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About The Pharmacy

Pharmacy; It is an academic discipline that includes the science and technique of preparing, distributing and reviewing drugs and providing additional clinical services. Since many of the drugs used in the health sector are produced by pharmaceutical companies, professional practices are clinically directed. According to the current situation, pharmacies are classified as community pharmacy or institutional pharmacy. Providing direct patient care in the community of institutional pharmacies is considered clinical pharmacy.

Career Paths for Pharmacy Degree Majors

Career opportunities for newly graduated pharmacists are;

  • Personal Pharmacy,

  • Hospital Pharmacy and Clinics,

  • Pharmaceutical Industry,

  • In cosmetics companies,

  • In Forensic Medicine Institutions,

  • In Pharmaceutical Warehouses,

  • Industrial Pharmacy Institutions (Production, Testing, R&D, Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology),

  • In Clinical Research Laboratories,

Can find employment opportunities. Continuing an academic life is also an option for those studying pharmacy and they can work at universities as instructors.

People who receive an average of 5 years of education around the world have the opportunity to start their careers when they graduate from the faculty of pharmacy. For those who want to specialize in a field, graduate programs are required. Those who want to become a pharmacist must graduate from a 5-year pharmacy undergraduate program and complete their compulsory internship. Those who do not complete their 6-month compulsory internship cannot open a pharmacy and work as pharmacy technicians in hospitals, even after they graduate.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Pharmacy?

When we look at the skills that pharmacists should have, it is necessary to look at the duties of pharmacists. The main duties of pharmacists are as follows:

  • To inform patients in detail about the prescribed drugs.

  • Suggesting and selling medicines according to the complaints of the patients. (Only over-the-counter drugs)

  • To measure blood pressure. It is to perform first aid to people with low or high blood pressure.

  • Preparing weekly and monthly pharmacy files.

  • Processing controlled drug prescriptions on the computer.

  • Informing patients about medical equipment.

  • To act in accordance with the patient's right to privacy.

  • Preparing chemotherapy drugs and solutions

In addition, pharmacists together with this whole process

  • To maintain order in the pharmacy.

  • Instruct both patients and nurses on the use of drugs and medical equipment.

  • To determine the days off and working hours of the employees in the pharmacy.

  • Checking that medicines are properly stored.

  • Changing expired drugs. Dispose of expired drugs in accordance with the procedure.

  • To classify green and red prescription drugs.

It has duties such as preparing a tender list and following up the work.

Considering all duties and responsibilities, it can be said that people who are careful, hardworking, have good human relations, enjoy their job and are interested in pharmacology and chemistry can be successful as pharmacists.

Is the Pharmacy Department Right for Me?

Pharmacy vocational education strives to prepare future professionals for the business life they will work in and to gain the ability to do things for the benefit of the society they live in. A university graduate is expected to be ready for professional life with his knowledge and skills and to always lead the society. Universities have the most important mission of trying to provide education and training that is as close to the sectoral elements of current life as possible and that provides information that is suitable for their needs. In this context, they need to adapt to faculties that aim to equip young people who prefer the profession of pharmacy with up-to-date medicine and health information by using theoretical and practical applications, and to train them as pharmacists who contribute to the society they live in. It is important to ensure that the graduates are at a level to be able to undertake the duties expected from a pharmacist at the national and global level, and to be able to apply them during their graduation.

It is important for idealists to read the pharmacy department for the future of the profession and for the education process not to be difficult. The prestige of the profession is in a position where idealistic people are successful. At the same time, it is known that people with strong human relations are more successful in this profession. People who want it for monetary gain will not be able to achieve the success they want in the pharmacy department, as in every profession. When the idea of helping people is prioritized here, the profit will increase. The pharmacy department, which covers an average of 5 years of education in the world, means a difficult education life when the details such as plant and drug names in Latin are considered. Pharmacy will not be a suitable profession for people who are not interested in these.

