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IED is one amongst the foremost important networks within the world, offering undergraduate, graduate (master's), certificate and summer programs within the fields of Design, Fashion, communication and Management at its campuses in Spain and Brazil, especially in Italy.

It has campuses in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Cagliari, Florence in Italy, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, and metropolis in Brazil. There are education alternatives in both English, Italian and Spanish. The programs offered at each campus may differ from one another. Luxury Marketing Management, Brand Management and Communication, rag trade, Graphic Design, Urban Sustainability and Smart Building, Transportation Design, Arts Management, Brand Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Communication and Styling, Product Design, Interior Design are a number of the programs offered.

Education Areas

  • Artistic Languages and Media (Studio Practice)

Have in-depth knowledge of the media yet as different artistic languages (painting, sculpture, contemporary drawing, video creation, performance and new media), understanding the chances of materials and technologies applied in creative activity.

  • Art Research and Theory (Critical Studies)

To examine different research methodologies in and through the humanities. Analyzing arts as a part of the history of our societies. to own in-depth knowledge of art theory to produce a solid discourse to the artist.

  • Management and Professional Sector (Professional Practice)

To provide special tools for the professionalization of the artist: the organization of labor, the presentation of professional history, further because the management and dissemination of artistic creation.

IED Spain

IED offers classes in two different schools in Spain, Barcelona and Madrid. Courses and graduate programs offered at each campus vary. one amongst the foremost prestigious fashion and style schools within the world, IED's institutions and courses in Spain are as follows:

IED Barcelona

We can describe Barcelona, which is an innovative metropolis where the Istituto Europeo di Design IED School of Art, Fashion and style is found, with the foremost beautiful word trendy. Being one among the gorgeous cities of the Mediterranean with its sea, nature, extraordinary architecture and cultural richness, Barcelona exhibits a deep sense of beauty and a stimulating capacity for creativity. The IED offers training programs for areas arising from the necessities of city life. It prepares students for the long run with its staff that best reflects and believes within the balance between both a top quality life and a relentless desire for innovation. The varsity has programs offered in both Spanish and English.

Fashion, Art and style Programs Offered by Istituto Europeo di Design IED Barcelona

  • Fashion Design - Fashion Design
  • Fashion Management and Marketing - Fashion Marketing & Communication
  • Interactive Interface Design

IED Madrid

Madrid, the center of the Spanish economy, where the Istituto Europeo di Design IED School of Art, Fashion and style is found, is found within the central a part of the country. Culture, art and style have directly permeated the entrepreneurial spirit of the town. The most goal of IED Madrid programs is to form professionals who can move and adapt easily within the ever-changing and developing world.

Fashion, Art and style Programs Offered by Istituto Europeo di Design IED Madrid

  • Interior Architecture - Interior Design
  • Product Design - Product Design
  • Photography - Photography
  • Graphic Design - Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design - Fashion Design
  • Fashion Management and Marketing - Fashion Marketing & Communication
  • Costume Design - Costume Design
  • Accessory Design - Accessories Design

IED Italy

Istituto Europeo Di Design – IED was founded in 1966 in Italy by Francesco Morelli. Over time, IED has become an internationally recognized university for Italian Design, Fashion, communication and Management. The IED provides young creators with both theoretical knowledge and therefore the opportunity to practice. it's many various sections in English or Italian for folks that want to check at university in Italy.

IED has many departments specializing in Fashion, Design, Management, and communication. in line with the cities, the departments where education is given in English are as follows:

  • Interior Architecture Education in Milan – Interior Design,
  • Product Design Training in Milan – Product Design,
  • Interior Architecture Education in Rome – Interior Design,
  • Furniture Design Education in Milan – Furniture Design,
  • Lighting Design Training in Milan – Lighting Design,
  • Fashion Stylist Training in Milan – Fashion Stylist,
  • Fashion Marketing Education in Rome – Fashion Marketing,
  • Fashion Communication Training in Rome – Fashion Communication,
  • Photography Education in Milan - Photography, Graphic Design Education in Milan - Graphic Design,
  • Tourism in Venice - Hotel Management Training - Hospitality Management,

Apart from these, IED; Fashion Design, Stylist, Fashion Communication, Fashion Marketing, Product Design, Jewelry and jewelry Design, Furniture, Design, Light Design, Social Business Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Art Direction, Filmmaking, Animation, Brand Management It offers undergraduate, master and diploma programs in Italian and Spanish in many alternative subjects like Communication and Organization Management.

IED Italy Undergraduate Design Education

IED – Istituto Europeo Di Design IED in Italy; Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice; it's an outsized university with departments in Barcelona, Madrid, Spain. The largest reason for being in numerous cities is that the centers of various sectors are in numerous places. For instance, the IED Fashion Design Department is headquartered in Milan. The section is here, especially as Milan is the center of fashion design. Academics also are professionals working within the industry. The Vehicle Design division of the IED is found in Turin. This region has developed within the vehicle design and production sector.

IED Italy Undergraduate Education

  • Italy Interior Architecture Undergraduate Education
  • Bachelor of Filmmaking and Video Design at IED Italy
  • IED Italy Industrial Design Undergraduate Education
  • IED Italy Graphic Design Undergraduate Education
  • IED Photography Italy Undergraduate Education
  • IED Italy Jewelry Design Undergraduate Education
  • IED Italy Fashion Marketing and Communication Undergraduate Education
  • Fashion Design Undergraduate Education at IED Italy
  • IED Italy Car Design Undergraduate Education
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