The capital city of Dublin is the most expensive place to study in Ireland, accommodation making up the largest portion of living expenses. The cost of living in other Irish cities are more affordable compared to Dublin and places in the UK. However, there are a variety of on-campus and off-campus lodging options which can help you to stay on budget. There are also discounts for transportation fees for students who have a Student Leap Card and use the Bus Éireann services. Although individual expenses may change depending on the city you are living in, your preferences and spending habits, an average of monthly expenses in Ireland can be predicted to be around 550-1000 Euros.

Ways to Study Abroad

There are several alternative ways to study abroad. If you are looking for financial aid to cover your expenses, you can find many government-led study abroad programmes designed to finance successful students. You can also benefit from scholarships and grants offered specifically to international students. As some of the scholarship admissions can be quite competitive, it is recommended to search for institutional discounts on tuition fees that promote international experience.

Attending a language school is another way to study abroad. You can enrol in language courses offered by local universities and continue your study experience later by applying to a programme of your choice. Alternatively, you can take part in volunteering programs to work and study at the same time.  Au Pair programmes also offer great opportunity to finance your expenses as you study abroad.

ICES Turkey offers academic education consultancy and provides visa and tuition information to international students, with its large network of outstanding universities in the UK, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Poland, Ireland, and Ukraine. ICES supports students throughout the entire process, including submission of applications to selected universities, finding accommodation, applying for student visa, obtaining residence permits or opening bank accounts. 

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