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Dentistry, one of the most important elements of modern medicine, is a respected profession that promises a high-paying and bright career. Located in Europe, Hungary draws attention with the quality of the dental education it provides. It is a country where Budapest, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is the capital. Tuition fees in Hungary are much more affordable than Western European countries. For these reasons, Hungary, which is one of the quality centers of foreign education, is in a strong position among the choices that students who want to study dentistry can make abroad, as it is advanced enough to compete with the most developed countries of Europe in the field of medicine.

Dentistry, which is among the prestigious professions in the world, is preferred by many students thanks to this. An education in this field, which has highly developed job opportunities, opens a great door of income to students, but also brings them to important positions in society. For these reasons, the conditions required for an education in this field require choosing a good university and country. Hungary is a country that offers great opportunities to students who want to study dentistry.

Advantages of Studying Dentistry in Hungary

Hungarian Universities have been providing dentistry education in English for many years, and before starting the faculty of dentistry, they both provide academic medical English education and prepare students whose numerical background is insufficient to study in the dentistry department for the first year. Thus, when students start to study in a difficult department such as dentistry, they become proficient in language level and academically. The university degree obtained in Hungary, a European Union country, is recognized and approved by many countries of the world. The language of instruction in dental faculties in Hungary is English.

Hungary is one of the first options preferred by many students from all over the world for medical and dentistry education. The most important reason for this is that the diplomas obtained from Hungary are accredited in these countries. It is possible to receive medical education in many countries in Europe, but it is not possible to find dental education in this quality and accreditation. With the dentistry diploma you will receive in Hungary, after learning the language of the relevant country, you can do a profession anywhere in the world.

Dentistry education is more expensive than other departments all over the world. However, in Hungarian universities, a prestigious dental education that is accepted all over the world can be obtained by paying a very economical fee. The average annual fee for medicine and dentistry departments in Hungarian universities is €13,000, and the annual fee for pharmacy education is €8,000 on average.

How Long Does It Take to Study Dentistry in Hungary?

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to study at Hungarian universities. It will be possible to take advantage of education in Hungarian universities by paying a small amount of fees.

In Hungary, dental education is given to students for 4 years. In the courses taught in English, the instructors make great efforts to provide students with aptitude and inclination towards the department, where they can achieve high success and take important steps for their careers. Students studying at universities in Hungary easily achieve success with the experience they have gained during their education without encountering any difficulties.

The Best Universities to Study Dentistry in Hungary

There are international faculties that offer dental education in Hungary. Dentistry diplomas obtained in Hungary are recognized in many countries of the world, including Europe, America, Canada, England and Turkey.

  1. Pec University

  2. University of Debrecen

  3. University of Szeged

  4. Semmelweis University

Dentistry Admission Requirement in Hungary

In order to receive dentistry education in Hungary, it is beneficial to have high school biology, chemistry, physics courses and a high diploma score at the time of application. English dental faculties in Hungary have their own entrance exams. As a result of the successful passing of the entrance exams, the candidate can start his education at the Hungarian dentistry faculty. Since the language of instruction in dental faculties in Hungary is English, the candidate is expected to have a good level of English during the entrance examination. Candidates who fail the exam can take one or two semesters of preparatory training and try their luck again. 

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