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Study Medicine in Ireland

Study Medicine in Ireland
Study Medicine in Ireland

Medicine is one of the most sought-after professions in the world, mostly in Ireland. Because the admissions process starts early, prospective physicians need to be truly committed to pursuing a career in Medicine. After all, it is hardly possible to advance in this field without exams and difficulties.

While there are limited places for those who want to become a doctor in Ireland, medical schools accept many foreign students. Ireland is one of the few European countries to offer 2 types of programmes, the Bachelor entry program and the postgraduate entry course. Depending on the student's qualifications, either path can be followed.

As Irish medical schools have limited places, only the best and brightest can enter. Good grades and a good score are also essential for the HPAT, a test that is known to be quite difficult. Also, even with an excellent HPAT score, they may not be automatically accepted into preferred medical school.

Advantages of Studying Medicine in Ireland

Opportunities offered in education abroad may differ from country to country and even according to the schools in a country. Students from non-European Union countries have to pay tuition fees at Irish Universities and colleges. The amount of tuition fees varies according to institutions and departments.

Ireland, one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom, has an education system where the mother tongue is English. Compared to other European countries and England, it hosts a niche and domestic audience, with its smaller and not very cosmopolitan structure.

It offers the opportunity to speak and live with a native English-speaking public in every part of the country and in all areas of life. Ireland offers a wide university portfolio with the world's most established educational institutions and a wide variety of language schools. In terms of medicine education, Ireland has prestigious schools known worldwide. 

Studying medicine in Ireland is as difficult as finishing it. For this reason, it certainly gives comprehensive medical education and gains international prestige.

Ireland, a small island country with a population of four million, has a highly developed healthcare system. It provides health services to all residents. The Irish healthcare system has a centralized structure. The health department is responsible for social security, health policy development, and overall planning of health services at the national level. For this reason, students who study medicine in Ireland can practice medicine here or work as a doctor in different parts of the world.

There are also part-time work permits for medical students studying in Ireland. Thus, students can cover their living expenses by working while they are studying.

How Long Does It Take to Study Medicine in Ireland?

There is an option to study medicine in Ireland as an undergraduate or graduate student. The duration of undergraduate programs depends on the University. At Trinity College Dublin, for example, this course lasts only 5 years. The undergraduate program at University College Dublin is 6 years.

Similarly, the curriculum varies from school to school. The majority of teaching at Trinity College Dublin takes place within the first two years. Methodologies include problem-based learning, didactic lectures, small group teaching and practical training. Philosophy and Perception modules are also an important part of education.

As TCD also encourages research, qualified students can complete the Master of Biomedical Sciences after year 3. On the other hand, most of the teaching at University College Dublin takes place in the first three years. The transition from classroom-based learning to clinical education takes place in the fourth year. This hands-on training begins in the fifth year, and clinical and elective rotations are completed in the sixth year.

In Graduate Medicine programs, the program usually begins with biochemical and clinical training. Then, system-based learning of the disease follows in the second year. Like the undergraduate program, clinical training begins in the third year. As in the undergraduate program, clinical and elective rotations are carried out in the last year of the Master of Medicine program.

Medical students upon graduation must spend one year as an Intern on a mandatory mission before becoming a full medical doctor.

The Best Universities to Study Medicine in Ireland

There are many institutions in Ireland that are renowned for their medical education. However, two of them stand out in particular. University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin are among the most ambitious institutions in Ireland and the world for medical education.

  1. Trinity College Dublin

The Irish version of Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England is Trinity College Dublin. Founded in 1592, this long-established University is located in the heart and capital of Ireland, Dublin. Trinity College Dublin Campus is on 51 hectares of land. Trinity College Dublin University's library is the largest library in the Republic of Ireland and was established in the same year as the University. It is the 117th University in the world and the number 1 University in the Republic of Ireland.

  1. University College Dublin

University College Dublin (UCD) is the most international and diverse university in Ireland. Located in the vibrant capital of Dublin, UCD is home to a global community of 8,500 students from 130 different countries.

UCD ranks in the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide. In the 2022 QS World University Rankings, UCD is ranked 173rd in the world. 93% of the university's graduates are in employment or pursuing higher education within six months of completing their program. UCD graduates are both international and influential. The school produces ambitious graduates, especially in medical education.

Medicine Admission Requirements in Ireland

Medicine in Ireland can be taken at the undergraduate or graduate level. For international students who apply right after high school, schools require a certificate of completion.

At some universities, international students must submit the results of their ACT or SAT exams. Applicants are also required to submit a brief personal statement and two letters of reference. Also, applicants must meet the physics, biology and chemistry subject qualifications. 

Some universities ask international students to take the Health Professions Admission Test as well. A minimum score of 480 is required to study medicine at this medical school in Ireland.

Like local students, students from outside the EU can submit their applications through the Central Applications Office. For medical schools accepting graduate applications, an official transcript of a bachelor's degree is the primary requirement.

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