Study Pharmacy in Ireland

Irish Universities, which are at the top of the world rankings, have been the choice of UK and international students, especially in recent years. Ireland is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe in recent years. With an unemployment rate of 7.8%, the fact that it provides employment in multinational companies within the country, especially to students who graduated from undergraduate and graduate programs. Ireland has been preferable in terms of living standards and economic freedom, which are quite high compared to many countries in the world. Although its population is well-equipped and educated, it also has a young and multicultural structure. International students wishing to study pharmacy in Ireland find a comprehensive and academic education opportunity. Moreover, English, which is the language of education and life in Ireland, can be used at the mother tongue level while studying in Ireland. Students who want to study pharmacy in Ireland have the opportunity to take lessons from the best university professors in the world.

Advantages of Studying Pharmacy in Ireland

Ireland is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. The living standards and economic freedom, which are quite high compared to many countries in the world, are among the reasons for Ireland to be preferred. The Irish population is well-equipped and educated, young and multicultural, and Ireland is the technology capital of Europe.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and HP, which are among the leading companies in the world, have moved their headquarters to Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Students who want to study a department that is intertwined with technology and science, such as pharmacy, can take advantage of this.

Students studying pharmacy in Ireland are legally allowed to work part-time. Thus, they have the opportunity to meet their living expenses while receiving education. In addition to being in the same region as the UK, the tuition fees are very economical compared to the UK. With an unemployment rate of 7.8%, Ireland can provide employment opportunities within a year, especially for students who graduate from pharmacy programs. Irish universities are among the best in the world. Most of the universities have adopted British culture. These well-established and quality education institutions are recognized by many countries in the world.

How Long Does It Take to Study Pharmacy in Ireland?

The Irish education system is cited as one of the best in Europe. Irish universities offer a 1-year preparatory education called foundation for students who do not have enough English for undergraduate education or for department courses. Departments such as architecture, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmacy take 5 years, while medical education takes 6 years. Ireland is a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a comprehensive pharmacy education in about the same time as the rest of the world.

The Best Universities to Study Pharmacy in Ireland

There are three centers in Ireland that offer training in Pharmacy. Each of these centers is known for its quality education within the Irish education system.

  1. Trinity College Dublin

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 1977, it is a pharmacy school. Trinity College Dublin is located in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. It is one of three centers providing education in the field of Pharmacy in Ireland. Since 2006 it is now housed in the Panoz Institute, adjacent to the Hamilton Building at the east end of Trinity College, Dublin. It is the first institution that comes to mind when it comes to pharmacy education in Ireland.

  1. University College Cork

UCC is a leading university proud to offer unique educational programs and support a globally important research community. The University's values are founded on promoting diversity of ideas, knowledge exchange and career ambitions. The school collaborates with hundreds of organizations around the world and is home to thousands of students worldwide. 16 of the subject areas offered by UCC are at the top of global rankings, and the university has been awarded the Sunday Times 'Irish University of the Year' award 5 times, placing it in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

  1. Institute of Technology Carlow

The Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow) is an institution where students focus on achieving new lofty goals. It is one of Ireland's largest technology institutions with campuses in Carlow, Wicklow and Wexford. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, the institution is committed to providing students with the tools they need to stand out in the graduate job market. International students can choose from a variety of career-oriented and innovative programs for undergraduate, graduate and preparatory education.

Pharmacy Admission Requirement in Ireland

Applicants wishing to apply to pharmacy school at Irish universities are not required to take an exam. The admission criteria of universities are determined according to the academic achievements of the applicant. Documents to be submitted when applying;

  • High School Diploma and Transcript

  • Ielts 6.0 score

  • Motivation letter

  • Reference Letters

  • Certificates

  • High School Diploma and Transcript

It is possible to apply to Irish universities with a high school graduation diploma and transcript. Having a high school graduation grade, that is, a transcript score of 80 and above, is one of the reasons for preference.

In addition, Ielts 6.0 score, Toefl 80 score and above are sufficient to study pharmacy in Irish universities. There is a 1-year foundation program for candidates who do not have sufficient English. Another thing that must be included in the university application is the letter of intent that the student will write to explain himself, his education life, why he will apply to the school and the pharmacy department.

One of the factors that will ensure that other candidates are one step ahead when applying to a university will be the training received and the achievements, unlike them. Academic, sportive or artistic training taken before university life; Participating academic competitions will bring the application file one step further.

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