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Dentistry education in Ireland is given mostly in English and in some cases, Celtic. Thousands of students come to this country every year to study at Irish universities. In addition to academic quality, practical training is offered at Irish universities in dentistry. This is particularly advantageous. 

Higher education starts in September in the country where 95% of the adult population is literate. Three years of education is required to obtain an Irish University degree. However, it may be necessary to take Foundation training beforehand. Since dentistry is a prestigious profession in almost all parts of the world, this education process is also given importance in Ireland.

Advantages of Studying Dentistry in Ireland

International students who want to study dentistry in Ireland will have a great professional and social advantage by studying in this country. Among the European education systems, Ireland is a country that has proven its success. £782 million is invested annually in higher education by the Irish Government, and support for education continues on an ongoing basis. It has registered its place in the world's most reliable country rankings by coming 12th in 2013. This is a great advantage, especially for health-related departments such as dentistry.

During university education, students have the right to work part time. Unemployment is very low in Dublin, which is home to many international companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft. This unemployment is a great advantage for dental health, which is seen as an aesthetic need in most places. The fact that it is one of the countries where English is spoken increases the language dominance of the students, and there is no difficulty between the language of education and the language of daily life. After your Irish university degree, people who become dentists can obtain a 1-year work permit. This period is 2 years for master's graduates.

How Long Does It Take to Study Dentistry in Ireland?

Studying dentistry in Ireland is quite enjoyable, although entry requirements vary. The welfare level of the people in the country is high and a quality education is provided. However, since the subject is dentistry, there are some differences in the Irish education system. In Ireland, normally almost every department takes about 3 years of undergraduate education, but the dentistry department takes 5 years. Due to the Foundation year program, the education period will last for an average of 6 years. In addition, when there is no language proficiency, this period can be up to 7 years. However, with its comprehensive system and hands-on training, it will not take long to study dentistry in Ireland.

The Best Universities to Study Dentistry in Ireland

There are certain requirements to enter Irish universities, such as a high school diploma, language proficiency score and letters of reference. Admission requirements vary from university to university. However, it is necessary to look at the universities that come to mind when it comes to dentistry education in Ireland. Studying dentistry in these well-known institutions will definitely make a difference.

  1. University College Cork

UCC is a leading university proud to offer unique educational programs and support a globally important research community. The University's values are founded on promoting diversity of ideas, knowledge exchange and career ambitions. The school collaborates with hundreds of organizations around the world and is home to thousands of students worldwide. 16 of the subject areas offered by UCC are at the top of global rankings, and the university has been awarded the Sunday Times 'Irish University of the Year' award 5 times, placing it in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

  1. Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Dublin University/Trinity College is an Irish-based educational institution founded in 1592. Trinity College Dublin is internationally recognized as Ireland's top university and was also ranked 14th in the top 200 universities in Europe in the QS 2010 World University Rankings. The university offers education in acting, business, informatics and many other fields. With a current enrollment of 16,807 students, Trinity College is an educational institution dedicated to excellence in both research and education, and to improving the learning experience of each of its equal opportunity students.

Dentistry Admission Requirement in Ireland

To study dentistry in Ireland, first of all, it is necessary to talk about the application conditions. The first requirement for application is a high school diploma with a high GPA. However, since the high school diploma in every country is not valid, it may be necessary to undergo foundation training for 1 year after the application for equivalence. Foundation education is a university preparatory education that takes between 7 and 9 months. It is possible to start a university in Ireland with an A-level diploma from here.

In order to study dentistry in Ireland, another requirement other than a high school diploma is a good level of English. A score of 6.5 or higher in IELTS is required. In the Irish education system, conditional admission may be made when this requirement is not met. In this process, language education is taken in Ireland, and then the final registration process begins after the language level reaches the expected level.

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