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About Design 

The process of envisioning and planning the production of objects, systems, buildings, vehicles, as well as other items is known as design. Designers conduct study and gather data about the problem they are addressing. It's a broad idea with many different interpretations depending on the field. It influences all elements of our life and divides into numerous subgenres, ranging from product design, sound, virtual reality, and interaction to creating automobiles, video games, software interfaces, and the interiors of homes. While professions in design can be competitive, the fact that design abilities are required in so many industries means that students have a wide range of possibilities to choose from.

Study Design in Italy

Several artistic legends and historical landmarks call it home. It is also home to Europe's oldest institution, the University of Bologna, where the Bologna Agreement, which led to the reform and standardization of European higher education, was signed in 1999. In so many cities in Italy, there are exceptional design and fashion academies.

Advantages of Study Design in Italy

Studying in Italy is actually less expensive than in other Western European countries. Many architectural schools in Italy are quite intense, requiring students to learn core principles and theories as well as do laboratory work and internships. However, without a doubt, this makes Italy a serious exception from other parts of the world in terms of studying design.

Career Paths for Design Degree Majors

Graduating with a design degree can offer up an array of job opportunities for art-inclined students such as illustrator, animator, art director, graphic designer, fashion designer, photographer, marketing professional, textile maker, programmer, web designer, video game designer and theatre/set designer.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Designer?

The main skills a designer should have are creativity, communication skills to build a great product to understand what a client wants from a design, branding in order to comprehend a client's requirements, and delivering presentations since designers also need to be great storytellers.

Is Design Right for Me?

Design majors are in high demand among creative people who enjoy using their right brain. Although it seems entertaining, it is not for everybody. If you’re still undecided about whether or not a design major is suited for you, consider the following questions. Is it possible for me to accept and assimilate constructive criticism from my teachers and peers? when it comes to project collaboration, am I a team player? Do I enjoy working on my designs alone for long periods of time? If the answer is yes, then being a designer might be right for you. 

How Long Does It Take to Become a Designer?

Undergraduate education in fine arts takes 3 years in Italy while an MFA degree takes two years.

The Best Universities to Study Design in Italy

Politecnico Di Milano, Florence Institute of Design, and Polimoda Institute of Design and Marketing are the top 3 universities to study design in Italy.

  1. Politecnico Di Milano: With around 42,000 students, the Polytechnic Institution of Milan (Politecnico di Milano) is Italy's largest technical university. Engineering, architecture, and design courses are offered at the undergraduate, graduate, and higher education levels at the institution. It is also Milan's oldest university, having been founded in 1863. It was ranked 6th in the world for Design majors.

  2. Florence Institute of Design: The Florence Institute of Design International is a design school that teaches students from all around the world. Students from any country are welcomed to apply to the institution. All of the classes are held in English. Interior design, graphic design, art history, and architecture are among the current programs available.

  3. Polimoda Institute of Design: Polimoda is a private fashion school based in Florence, Tuscany's capital. The school is known for its high-quality fashion education all around the world. Polimoda has been named the top fashion institute in Italy for the second year in a row by the Business of Fashion's Global Fashion School Rankings, with both the Master's and Undergraduate programs placing in the Top 10 in the world.

Design Admission Requirement

An upper secondary school diploma or equivalent internationally recognized certification is necessary for enrolment. For language skills, most of the BFA programs demand a minimum of 5.5-6.0 scores from IELTS while MFA programs demand 6.0-6.5 score from IELTS depending on the university. 

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