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NABA Milano

NABA Milano

Founded in 1980 in Milano, Italy, NABA-Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano is one of the best private design schools in Italy. In the 2011–2012 academic year, it started to offer English-medium university programs for the first time. Every year, approximately 2000 students from 60 different nationalities receive education at NABA. As a part of NABA Laureate International Universities training group, it has a wide international network.

For decades, NABA has worked and continues to develop relationships with prestigious design companies and studios. The main purpose behind what makes NABA's academic methodology so successful and unique is its emphasis on applied practice, organized by courses on art and design theory. 89% of graduates find a job within one year of graduation.

NABA University Departments

NABA Undergraduate programs are 3 years and graduate programs are 2 years, and all of them have Italian and English options.

Undergraduate Departments

  • Arts in Media Design and Multimedia (Milan and Rome)
  • Creative Technologies (Milan)
  • Painting and Visual Arts (Milan and Rome)
  • Design (Milan)
  • Fashion Design (Milan and Rome)
  • Graphic Design and Art Direction (Milan and Rome)
  • Set Design (Milan)

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

  • High school diploma
  • Minimum CEFRL B1 certificate for Italian courses
  • For English sections; IELTS 5.0, TOEFL Computer 173-180, TOEFL Internet 59-64
  • 150 € application fee

Graduate Departments

  • New Technologies for Arts (Milan)
  • Arts in Fashion and Textile Design (Milan)
  • Social Design (Milan)
  • Product and Service Design (Milan)
  • Interior Design (Milan)
  • Communication Design (Milan)
  • Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies (Milan)

Graduate Program Entry Requirements

  • A diploma or undergraduate degree is required for the applied departments. If not, the works you have done and the seminars you have attended that strengthen the bond between you and the department should be shown.
  • If you don't have a bachelor's degree, a certificate will be awarded when you graduate instead of a Master of Arts title.
  • Minimum CEFRL B1 certificate for Italian courses
  • For English sections; IELTS 5.0, TOEFL Computer 173-180, TOEFL Internet 59-64

100 € application fee

Program Fees

  • Undergraduate program fees: 18.600 Euro / year
  • Annual fee for 1-year master's programs is 19.800 Euros
  • Annual fee for 2-year master's programs is 18,600 Euros.
  • Semester Abroad Fees: 7.500 EURO

Life in Milano

Studying art in the fashion and design capital of the world is the dream of many fashion and designers. The city of Milan has existed for years as a fashion city and attracts the best designers in the world, and these designers bring their most creative ideas to life here and present them to people with spectacular shows.

In Milan, students have the opportunity to meet some of Italy's best artists and examine their best designs and artworks. There is also the opportunity to attend exhibitions of the popular art world and many famous masters of design and fashion, such as Fashion Weeks.

Being a student at NABA University Milan means mingling with 70 countries and 4000 students in a multicultural environment. The chance to collaborate with international students and learn new approaches is a unique opportunity for students.

Milan is located in a location where travel opportunities and social activities in Europe can take place in the easiest way. With the magnificent mountain and lake views of Northern Italy, it is possible to easily go to Venice, Tuscany and even Rome with just one train. In addition, all NABA campuses have easy connections with Milan airports and train stations.

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