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Study Medicine in Italy

Study Medicine in Italy
Study Medicine in Italy

Italy; In addition to its deep-rooted history, culture and tourism, also hosts people from different parts of the world with its prestigious universities that provide quality education. Every year, new students from many different countries of the world come to the country where many international students take university education. The majority of these students apply to the country's most prestigious universities to study medicine in Italy. The doors of a unique academic education have been opened for accepted students.

Completing a medical school in Italy adds a lot to a student in terms of diploma, prestige and experience. Until a few years ago, medical education was only given in Italian for students who wanted to study. With the new regulations, English programs were added to the curricula of universities. In this way, many students who want to study medicine in Italy have the chance to study in English by taking advantage of this situation.

Advantages of Studying Medicine in Italy

Studying medicine in Italy gives students an advantage in many ways. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Quality education

  • English education opportunity

  • Blue diploma

  • Tuition fee and scholarship advantage

  • Opportunity to live in a historical and touristic country

  • International social scene

Universities providing medical education in Italy are among the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. According to the prestigious research results of the world's best universities such as QS World University Rankings, many universities in Italy are among the top 500 universities in the world with significant degrees. This is a great advantage for students who have the opportunity to study in these schools. Students are aware that they receive a quality education in these schools and they have the chance to start a successful business life after graduating from these prestigious universities.

How Long Does It Take to Study Medicine in Italy?

Students who want study medicine in Italy should know that they will start a comprehensive 6-year program. 3 years of 6-year education consists of practical training and the rest is theoretical training. Therefore, students who study medicine in Italy spend the first 3 years with theoretical knowledge and the next 3 years with the chance to practice. Thus, the value of the education received increases. Since it is possible to study medicine in Italy in the English language of instruction, thousands of international students come to the country to study medicine in Italy every year. 

The Best Universities to Study Medicine in Italy

Italy's 25 universities are among the world's top 500 universities in medicine. However, some universities stand out in particular. 

  1. University of Turin Faculty of Medicine

Medical education at the University of Turin started in 2017. The medical school is located in a teaching hospital known as San Luigi, in a town called Orbassano, about 13 km southwest of Turin. This arrangement allows students to experience and witness live treatments given to patients, as well as to observe various research studies. The campus contains everything professional medical students need. on campus; There are emergency departments, hospitals, comfortable conference rooms and world-class medical research laboratories. The medical school campus has a proximal structure, making it easy for students to easily communicate with faculty and other medical professionals. This medical school curriculum is also designed so that students can do internships in their first year. The faculty has a special type of course called “Dorsale Clinica”. This type of tutoring allows the student to discuss specific clinical cases with a specific clinical coordinator, continuing until year 6, when students will focus more on clinical issues.

  1. University of Bologna Faculty of Medicine

The primary goal of the University of Bologna Medical School since its inception has been to train doctors with all the skills and competencies necessary to be the best possible. Medical education at the university offers a program aligned with the European Thematic Network (MEDINE). The program is divided into 3 separate programs run for 2 consecutive years. In addition, there is a compulsory internship as a graduation requirement in the program.

Medical education at the University of Bologna lasts 6 years. A single exam in English is valid for admission; International Medical Admission Test (IMAT).

  1. La Sapienza University School of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine of the Sapienza University of Rome offers a highly disciplined and detailed education. The current medical education at the university is about more than just examining patients. It has adopted a very disciplined system, especially in matters such as the obligation to attend classes and not to be late. There is a great ethical rule such as having knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Therefore, students must have taught these courses in the first year.

From the first year, students become familiar with laboratory tools and begin to participate in hospital services. Therefore, students already have clinical experience when they graduate.

Medical education at the Sapienza University of Rome lasts 6 years. A single exam in English is valid for admission; International Medical Admission Test (IMAT).

  1. University of Milan Faculty of Medicine

With several large hospitals and specialized hospitals in Milan, Milan is one of the most important actors in the field of medicine and health. According to 2012 statistical data, the province of Milan is home to 60 hospitals with 12,500 beds, which accounts for 35% of the carrying capacity of all Lombardy and about 15% of those available throughout the country. With this leading position, it provides a very rich and stimulating environment for potential medical students. The IMS MD curriculum at the University of Milan combines core English and clinical activities into a six-year program taught in English only. The main aim is to train talented clinicians and researchers who can actively contribute to the improvement of human health.

With the change in the last few years, it is possible to become an international medical doctor and obtain a European MD degree valid to work in all European hospitals. Only one English language test is accepted for admission: the International Medical Admission Test (IMAT).

Medicine Admission Requirements in Italy

There are two main conditions that students who want to study medicine in Italy must meet. Students who will apply must have completed 12 years of education and must pass the threshold in the university exam in their country or be registered at a university in the year they apply. Students who meet that condition are required to take the IMAT exam to study medicine at public universities or to take the exams held by universities in order to study medicine in private universities. The vast majority of universities do not require a language certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL. In addition, there are some documents required in the application conditions of private universities that provide medical education, apart from the basic requirements.

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