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There are more than 20 universities in the Netherlands that offer engineering education. As known; The Netherlands is one of the world's leading countries in international education. The Netherlands provides completely different opportunities for engineering education. The Netherlands has advanced technologies in energy, energy efficiency and offshore wind energy. As a country, they obtain 40% of their electricity from sustainable sources. The Dutch are experts in hydraulic engineering, river engineering, flood protection and infrastructure. The country also has studies in the field of innovative chemical engineering that will contribute to the economy. This is why the Netherlands shows its development in education based on the fields of engineering we have mentioned.

Advantages of Studying Engineering in the Netherlands

Many technology institutes providing engineering education in the Netherlands are among the best schools in the world. There are many universities in the country that teach in English, and all application processes at these universities can be carried out in English and online. Those who receive engineering education in the Netherlands; before graduating, they can find the opportunity to take part in new projects and initiatives and to do internships in international companies. In addition; The Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest probability of finding a job after graduation.

There are many advantages of studying engineering in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the country that provides the most English university education after England and America. 70% of the people speak English, as it is a country that values ​​English language education in its education system. Therefore, it is easy to live in the country knowing only English. In other countries, engineering department tuition fees are higher than in the Netherlands. This is one of the factors that make the Netherlands a more attractive place to study engineering. The biggest factor that makes Dutch education valuable in every field is the education system. The education system in the Netherlands has been specially designed. A system based on interactive and applied training has been established. Learning by doing in the field of engineering makes a difference. As the projects are implemented, students gain experience.

How Long Does It Take to Study Engineering in the Netherlands?

There are about 23 universities and colleges in the Netherlands that provide engineering education. The most common engineering departments in these schools are; Biomedical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Four of the universities in the Netherlands are in the top 200 of Times Higher Education's 2018 university rankings for engineering and technology. In fact, Delft Technical University ranks 18th in the world in the field of engineering and technology in the same list.

Technical universities in the Netherlands offer undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education in engineering. While the undergraduate education in engineering is three years, the master's program consists of one or two-year programs and the doctorate consists of four-year programs. In addition, short-term courses and seminars are given to students who receive engineering education at technical universities to specialize in their own fields. The content of engineering education in the Netherlands is generally created for the demands of companies and institutions that manage innovative processes in Europe. Project management, technical education, problem and crisis management, technological developments are among the fields that form the basis of engineering departments. Students who receive engineering education in the Netherlands have the chance to find jobs in banks, consulting companies and business management departments, as well as engineering jobs in the country after completing their education.

The Best Universities to Study Engineering in the Netherlands

Engineering education in the Netherlands has been a highly preferred option for students who want to study in Western Europe to get their undergraduate education and to make exchange programs. Universities, which are among the top 200 universities in the world announced by Times Higher Education every year, attract attention all over the world with their quality, are in the Netherlands. The Dutch universities that offer a very high level of engineering education also clearly reveal the quality of education and why these universities are preferred by international students.

Most Dutch universities offer engineering education. But it is important to choose universities that are good in their field. Delf University, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Amsterdam, University of Twente and University of Groningen are the best engineering universities in the Netherlands. These universities focus on innovative studies that appeal to the future. For example, the University of Twente's electrical engineering studies health, energy and safety. Robotic arms, energy-conserving batteries, and tiny robots that predict tornado formation are some of the creative works coming out of the University of Twente's electrical engineering.

Admission Requirement in the Netherlands

It is possible to make applications for many universities and departments in English and online. All necessary documents such as foreign language proficiency certificate, transcript, letter of intent is sent to the university via an online central system. While some universities in the Netherlands accept entry with the Basic Proficiency Test or the Field Proficiency Test, some universities must apply with an Advanced Placement (AP) score. 4 High Level APs from science and mathematics departments provide a great advantage in applications. An International Baccalaureate (IB) score can also be accepted instead of AP.

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