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It is a privilege to study engineering, one of the most established professions in the world, in the UK, where the world's best and highest ranked engineering schools are located. All components of engineering education are offered with a broad education concept covering areas such as R&D, production, operation and design.

Engineering touches every aspect of our lives; is in every part we use and consume during the day. Examples of these are communication, travel, health, entertainment and many other fields. Engineers play an important role in the basis of industries formed by these fields.

There are many universities in the UK that those who want to study engineering can choose. British Universities, which are shown among the best in the world, offer very good education opportunities in the field of engineering. It is possible to receive education in many branches such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering. England is considered one of the education capitals of the world. Well-equipped universities, modern education and respected academics welcome students. In addition to its quality education, England is also a reason for preference for those who want to learn English on site.

Advantages of Studying Engineering in the UK

Studying engineering in the UK is advantageous in many ways. England, located on the island of Great Britain in the west of Europe; It is the largest and most popular country in the United Kingdom. The capital of the country with a population of 65 million is London. The island country, where the rain is not missing, is home to students from all over the world. Students from 180 different countries come to England and receive education in a multicultural atmosphere. University admission requirements differ in England, and students who do not need a "foundation" program can complete their undergraduate education in a short period of three years at many good universities. In addition, students who study engineering in the UK have a diploma that is valid almost everywhere in the world. In addition, there are opportunities to make a career in England.

England, which is in the top 5 in the rankings of the universities that provide the best engineering education in the world, has also been the reason for preference with the internship, scholarship and job opportunities it offers to its students. Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, which are the dreams of most students who plan their academic careers and want to study abroad, open countless doors to students with their international recognition as well as the advantages of their names. Universities in England offer you a full education period with their modern and technological education systems, deep-rooted history, laboratory facilities, international campus options and academic staff.

Apart from the high-quality education they provide, in order to enroll in these schools and complete them successfully, creativity, ability to think practically and produce solutions, achievements in fields such as mathematics and chemistry, and curiosity about science and technology should also be prioritized.

How Long Does It Take to Study Engineering in the UK?

Engineering programs are divided into two at UK universities. The first of them is Engineering Undergraduate and the other is Engineering Master's education.

Undergraduate education is a standard 3-year program in the field of engineering. In order to become an engineer in any institution, it is sufficient for the students to complete the undergraduate program. This training will give them the necessary qualifications. However, in order to be a contract engineer in an institution, in addition to the standard bachelor's degree, they must have received an engineering education equivalent to the master's program. Some UK universities allow students to switch between undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the first year of the programme. The graduate program required by students who want to become a contracted engineer takes a minimum of 4 years. In addition, for students who want to gain one year of work experience, this program is completed in 5 years.

The Best Universities to Study Engineering in the UK

Universities providing engineering education in England develop in parallel with contributing to the country's workforce in this field, but are especially supported by the Royal Engineering Academy. 

  1. Imperial College London

Being one of the first universities that come to mind when it comes to engineering education in the UK, the university is also one of the first choices of students because it is in London, which ranks 5th in the world's best student cities. The university, which draws attention with its modern and constantly developing education approach and famous academicians, also draws attention with its campuses in the city's known places such as Chelsea, Westminster and Northwick Park outside the main campus.

  1. Brunel University London

The institution, which has made a name for itself with the job opportunities and modern education programs it provides especially in international companies, is one of the universities in London with the highest student satisfaction. With their investments of more than £400 million, they aim to increase and facilitate the living standards of students with more social, easy access to educational facilities, state-of-the-art education equipment, accommodation options, gyms, exhibition areas, outlet stores.

  1. University of Bristol

Known for its deep-rooted history dating back to 1876, the university also draws attention with its undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering. The university, which has 11 graduates with Nobel prizes in many fields; It adopts an understanding of education in which research, knowledge and practice are predominant and supported by technological equipment.

Admission Requirements in the UK

It may be beneficial for students who intend to study engineering in the UK to apply early. Applications are made through the "UCAS", known as the UK's central application system. The maximum number of universities applied through this system can be 5. Diploma transcript, document showing language proficiency, letters of intent and reference, and curriculum vitae must be uploaded to the system.

Studying engineering in the UK is a long and tiring journey. However; it's definitely worth it. There are many documents required to apply for a UK university. In order to demonstrate language proficiency, it is necessary to take the IELTS exam. The minimum score is expected to be 7. A good level of academic English and a good command of technical terms are mandatory for engineering admission.

Academic competence is also one of the important issues. Having a high school diploma and mastery of the high school curriculum is not considered sufficient. It is necessary to attend diploma programs such as AP programs and IB programs. Mastering the university curriculum is seen as an important admissions criterion. This is where the AP program comes into play. Particularly, being successful in the courses related to the applied field creates a positive effect in the application process. The AP program paves the way for admission.

There is a program called “foundation” for those who cannot meet the academic qualification and language proficiency requirements in England. Through this program, which can be called a scientific proficiency program, students can receive preparatory education. In this way, he can get the opportunity to study at prestigious universities.

Another point to consider when applying for a UK university is the completeness of the application documents. In particular, the documents uploaded to the UCAS system must be delivered completely and accurately. Letters of intent and references and information in the CV should be clear, simple and accurate.

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