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University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw

Located in the heart of Europe, in Poland, the University of Warsaw is the country's oldest and best university. Warsaw University, which has excellent prestige all over Europe with its world-renowned academics and alumni, is a university that is shown in the top 3% of the world. Warsaw University, one of the world's top 100 universities in Physics and Mathematics, is one of the most prominent options for students considering studying abroad, both with its academic quality, student life, and affordable costs.

Life at Warsaw University

Why should I study in Warsaw? The most precise answer to the question is “high-quality and low-cost education and economic living expenses.”

Studying at a university in Warsaw also provides many social advantages to students. It offers the opportunity to learn in a multicultural environment and meet people from different cultures.

Warsaw University Programs & Fees

There are 26 undergraduate programs in English at the University of Warsaw. In addition, there are 130 graduate programs. Warsaw University programs and fees are as follows.


  • American Language / American Studies
  • Archeology / Archeology
  • Chemistry / Chemistry
  • Economics / Economics
  • English Language / English Studies
  • European Science – Relations/Integration / European Studies-Integration
  • Finance, Investment, and Accounting / Finance, Investment and Accounting
  • Economics informatics / Informatics-Economy
  • International Relations / International Relations
  • International Business / International Business Administration
  • International Security, Journalism and Communication / International Security- Journalism and Communication
  • Philosophy / Philosophy
  • Political Science / Political Science
  • Psychology / Psychology
  • English Teaching (specific to child education) / English Teaching (child education)
  • Quantitative Finance (Quantitative) / Quantitative Finance


  • American Studies
  • Archeology
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • English Studies
  • Environmental Management
  • European Administration
  • Humanitarian Action
  • Informatics and Econometrics-Data Science
  • International Business Program
  • International Relations
  • Internal Security
  • Political Science
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Teaching English to Young Learners

Many departments are offered in English at the University of Warsaw, which offers overseas university education and graduate education abroad in a broad network.

Warsaw University offers an excellent price range due to its location in the world. It is at an excellent level, with undergraduate programs usually priced between €2,500-4000 and graduate programs between €2,500-5,500.

University of Warsaw

Accommodation / Cost of living

Studying in Poland offers students a quality education at European standards with simple facilities. Poland is very centrally located in the middle of Europe, so there is access to all parts of Europe. As one of the developing countries of Central Europe, Poland has become a center of attraction for students.

Education in Poland, which has managed to attract students from all over the world thanks to the academic staff it has trained in leading European countries such as Germany, England, and France, and the incentives it provides to students, offers a wide variety of programs.

Living costs in Poland are pretty affordable. Warsaw is far below the equivalent of European countries in terms of living costs. Accommodation in Warsaw usually varies between 95-200€ per month. Especially state dormitories are very cost-effective. In terms of life, students can survive for one month with an allowance of 300 €, excluding accommodation. Warsaw University, one of the best universities, is advantageous as it also offers its dormitory facilities.

Ways to Study Abroad

Warsaw University, one of the most preferred universities among Polish universities by students who want to choose Poland for foreign university education, has 130 master's programs for international students, teaching in many languages, ​​and a 5-year integrated undergraduate program. The University of Warsaw provides English education opportunities for international students in many fields. The University of Warsaw also offers English Preparatory Programs.

The University of Warsaw offers undergraduate programs (2, 3, and 5-year programs) and short-term programs to people from abroad. Short stays are also for academic teachers and university administration staff. Some programs target selected groups who are citizens of certain countries or parts of the world, while others are open to everyone.

Academic exchange (students, Ph.D. candidates, and staff) at the University of Warsaw is organized, among other things, under bilateral agreements between the two universities. The University has worked with more than 680 international organizations from more than 100 countries under direct bilateral cooperation agreements.

Until 2013, the exchange of students, doctoral students, and staff of the University of Warsaw was carried out within the Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus programs. After introducing Erasmus+, a new program that replaces all previous programs in 2014, in December 2013, the University of Warsaw was awarded the Erasmus Higher Education Charter for the entire period of the Erasmus+ program.

In addition, the Visiting Student Program within the university is not limited to any country or region. It is open to everyone.

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