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UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

UCAM Catholic University of Murcia
UCAM Catholic University of Murcia
UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

About UCAM Catholic University of Murcia

Universidad Católica de Murcia which is also known as Universidad Católica San Antonio is a private institution in Spain. Using the creation and dissemination of science, technology, and culture following the logical truth and in the light of the Catholic Church faith, UCAM offers higher education, trains researchers, and prepares professionals. To ensure the prominence of Christianity in the university along with the community, and culture, the mission is to equip students with the information and skills necessary for their profession. Regarding 17 of its bachelor’s degrees, UCAM has received accreditation from both the Ministry of Education and ANECA (Spain's National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation). The university also provides more than thirty recognized doctoral and master's degree programs. Furthermore, following the Bologna Process, UCAM was one of the first colleges to adapt its programs to the European Quality System for Education.

Admission and Application Requirements

Undergraduate Programs and Admission Requirements

UCAM offers a wide range of undergraduate programs to students. These programs include:

  • Business Administration
  • Dentistry
  • Modern Languages
  • Sport Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Veterinary Medicine

In order to be eligible for study at UCAM, students need a valid passport, a High School academic transcript as well as a High School Diploma, a Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter and a Language Proficiency Certificate (B2 Level). Also, a video conference or face-to-face interview can be conducted if necessary.

Postgraduate Programs and Admission Requirements

UCAM Catholic University of Murcia has a variety of postgraduate programs which you can choose from as listed below:

  • Master Hospitality Management.
  • Master Hospitality Management (Online)
  • Master Innovation and Tourism Marketing.
  • Master International Relations - Online.
  • MMSE/MBA Management of Sports Entities.
  • M.B.A. Master of Business Administration.
  • M.B.A. Sports Management. 

For students who want to study postgraduate courses at UCAM, a valid passport Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter and Language Proficiency Certificate (B2 Level) are the fundamental requirements along with a bachelor’s degree certificate.  

Prices & Fees

Bachelors & Masters Degree Programs Tuition Fees 

According to the recent data determined by UCAM, the typical annual tuition for students both from the EU/EEA and outside the EU / EEA is 8,000 EUR. 

Moreover, there are also administrative fees in addition to the tuition fee. These administrative fees are listed below. 


Fees (EUR)

Pre-Inscription fee (Bachelor)


Opening of academic records (only for Bachelors)


Application fee


Pre-Inscription fee (Master)


Accommodation and Cost of Living

To search for a place to live more simpler, UCAM has developed an Accommodation Database that is accessible to all international students and members of the college community. The Cathedral of the hostel is an excellent place to spend the first night in Murcia because it is centrally located and close to the bus and train stops. 

Affordable housing expenses are one of the main benefits of renting in Spain. It is important to remember that renting in major cities can be a little bit more expensive compared to small cities. The average monthly rent for a furnished two-bedroom apartment can range from $1200 to $2,000+ based on the size and location of the property in Barcelona and Valencia. However, since UCAM is in southern-east of Spain which is a relatively small area compared to big cities, one-bedroom apartments can be rented for as low as $450 per month. It is important to note that in Spain, you must check that the house you are renting or buying has a habitability permit. There are several houses that were once workplaces yet are now unfit for habitation.

Spain's affordable food costs make it simple to adhere to a spending plan. Where you buy will affect the price of your groceries; larger supermarkets typically give discounts. As an individual, you can typically anticipate spending $30 per week on groceries. Most of the restaurants charge between $10 and $15 for a "menu del dia" (meal of the day). In Spain, lunch is typically served around 2:00 pm and consists of a three-course dinner, a beverage, and typically bread. Additionally, you can benefit from local farmer's markets, which provide a wider range of fresh food at a lower price. Smaller towns will typically have weekly markets however, several cities have daily markets in Spain.

In general, transportation expenses in Spain are quite affordable. There are bus and train networks in most cities and villages, and one-way tickets range from $2 to $4. The T-10 card, on the other hand, offers ten applications with no time limit. This ticket is currently available for $11.20.

Social Life

Both Guadalupe and Los Dolores, both in the Region of Murcia which are home to UCAM's two university campuses, are wonderful locations to live where you can enjoy the beach, mountains, and a fantastic culinary culture. The city center of Murcia, lovely squares, old buildings, museums, and university grounds all reflect the essence of Spanish culture. Skyscanner, a well-known international travel website, lists Murcia as among the top destinations for Erasmus students. Thanks to its three university campuses, Murcia has a great population of youth, and everything in the city appears to be built to suit students. Moreover, with more than four teams, UCAM is a great place to engage in sports activities.

As part of UCAM's mission to assist society, businesses have partnered with the university to provide services in a variety of fields, including culture, language instruction, sports, and medical facilities. Symphonic Orchestra, Dance Company, Sports Center, and Dental Clinic are the other important facilities that students can utilize. 

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