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Pecs University

Pecs University

Pecs, one of the historical cities of Hungary, was chosen as the Capital of Culture in 2010 together with Istanbul. The city of Pecs, where many artifacts from the Ottoman period are located, is located in the central part of Hungary and its population is approximately 150 thousand. Pecs, which is one of the most suitable cities for students in terms of both security and cultural opportunities, is also home to one of the most important universities in Hungary.

Pecs University, the oldest university in the country, was founded in 1367 and was restructured after World War I. It is the oldest public university in Hungary. Pecs University is one of the most valuable higher education institutions in Hungary with its extensive research and educational activities. The university provides education to 35,000 students and 10 faculties with 2,000 faculty members.

Especially the Faculty of Medicine is especially highly preferred for international students as it is one of the highest quality education options in Europe. In order for students to be directly admitted to Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and other related departments, they must be able to speak English well, as well as have taken Biology, Chemistry, Physics courses in high school and their knowledge in these courses must be at a sufficient level.

Candidates whose English level and Biology, Chemistry and Physics knowledge are not sufficient are prepared to study at the Faculty of Medicine by attending the Preparatory Program in their first year. In the preparatory program, candidates are given Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English courses for one academic year. Candidates who successfully complete the program are entitled to study at the Faculty of Medicine. Medical education lasts 6 years, Dentistry and Pharmacy education lasts 5 years.

Life at Pecs University

Founded in 1367, the University of Pécs is the oldest university in Hungary with over 29,000 students, nearly 2000 academics, 10 faculties and nearly 500 departments. The city of Pécs is located 3 hours from the capital Budapest.

The University cooperates with many international universities in many fields. The Faculty of Medicine is one of the well-established universities that are accredited in the WHO lists and are at the top of the world rankings. The University of Pécs offers dual degrees with Middlesex University in England.

Hungary is one of the most economical countries in Europe to study at university. A student studying at Pecs University has several options for accommodation. Students can stay in dormitories or rented houses if they wish. In the city of Peç, a student's monthly dormitory cost is around 100-150€, and the cost of accommodation is around 150-200€.

pecs; It is a city in the south of Hungary, close to the Croatian border. It is one of the important cities of Hungary, which has hosted various governments and cultures throughout its 2000-year history. Its population is about 160,000 people. It is a city known for artifacts from the Ottoman period. It is also home to the Pecs University, the oldest university in Hungary.

Pecs University Programs & Fees

It is possible to study in many departments and attend undergraduate and master's programs at Pecs University, which is especially famous for its medical education. The departments and fees of the university are as follows:

  • English Preparatory Program

Preparatory program application and registration fee: € 250

Preparatory program book fee: € 100

Combo Preparatory Program (English+preparatory to department)

Prepared for students who will study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, Business Administration, Psychology and Architecture.

Combo Preparation program – 1 semester  € 5.850

Combo Preparation program – 3 semesters  € 3,780

  • Bachelor’s Departments

Midwifery € 8,370

Dietitian € 5,000

Nursing € 5,000

Physiotherapy Specialization € 5,000

Physical Education and Coaching € 5,000

Psychology € 5,000

Tourism and Catering Services € 7,800

Architecture (BSc+MSc) € 5,900

Biology  $7,600

Physics € 5,000

Chemistry € 5,000

Business Administration (Middlesex University / Dual Degree) € 5,000

Electrical engineering € 7,000

Computer engineering $6,800

Computer Science $6,800

Civil engineering € 5,000

Geology (Earth Sciences) $6,800

Maths  € 5,000

English and American Language Studies € 5,000

Geography  € 4.600

International relations  € 5,000

Pre-school teaching € 4.700

Pedagogy € 3.600

Social Studies € 5,000

Painting (BA + MA)  € 4.400

  • Masters Departments

Medical Biotechnology MSc Program € 6.000

Computer Science Engineering € 11,000

Applied Management € 7,600

Civil Engineering – Structural Engineer MSc € 7.500

International Relations MA $7,600

English Studies MA  € 5,000

Human Resources Counseling MA € 5,000

Psychology  € 4.400

Ceramic Design MA € 7,800

Classical Music Education MA – Piano, Violin, Flute, Guitar  € 6,000

Joint Degree Program in International Relations € 6,000

Deutsche Sprache, Literatur und Kultur € 5,750

Deutsch als Minderheitensprache und-kultur € 3,000

Choral Conducting € 3,000

Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship € 6000

Physics € 7.500

Classical Singing € 8,000

Chemistry € 8,000

Recreation € 8,000

Applied Mathematics € 8,000

Biology € 8,000

Geography € 8,000

Nursing APRN (Practical Nursing) € 8,000

Architecture € 7,000

Interior and Spatial Design € 7,600

Pecs University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Hungary is one of the most economical countries in Europe to study at university. Students have several options for accommodation. Students can stay in dormitories or rented houses if they wish. In the city of Pecs, a student's monthly dormitory cost is around 100-150 Euros and the cost of accommodation is around 150-200 Euros. Transportation, nutrition, social expenses, etc. Generally, 300-400 Euros per month is sufficient for expenses. In general, it can be said that the monthly expenses of a student are around 450 – 550 Euros.

Pecs is a city in the south of Hungary, close to the Croatian border. Along with being the center of the Baranya Region, it has the distinction of being the fifth largest city in Hungary. This city, which has a history of approximately 2000 years, is known for its many historical monuments. The name of the city comes from the word “Pechyut” which means road in the 13th century according to sources. The Ottomans also named the city “Peç”.

There are many options for accommodation in Pecs. There are hotels, boutique hotels and motels for every budget close to the city center. However, for those who will prefer to stay for a long time, various types of houses in the city, furnished and unfurnished, are rented between 250 and 1000 €. However, homestay options are also preferred by students who want to stay at a more affordable price.

Since the touristic places in Pecs are very close to each other, it can be easily visited on foot. In addition, the bus transport network in Pecs is extremely wide. In order to be more economical, it is recommended to buy bus tickets from sales centers. Tickets from bus drivers will be more expensive. You can reach Budapest in 1.5 hours via the M6 ​​motorway via Pecs.

Pecs is a quiet university town. The city center is small and easily navigable. The Neo-Romanesque Cathedral in the city is the oldest and most aesthetic building. The history of the cathedral dates back to the Roman Empire. Its present form was completed in the 19th century.

The Sopieane Primitive Christian Tombs in Pecs were included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000. It is one of the must-see places in the city.

There are 17 mosques in Pecs, which remained under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for 150 years. The most famous of these is the Gazi Kasım Pasha Mosque in Szechenyi Square.

Barbakan Tower, one of the important symbols of the city, was built in the 15th century. However, the Pecs National Theater and the Csontvary Museum are some of the other important buildings in the city.

Ways to Study Abroad

The Bologna Education System is successfully implemented at Pecs University. Pecs University is one of the leading research universities in Hungary. It carries out joint studies with many universities in Europe, Asia and America. At the same time, Europe's largest student organizations are located in Pecs. Internship opportunities are also available at Pecs University. The university, which hosts students from many parts of the world every year, also sends its students to many parts of the world. The university, which makes agreements with universities that it finds equal in education quality, aims to provide its students with experience as well as a good education.

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