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University of Windsor

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor is one of the most prestigious universities in the country, operating in the city of Windsor in the Ontario region of Canada. In terms of its region, the university is located in one of the busiest cities in North America, which includes the rich socio-cultural structure and where the reflections of the cosmopolitan social structure can be seen clearly. For those doing university research in Canada; The fact that it has a quality education that is accepted both in its region and internationally makes the University of Windsor a unique alternative.

The most important advantage of the city of Windsor, where the university is located, is that it can keep the town culture and city culture alive. The city's border with Detroit, one of the largest cities in the United States, and its structuring in the form of a town within itself, allows all students to study in Canada to study both the metropolitan city culture, which is a work of American culture, and the town, which is the result of a more minimal structuring. keeping their culture alive.

For students who want to study in Canada, staying in Windsor, which is quieter and safer, and at the same time moving to Detroit to meet their various needs and benefit from the opportunities of big cities is one of the positive criteria to be considered.

University Life

With a campus area of ​​approximately 125 acres, the university has succeeded in becoming one of the universities with the largest campus areas in Canada. Accepting thousands of students from 80 different countries, the University of Windsor attaches great importance to campus life. It hosts national and international sports, art, music and project activities in order to ensure the integration of these students from different cultures. It also pays great attention to the protection of green areas. Offering a unique opportunity for those who want to study in Canada, the university also rises to an advantageous position between the town culture and alternatives of the city where it is located.

The fact that the city is bordered by the city of Detroit in the United States of America makes the lives of those living in the city easier and allows them to see the metropolitan culture. Its proximity to big cities provides both technical and intellectual support for the university's activities to make a sound and to catch international standards in its studies. With all these features, it is a good option for those who want to study in Canada.

There are several options for living and accommodation. ​For first year students: Alumni Hall, Cartier Hall, Laurier Hall, Macdonald Hall residence buildings are reserved. Accommodation opportunities are also available outside the university campus, on-campus accommodation is recommended for first-year students.

Accommodation is available in the Canterbury Residences and University Place buildings, close to the University. University Place is 5 minutes away from the school, it has its own restaurant and gym.

Price and Fees

Fees at the University of Windsor vary according to the department and program. The department and fee information for students who want to do undergraduate and graduate studies are as follows:


  • Undergraduate Programs


Business $30,000

Engineering $34,000

Science $28,880

Art $27,150


  • Master's Programs


Master of Management $18,000

Master of Engineering $24,500

Master of Applied Computing $16,000

Master of Applied Economics and Policy $15,500

Master of Education $15,500

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