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Ireland is home to many companies in Europe and the world. During certificate and diploma programs in Ireland, students are allowed to work part time for 20 hours per week. This gives students an opportunity to gain international work experience and also earn money. There are Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Management, Human Resources, Sales Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management programs available in Ireland with Certificate and Diploma training. Ireland is a very advantageous country for students considering accounting education with a certificate and diploma program. It is a place that stands out with its education quality and being the only English-speaking place in Europe. In addition, since Ireland is a country that hosts very large companies, it is a very suitable choice for students who want to continue their career in Ireland after accounting education.

Advantages of Studying Accounting in Ireland

There are many advantages to studying accounting in Ireland. Individuals who choose to study abroad experience different work cultures. They experience the opportunity to be exposed to a cosmopolitan multicultural environment that increases their knowledge, awareness and self-confidence. People with international experience have a definite competitive advantage over their less experienced counterparts. Employers always attract people who work abroad, as they appreciate different perspectives. Finally, working abroad gives professionals the opportunity to develop a global network. Ireland is in the top 10 for education and offers students one of the best education systems in the world; It offers world-class universities, a variety of degree options and globally recognized qualifications.

There are many great career opportunities in Ireland for graduates due to its appeal to multinational businesses including well-known companies such as eBay, Skype and Microsoft. When it comes to post-study work, Ireland is the only English-speaking country in Europe to offer post-study work visas to international graduates, making it an attractive place to start your career. Once you find a full-time job after studying in Ireland, you will be eligible to apply for residency. By studying abroad you will gain rich career development skills and experience that will help you become more employable. You'll be able to develop some key transferable skills you can take to any job, such as communication, project management and language, make global connections and become more secure – things that employers around the world value.

The number of international students in Ireland from European Economic Area countries has increased by 45% since 2013. You will be surrounded by over 35,000 like-minded students from over 150 different countries who have made a rewarding choice to study accounting in Ireland.

How Long Does It Take to Study Accounting in Ireland

Certificate and diploma programs are available for international students wishing to study accounting in Ireland. Certificate and Diploma programs in Ireland are offered at the undergraduate, postgraduate and advanced levels. These programs are sometimes designed for students who want to bridge a gap between stages of academic education or pursue additional vocational training. In Ireland, Certificate and Diploma programs are available in many fields such as Law, Arts, Business and Management, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Natural Sciences, Biology, Engineering, Technology. Certificate and Diploma programs in Ireland take less time and are much more affordable than full-fledged academic studies.

Although the duration of the program varies according to the subject area to be studied, it usually takes 2-3 years at the most. Part-time and full-time study options are available. In order to participate in Certificate and Diploma programs in Ireland, it is necessary to have a high school or undergraduate diploma and to prove English language proficiency with internationally accepted exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced. Although the program fees vary according to the subject area, they are usually around 8.000-10.000 € per year.

The Best Universities to Study Accounting in Ireland

The prominent educational institutions for students who offer certificate and diploma programs in Ireland and who want to study accounting are as follows.

  1. National University of Ireland, Galway

Founded in 1845 and initially opened to just 68 students, the National University of Ireland in Galway has built a reputation for its long history. Today it welcomes 18,000 students and is one of the top 300 universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings). Located in one of the world's small university cities, NUI Galway has an impressive reputation for excellent research and education programs. NUI Galway offers over 60 different undergraduate courses with a wide range of postgraduate opportunities and part-time evening classes. The University has five core faculties offering a variety of study program options, most of which are within the scope of global research projects.

  1. Institute of Technology Carlow

The Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow) is an institution where students focus on achieving new lofty goals. It is one of Ireland's largest technology institutions with campuses in Carlow, Wicklow and Wexford. Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, the institution is committed to providing students with the tools they need to stand out in the graduate job market. International students can choose from a variety of career-oriented and innovative programs for undergraduate, graduate and preparatory education.

  1. University of Limerick

Established in 1972, the University of Limerick (UL) is a leading university located in central Ireland, known for its high standard of education and quality of research output. UL has become one of the top universities in Ireland and is ranked 35th in the world for research impact in the Times Higher Education rankings, making it one of the World's Top 100 Young Universities. The university's Limerick campus is located on 130 hectares of gorgeous landscape, complete with riverside settlements, parklands and open green spaces. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs distributed across four academic faculties: Faculty of Science and Engineering, Education and Health Sciences, Kemmy School of Business, and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Admission Requirements in Ireland

The duration of Certificate and Diploma programs in Ireland may vary depending on the subject area to be studied, but these programs usually last 2-3 years at most. There is the option to study part-time and full-time.

Since Certificate and Diploma programs in Ireland are short-term programmes, application deadlines are much more flexible. Since the application dates will vary according to the institution and department, it is necessary to contact the preferred institution directly for the exact dates. In general, the application dates are determined according to the dates when the formal education of the preferred department will start.

Application requirements for Certificate and Diploma programs in Ireland may vary and some subject areas may require additional examinations and interviews. Foreign students must be able to speak English very well and prove their language proficiency with internationally accepted exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced. The documents generally required for application are as follows:

  • High School or Bachelor's Diploma (For graduate certificate/diploma)

  • Transcript / Transcript

  • Application form

  • English Language Proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced)

  • Passport

  • CV

  • Letter of Intent / Reference

  • Application Fee

  • Birth Certificate

  • Ireland Certificate and Diploma Programs Subject Areas

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