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Business Ad. Ireland

Business Ad. Ireland
Business Ad. Ireland

About Business Administration

Business administration is a broad field that enables individuals to work in variable places like non-profit organizations, healthcare fields and high education boards. In its basic terms, it mainly deals with managing an organization’s resources, time and people. A business administration professional is also responsible for keeping track of performance and making crucial decisions that will result in developing an effective and profitable business.

Study Business Administration in Ireland

Ireland puts a great value and respect on education. In fact, educational achievement rates are among the highest in the world today. Students can pick from a wide range of programs in highly regarded business schools, centers of scientific and technological excellence, and famous language, humanities, and arts faculties to fit their demands. International offices collaborate closely with academic, administrative, and professional employees to provide comprehensive support to students during their time in Ireland. Also, it is important to note that Ireland is such a friendly, safe country to live. 

Advantages of Study Business Administration in Ireland

Because of the large number of multinational firms with European headquarters in Ireland, it is one of the best for students who are interested in pursuing a business degree. These companies recruit the best students from Ireland's top business schools to work for them. Therefore, several distinguished career opportunities will be open for the students.  

Career Paths for Business Administration Degree Majors

After graduating, you can pursue a variety of career options. The most common ones that are on the rise include business analyst, business consultant, IT project manager, sales manager, office administrator, sports operations manager, advertising executive, market research analyst, and franchising manager. Except for these options, a business administration degree is also a great path to establishing your own company.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Business Manager?

The skills you need to be required in order to become a business administration professional vary from effective communication, leadership, statistics, problem solving, finance, marketing and economics. 

Is Business Administration Right for Me? 

BBA programs are designed to prepare students to successfully enter the business field. While it is possible to narrow your focus since there are numerous ranges of specific fields that you can choose from, a BBA is ideal for business-minded students. 

How Long Does It Take to Become a Business Manager?

It usually takes three years to complete the business administration program in Ireland. However, some programs also offer two years duration as well.

The Best Universities to Study Business Administration in Ireland

Some of the best universities in Ireland to study business administration are University of Limerick, Griffith College, Dublin City University, National University of Ireland and Dublin Institute of Technology. 

  1. University of Limerick: University of Limerick is a public research university and it is known as the first university right after Irish independence in 1922. The University of Limerick is a pioneer in graduate employability and offers education in close collaboration with business. Furthermore, Limerick is a popular option for overseas students interested in studying in Ireland because it is a hub for academic excellence and has a thriving industry-led research community.
  2. Griffith College: Having been established in 1974, Griffith College is one of Ireland's biggest universities. Since the beginning, it has continued to be a center for exceptional learning.
  3. Trinity College: Trinity is a research university in Dublin and it has been considered among the most distinguished universities in Europe. Trinity College’s success is based on its intensive research on a wide range of subjects including law, business, politics, psychology and even nanotechnology. In fact, Trinity Business School is considered as number one in Ireland. 
  4. Dublin Institute of Technology: The Dublin Institute of Technology has a long history dating back to 1887. It is currently Ireland's largest supplier of part-time education, with over 20,000 students and a staff of 2500. Over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are available at DIT. The college is ranked in the top 4% of universities around the world.

Business Administration Admission Requirement

Universities in Ireland require an IB diploma. If the student does not receive an IB education, Foundation programs are available in many universities. Moreover, in the field of business administration for undergraduate programs, a minimum score of 6.5 from IELTS or a minimum score of 90 From TOEFL IBT is required. For post-graduate business programs, a minimum score of 7.0 from IELTS is generally required. Furthermore, some institutions may demand to take GRE and GMAT. 

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