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About Law

The Faculty of Law deals with the laws enacted in order to maintain healthy relations between people and societies and to resolve the problems and disputes that arise during these relations. The main objective of the department is to raise individuals who will regulate, supervise, develop and modernize these laws.

Since being a lawyer is seen among the respected professions in the society, the number of students who want to choose law school is quite high. The law department courses taught in the law department are basically; Introduction to law, basic law, Roman law, administrative law, criminal law, constitutional law, civil law, law of obligations. In addition, courses in the fields of social sciences such as philosophy, psychology, logic, political science, political history, economics, history of civilization are also taught. Law students focus on public law or private law courses depending on the field they will focus on, and take elective courses accordingly.

Career Paths for Law Degree Majors

The law faculties where the law department is taught is one of the faculties with the most job opportunities after graduation. This is a process that can take shape according to the areas you want to improve yourself and the profession you want to do. We can say that professions such as attorneyship, judgeship, judicial and administrative judgeship, prosecutor's office, legal counsel, and notary public are the first legal professions that come to mind in this field. Apart from these, individuals who have graduated from economic and administrative sciences, political sciences, economics and similar university faculties are also entitled to take many exams and professions, for example district governorship, specializations in different public institutions, inspectorships, and law job opportunities include government or private companies. It is also possible to act as a corporate lawyer. In addition to these, they can also provide consultancy to companies or individuals by improving themselves in different areas of expertise that have gained popularity in recent years. In addition, doing academic studies and being an academic staff, which is an area that every undergraduate graduate can focus on, may also be one of the choices.

Law graduates receive the title of lawyer as soon as they finish their internship, even if they do not immediately graduate. In addition, depending on their profession, they may have titles such as judge, prosecutor, notary public, expert, inspector, consultant.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Lawyer?

It would not be wrong to say that the three most important qualities that individuals who want to study at law school or who will work in this field should have in order to be successful are to have a good memory, ability to analyze and the will to work hard. Being able to think analytically, having a problem-solving approach, being calm, challenging and patient, inquisitive and careful are the general characteristics that can be sought in individuals who want to be successful in this field.

The law department is one of the advantageous departments because it has a wide range of professions. It means a chance to have both a good knowledge and a broad horizon as required by the courses taught for the students who study lawfully.

Of course, the disadvantages and difficulties of a department with such high advantages and the professions that are owned afterwards also take up a lot of space. Students who graduate from this department, where competition and updating are very high, should be individuals who are resistant to free market conditions and constantly improve themselves.

Is the Law Department Right for Me?

Since the Faculty of Law is a verbal-oriented department, it is an advantageous department for people with strong reading, interpretation and memorization skills. Of course, the ability to memorize is not at the forefront of reading, interpretation and analysis skills, contrary to what is known. Apart from this, he must have an idealistic and sensitive personality for justice. Since legal systems are constantly changing and developing, students should be in a structure that follows current developments. A student who wants to study in this department, where patience, work and a sense of justice are at the forefront, can understand whether law school is suitable for him by asking these questions. Love to work, read and write is one of the important characteristics. In addition, it is necessary to adapt to the love of justice and competitive business life. In other words, although it is a very popular and preferred department, there are many features that people who want to study law must meet. For those who meet these qualifications, law will promise a great career.

Study Law in Ireland

Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world and there are many reasons to study here. Ireland offers a variety of opportunities, especially for students who want to pursue their career as a lawyer or in the field of law. International students who want to study law in Ireland have the opportunity to continue their careers in various parts of the world after graduation. Schools and universities are globally interconnected, and graduates of Irish education institutions have access to opportunities in many career fields around the world.

Ireland is an island country located at the westernmost tip of Europe. It is the continent's largest island after Great Britain. It is known for its beautiful green countryside, great history and friendly people. Ireland's standard legal education is among the best in the world, with top-notch law schools, a focus on research and global collaboration.

Ireland is a safe and tolerant place to live, consistently ranked in the Top 20 for quality of life, peace and human development. It is also a young country, with a third of its population under the age of 25. It is very advantageous to join more than 35 thousand international students from 161 different countries who study law in Ireland and love to live here.

Studying law in Ireland provides an excellent start to a successful career. Ireland ranks highly for the quality of education. It transfers knowledge between universities and international companies in addition to an education that meets the needs of a competitive economy.

Advantages of Study Law Abroad in Ireland

Irish universities offer Bachelor, Master and Foundation programs. Students wishing to study law in Ireland can work part-time throughout their university education. After completing law school, students have a 6-month or 1-year work and job search permit. This is a great advantage for students who want to practice law in Ireland. International students who want to study law in Ireland can apply to master's programs after completing their undergraduate studies and after completing the master's, they have a 2-year work and job search permit.

Dublin is home to many international companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, HP, Microsoft and the unemployment rate is very low. For this reason, anyone who graduates from university can find a job very easily for law students. Also, an expensive education like law in Ireland is quite reasonable compared to other countries. Average prices are 12.000€ per year. Universities often have large and green campuses.

How Long Does It Take to Study Law in Ireland?

There are several law programs available in Ireland. As an undergraduate, students can obtain a business degree, a Bachelor of Law in political science, as well as various international legal studies. Postgraduate programs include the Master of Law as well as the "Interrogational and Comparative Law" degree and the "International and European Business Law" degree. A PhD in Law is also available after completing an LLM. There is a large amount of expertise available in Irish legal studies. Irish Law Higher Education There are numerous law schools and universities in Ireland offering law studies.

The Best Universities to Study Law in Ireland

There are world-renowned and well-established institutions for students who want to study law at university and complete it in Ireland. Students who want to study law in Ireland can get world-class legal education especially at these universities.

  1. Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU) is world-renowned for its teaching quality, learning environment, research and innovation. DCU is one of the best young universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings and is ranked among the top 100 young universities by Times Higher Education. The University is known for its excellent student-academic staff ratio, ranking first in Ireland in this regard.

  1. National University of Ireland, Galway

Founded in 1845 and initially opened to just 68 students, the National University of Ireland in Galway has built a reputation for its long history. Today it welcomes 18,000 students and is one of the top 300 universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings). Located in one of the world's small university cities, NUI Galway has an impressive reputation for excellent research and education programs.

  1. University of Limerick

Established in 1972, the University of Limerick (UL) is a leading university located in central Ireland, known for its high standard of education and quality of research output. UL has become one of the top universities in Ireland and is ranked 35th in the world for research impact in the Times Higher Education rankings, making it one of the World's Top 100 Young Universities.

Law Admission Requirement in Ireland

Only the top 7 percent who wish to study law in Ireland are admitted to these schools. This means a competitive environment. Admission requirements tend to be less difficult for international students. Students must work hard to begin a law degree.

It is easier for students with a bachelor's degree to study law in Ireland. Students with any undergraduate degree can usually graduate from law school with a three-year education.

After graduation, students have the opportunity to work in Ireland. Students must first complete an internship at a law firm to obtain a professional license. The demand for qualified professionals in Ireland is higher than ever for private lawyers. International students can take advantage of this country's legal system for a long-lasting career.

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