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In recent years, studying accounting in Italy became a preferable option for by many students. Italian universities have caught attention of international students with its recent rise in world rankings especially in the fields of economy, business administration, accounting and finance.

Having the 3rd largest economy among the European Union countries, Italy is the 8th country with the highest quality of life in the world. Italy, which is the world's largest wine and olive oil producer, has an important place both in Europe and in the world in the field of economy and finance, and naturally in the field of accounting. Having cities of international importance such as Milan, the financial and fashion center, and Rome, the capital of history, tourism and Italy has a contribution. Moreover, the first known state deposit bank, the Saint George Bank, was established in Genoa in 1407. Apart from this, the oldest bank in the world, which was established in 1472 and still actively serving, is "Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena". Today, UniCredit, which is among the largest banks in Europe, and Assicurazioni Generali, the world's second most profitable insurance company.

Advantages of Studying Accounting in Italy

The combination of academic challenge and practical application makes it a highly attractive major for those interested in business because of the competitive yet collaborative learning environment many accounting and finance schools and departments offer. But for most people, “Why accounting? The answer to the question is best answered with the reference of people with an accounting diploma.

Accounting graduates go on to work in a variety of different industries, and not all of these are professions you'd associate with accounting and finance in general. Outside of accounting and finance, graduates include marketing and advertising, as well as retail, sales consulting, human resources and business consulting. Such diversity in the field demonstrates that it attracts many students. Studying accounting in Italy also offers many advantages in the field of accounting and finance in a country with many industries and large companies. Italy is a great start to give a quick direction to your career with a multicultural constructor and internship opportunities in business life.

How Long Does It Take to Study Accounting in Italy

Italian universities are advantageous for many students with their quality and affordable education, and Italy is a country that opens its universities to foreign students and accepts thousands of students from different countries for undergraduate and graduate education. Many Italian state universities have good places in the world rankings and offer quality education to students in different fields. Thousands of students from all over the world prefer Italian universities to study at the undergraduate and graduate level. Italian universities are generally public universities and offer low tuition fees. Undergraduate education in Italy is mostly offered in Italian. However, some Italian universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate education in English. The number of foreign students who go to Italy for higher education, where undergraduate education lasts for 3 years, has been increasing in recent years. However, for students who need preparatory education, this education period may increase to 4 years. While this period is 3 years for students who want to study accounting in Italy and speak Italian or English, this period can be increased to 4 years for students who do not speak the language.

The Best Universities to Study Accounting in Italy

For international students who are considering studying accounting in Italy, the prominent schools with accounting and finance departments are as follows.

  1. University of Rome Tor Vergata

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is a state-funded educational institution located on a 600-hectare campus in Rome, Italy. It offers study options across 19 departments covering many disciplines, including Economics, Law, Engineering, Literature, Medicine, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences. The university was ranked 7th across Italy in the recent QS World University Reputation Rankings.

  1. University of Florence

The University of Florence is a research-oriented educational institution located in Florence, Italy. Natural Resource Management for Tropical Rural Development; Agriculture; Sustainable Tourism Systems Design; Economy; There are two-year master's programs taught in English in subject areas such as Finance and Risk Management and International Relations and European Studies. The university is home to 10 faculties, 24 departments and 40 research centers. It has approximately 51,000 registered students.

  1. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Founded in 1921, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is a higher education institution with a total of 5 campuses in Milan, Placenza, Cremona, Brescia and Rome, Italy. Over 3,100 students study at the University, which is home to 12 schools and over 70 research centers. Subject areas taught in English at the undergraduate level are Economics, Business Administration, Medicine, International Relations and Global Relations. At the postgraduate level, two-year programs are available in a variety of fields, including Banking and Finance, Business, Economics, Agriculture and Food Economics, and International Business.

Admission Requirements in Italy

There are also private schools that provide education in English. Internationally valid B2 level language certificate is required from students who want to study in English or Italian departments. There are also some options where students can take English and Italian preparation. Most universities in Italy do not have preparatory education, there are some universities that prepare students for a fee by providing the language of instruction in Italian or English for the departments they want to enter. Some universities in Italy admit students to departments such as education, veterinary medicine, medicine and architecture with a central examination system. After completing their 5-year high school education, students take the university entrance exam to determine the undergraduate departments they want to specialize in and improve themselves.

Italian universities, which generally provide education in the field of engineering or art and design, apply their own special exams. Other universities, especially online universities, can use criteria such as self-assessment, aptitude tests to be given to students, or a letter of application when admitting students to all departments, rather than a central exam score. For the accounting department, this situation varies according to the university-specific exams.

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