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Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology
Warsaw University of Technology

The Warsaw University of Technology is built on the traditions of Polish technical universities operating in Warsaw, and the Polytechnic Institute has founded in 1826 thanks to the efforts of Stanisław Staszic and the Hipolit Wawelberg and Stanisław Rotwand School founded in 1895.

The Warsaw University of Technology started on its own in 1915, thanks to the efforts of the Scientific Courses Association and the Warsaw City Citizens' Committee. Working continuously, the University has produced generations of graduates and achieved an increasing number of scientific and technical achievements.

It is the oldest and the best technical university in Poland; It has been ranked first in its category in the ranking of Polish universities for fifteen years. More than 160 student research groups, organizations, and associations are active at the Warsaw University of Technology, and the educational offer includes many fields of study.

Life at Warsaw University of Technology

Building on the long tradition at WUT, student success is not defined by academic achievements alone. Warsaw University of Technology offers students numerous opportunities to develop their knowledge, giving them the freedom to explore various interests, passions, and dreams.

Thanks to the many types of activities, everyone can choose what they are interested in. WUT not only provides learning opportunities but also helps develop personal engagement, leadership, or community-building abilities. Through these activities, students at WUT grow as individuals, embrace diversity, and learn to participate in their communities.

Helping students see the world with a new perspective and start their working lives by creating opportunities for their growth, success, and achievement, college students travel the world to present their projects, compete and win.

WUT offers core activities traditionally associated with university life. Still, its location in the heart of Warsaw offers unique opportunities that highlight the student experience, from athletic teams to student clubs. WUT students are active around and off-campus.

At Warsaw University of Technology, students are offered 11 different dormitories. Students can choose single, double, or triple rooms or apartments. The dormitory complex includes a gym, swimming pool, library, TV room, laundry, and kitchen.

Warsaw University of Technology Programs & Fees

Established in 1826, the Warsaw University of Technology provides education in engineering and applied sciences.

Warsaw University of Technology has the highest ranking among technical universities in Poland. From Architecture to Business, from Mathematics to Computer Science, and even from Robotics, Biotechnology, Aeronautics, Geodesy, Transportation Engineering, it provides education in a wide range of departments.

Departments taught in English at the university

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics and Information Technologies
  • Environmental engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • It also offers MBA departments as a business school.

University Departments and fees are as follows:

  • English Preparation €3,275
  • Architecture € 4.400
  • Automotive Mechatronics € 3.400
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Engineering € 3,400 
  • Civil Engineering €4,680 
  • Environmental Engineering € 3,000
  • Electrical Engineering € 3,600 
  • Computer Science – Computer Systems and Networks € 4,440 
  • Telecommunications € 4,440 
  • Computer Science and Information Systems €4,620
  • Mechatronics – Photonic Engineering € 3,600
  • Aerospace Engineering € 3,300 
  • Power Engineering € 3,300 

English Master's Programs

  • Architecture for Society of Knowledge € 4,400 
  • Biotechnology – Applied Biotechnology € 4,500 
  • Civil Engineering Structure € 5,880 
  • Environmental Engineering – Environment Protection Engineering € 3,000 
  • Electrical Engineering € 4500 October
  • Computer Science – Computer Systems and Networks € 5,400 
  • Telecommunications € 5,400 October/February
  • Computer Science and Information Systems – Artificial Intelligence € 5,400 
  • Mechatronics – Photonic Engineering € 3,600 
  • Photonics € 4,000 
  • Power Engineering € 3,300 
  • Power Engineering – Nuclear Power Engineering € 3,000 
  • Aerospace Engineering € 3,300 
  • Robotics € 3,300 October
  • Management and Production Engineering – Global Production Engineering and Management € 3.500 
  • Transport – Transport Systems Engineering and Management € 3,300 
  • Biomaterials € 3,300 
  • Geodesy and Cartography – Mobile Mapping and Navigation Systems €2,000 
  • Data Science € 6,000 
Warsaw University of Technology

Accommodation / Cost of living

Studying in Poland offers students a quality education at European standards with simple facilities. Poland is very centrally located in the middle of Europe, so there is access to all parts of Europe. As one of the developing countries of Central Europe, Poland has become a center of attraction for students.

Education in Poland, which has managed to attract students from all over the world thanks to the academic staff it has trained in leading European countries such as Germany, England, and France, and the incentives it provides to students, offers a wide variety of programs.

Living costs in Poland are pretty affordable. Warsaw is well below the European equivalent in terms of living costs. Accommodation in Warsaw usually ranges from 95-200€ per month. Especially state dormitories are very cost-effective. In terms of living, students can survive for one month with an allowance of 300 € excluding accommodation. Warsaw University, one of the best universities, is advantageous as it also offers dormitory facilities.

Ways to Study Abroad

The international brand of the university is also quite strong. Warsaw University of Technology and six other universities belong to the ENHANCE alliance, which is among the winners of the European Universities Competition organized by the European Union. WUT membership at ENHANCE will facilitate the introduction of innovative teaching methods that develop future competencies. Students from Alliance member universities will be able to choose international courses and programs offered by ENHANCE partners. Active involvement of stakeholders from industry, economy, and local governments in the activities will play a major role. This will help students learn how to use knowledge and technology for the benefit of society. At the same time, the university accepts students from all over the world. With its English education, it not only takes students through the ERASMUS exchange program but also admits many prospective students to undergraduate and graduate programs.

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