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Study in Netherlands

Study in Netherlands
Study in Netherlands

Netherlands is among the most popular study destinations in Europe for higher education. This beautiful country welcomes all people who wish to study in Netherlands. Dutch universities offer a variety of academically distinguished study programmes that are taught in English. Home to worldly renowned multinational corporations, the Netherlands has great post-graduate opportunities. You will find favourable employment conditions and a highly qualified workforce in the Netherlands. Even though the national language is Dutch, you can easily communicate with the locals as most of the speak English fluently as you continue your study in Netherlands.

Why Study in Netherlands

Dutch universities have a high-quality education system, whether you wish to enrol at bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD programmes. Academic environment in the Netherlands is very friendly and welcoming towards international students. Availability of numerous programmes across different disciplines makes the Netherlands one of the first choices for studying abroad. Affordable tuition fees and low costs of living are other great advantages of studying in the Netherlands. Moreover, there are numerous scholarship opportunities for successful international students that cover tuition fees and living expenses.

About Netherlands 

Netherlands is situated in the Western Europe. As a member state of the European Union, it takes part in the EU EEA. It borders with Germany and Belgium. Amsterdam is the capital city of the country. Other large Dutch cities are Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Eindhoven. The Hague hosts the headquarters of various important international organizations. 

Netherlands is a very small country with a total population of approximately 17.4 million. Its location makes travelling around Europe quite easy. You can use trains to travel to and discover nearby countries like Germany, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. 

Universities in Netherlands 

Students who want to study in Netherlands can choose among research-oriented study programmes or practice oriented academic offerings. Bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programmes are tailored according to students’ preferences. 

Top ranked universities in the Netherlands include University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Radboud University, University of Twente, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Several internationally recognized degree programmes are available for studying medicine, law, engineering and business management. 

Tuition fees for studying in the Netherlands are affordable. Different rates might be applicable for students coming from non-EU countries. Total cost of tuitions may also change depending on the university and degree programme of your choice. Many Dutch universities offer fee reductions, grants and scholarships for international students. 

Living in Netherlands 

Students of all backgrounds can have a comfortable life in the Netherlands. Major Dutch cities offer a vibrant atmosphere with an active social and night life. It is a genuine cultural hub with numerous museums and art galleries. There is always something going on with summer festivals and local events that enable meeting with new people. Dutch people are very welcoming, helpful and sociable.

You should discover the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands. The green spaces in urban areas are quite popular places to relax with your friends and classmates. City parks are integral parts of living in the Netherlands, particularly when the weather is nice. Dutch cities are also bike friendly; Dutch people love cycling and having a healthy lifestyle. Walking along the canals of Amsterdam, enjoying the peculiar Dutch architecture and biking through beautiful tulip fields are among the many perks of living in the Netherlands. 

Cost of living

Living costs in the Netherlands is lower compared to other Western European countries. A monthly budget of 650-900 Euros is sufficient to cover your expenses including rent, food, transportation, and leisure. Accommodation can become more costly in major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. However, you can find student friendly on-campus accommodation options and shared housing alternatives. Student discounts also are available on transportation fees and for some leisure activities at places like pubs, bars or museums.

Ways to Study Abroad

Bilateral agreements made between universities offer exchange studies to their students. However, there are many other alternative ways to study abroad. If you are looking for financial aid to cover your expenses, you can benefit from scholarships and grants offered to international students. If you are not eligible for applying to scholarships, you can search for institutional discounts on tuition fees that promote international experience. 

You can also choose to finance your studies by working near your university. Some countries allow students to work part-time. Or, you can be an Au Pair and study at the same time. If you want to experience the culture before committing to a degree program, you can choose to attend to a language school to learn the language and get familiar with the country’s local traditions. 

ICES Turkey offers consultancy for anyone who wishes to study abroad. It provides visa and tuition information to the candidates, helps them through the application processes of both universities and scholarships. ICES also helps students to find accommodation options according to their budgets and open local bank accounts. ICES has agreements with a large network of top-ranked universities in the UK, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Poland, Ireland, and Ukraine.

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