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Study Medicine in Hungary

Study Medicine in Hungary
Study Medicine in Hungary

Hungary is among the countries with the highest quality of education. The advantages and privileges of studying in a country like Hungary is makes it a priority among others for many students. Undoubtedly, Hungary is one of the first countries that come to mind when it comes to medical education. There are many great Hungarian Medical Scientists who make new discoveries in medicine and take steps that make the life of humanity easier. Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi emphasized the importance of vitamin C, and Endre Mester managed to treat skin diseases with polarized light therapy. For this reason, a medical education to be taken in Hungary promises a very high-quality education. In addition to the major universities that come to mind when medical education is mentioned in Hungary, the duration and fees of medical education are also important topics. Students who will study medicine in Hungary will have many advantages and opportunities.

Advantages of Studying Medicine in Hungary

Students studying medicine in Hungary will graduate with a blue diploma from a university in the European Union and will be able to comfortably practice their profession in various parts of the world. The biggest advantage of studying medicine in Hungary is diploma equivalency. In addition, students in Hungary do not have to give up their dreams even though they had a worse score in their own country exams, as Hungary does not require it.

Students who will live in an international education environment will have the opportunity to be one step ahead in their professional life as they will use English effectively in daily life. With the Schengen visa, which gives unlimited freedom of travel in Europe, they will be able to travel and see all of Europe while studying medicine in Hungary, and then have the chance to do an internship and career in the EU. Considering all these advantages, Hungary is one of the countries to be preferred for medical education and studentship. In addition, the quality of the education they will receive is quite high. They will be able to start their professional life ahead with a medical education at world-class universities.

How Long Does It Take to Study Medicine in Hungary?

Students who want to study in Hungary and who want to complete their education in a special department such as medicine are required to conduct researches for the duration of their education in these universities. Students who want to study medicine in Hungary should consider a 6-year comprehensive education. Medical education in Hungary is 6-years, Dentistry and Pharmacy is 5-years.

During this period, it is possible to receive a good medical education by expert educators in good universities. Medical education, which is quite challenging, is intense in Hungary as it is in all parts of the world. However, a good education is offered in order to become a qualified doctor with high professional gain.

The Best Universities to Study Medicine in Hungary 

All universities that provide medical education in Hungary are deep-rooted with a high rating in the world's best universities rankings and their history goes back centuries. For students who want to study medicine in Hungary, we can list the best options as Semmelweis University, University of Szeged and University of Pécs.

  1. Semmelweis University

Established in 1769 and being the oldest medical faculty in Hungary, Semmelweis University stands out compared to other universities thanks to its hospitals in many parts of Budapest and a practice hospital dedicated only to the education of its own students.

The university, from which 40% of the doctors in Hungary graduated, supports the health services of Hungary in addition to education with its many hospitals in Budapest. It has the largest medical faculty in Hungary with 17 institutes, 22 clinics and 19 departments.

  1. University of Szeged

The University of Szeged and Peç University, which are among the other prominent universities in the field of medical education in Hungary, are among the Hungarian universities that do not fully see the value they deserve because they are located in the cities of Szeged and Peç instead of the capital Budapest, although they are equivalent to Semmelweis University in terms of education quality.

For example; The University of Szeged, which is the 351st university in the world in the field of medicine and the 501st in the general ranking, has trained Katalin Kariko, the architect of the MRNA technology used in the Covid-19 Biontech-Pfizer vaccine, which we are following very closely these days. As it is known, Hungarian biochemist and scientist Katalin Kariko, who developed the MRNA vaccine in the Biontech team led by Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin.

  1. University of Pecs

Peç University, which completed the construction of the new campus of medical faculties in 2021, now has the newest campus and laboratory facilities in Hungary in the field of medicine. In addition, Peç, which is the oldest public university in Hungary with its 1367 establishments, stands out as a good option for students who want to study in a smaller city and in a warm environment.

Students studying at Peç University state that they are more fortunate in communicating and developing relationships with professors.

Medicine Admission Requirements in Hungary

Before deciding to study difficult departments such as Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy abroad, students must evaluate themselves and their competencies correctly. Being able to graduate is as important as entering a university. It is very important that the candidates who will receive education in Medicine departments in Hungary have received their high school education mainly in science, and that they have a high level of ability and knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses. Medical education is given to students from the first year on the assumption that they are competent and knowledgeable in all these areas.

Foreign students who decide to study medicine in Hungary are first admitted to the University Preparatory Program. In the preparatory class, students take courses in line with the department they want to choose, in addition to English. Students who successfully complete this semester are accepted to the department they want to study. Students who have a very good level of both English and related courses can take the exemption exam organized by the relevant university. Students who can pass the exemption exam can start their university education without the need for a preparatory year.

Apart from this, Hungarian universities do not require students take exams in their own countries, is possible to enter the university without an exam. Although universities do not require exams, a grade point average above a certain level is expected. A high school diploma or college transcript is required. Adequate level of English is also required. While this qualification varies from school to school, preparatory courses are available for students who do not speak English. Hungarian universities have expectations from their students such as extracurricular activities and curriculum vitae (social activities, sports activities, voluntary services and competitions in which the student participates, etc.).

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