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SWPS University

SWPS University

Warsaw University of Social Sciences (SWPS) was founded in 1996 in Warsaw. With eight faculties and 20 different programs in five other Polish cities (Warsaw, Wroclaw, Sopot, Poznan, and Katowice), SWPS provides education to approximately 13,500 students at undergraduate and graduate levels taking of the largest private universities in Poland with this feature.

It is possible to study in 20 different departments at Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Psychology. The university is particularly successful in departments in psychology and English philology. In addition, there is the opportunity to study International business in English at the university. SWPS University offers its students a modern education opportunity on its very well-equipped campuses. As one of the most preferred universities by international students in Poland, SWPS university provides a global education environment.

Life at SWPS University

Warsaw University of Social Sciences does not have a university dormitory of its own. Students can apply to private dormitories contracted by the university. In these dormitories, not only SWPS university students but also students from different universities are accommodated. In dormitories, accommodation is generally provided in rooms for 2.3 people. Dormitory fees are around 140-150 Euros per month on average.

Students who do not want to stay in dormitories can also provide accommodation in shared student houses. The monthly fees of shared student houses vary between 220-290 Euros.

SWPS University has its student dormitory. In addition, SWPS University directs its students to the hostel/dormitory-style accommodation they have contracted with.

For those who will study at SWPS, there are student houses where university students from different countries can stay.

Student residences are charged between 200-400 Euros per month, depending on single or more crowded room options. All electricity, water, gas, and internet needs of the houses are met by the student housing administration. The student only pays monthly for the bills.

Students who want to stay in student houses can usually sign an annual or at least 9-month contract and leave the house or continue their accommodation at the end of the contract.

Warsaw is a city with well-known and preferred universities and hosting world-renowned scientific studies. With its developing culture, entertainment life, ambitious architectural projects, and museums, Warsaw has become one of the cultural capitals of Europe. It is ranked 19th in the world's most livable cities by the United Nations.

In Warsaw, you can have a broad vision by earning total gains in terms of personal development while studying at the modern campuses of well-established universities while living at the standards of developed countries. Warsaw is also home to one of the world's top 400 universities.

SWPS University Programs & Fees

SWPS University programs and fees are as follows:


  • English Preparation – € 3.100
  • Polish Preparation – € 2,400

English Undergraduate Programs

  • Psychology € 4.700
  • English Language Studies € 2.050
  • Management – ​​€ 4.200
  • Chinese Language Studies € 2.350
  • German Language Studies € 2.350
  • Spanish Language Studies € 2.350
  • Japanese Language Studies € 2.350

English Master Programs

  • English Language Studies € 2.050
  • Clinical Psychology € 5.400
  • Applied Social Psychology € 5.400
  • Management and Leadership (2 years) € 4.300
  • Double Degree in Economic Psychology (Tilburg University Netherlands):
  • 1st year € 5,000 2nd year € 14.600
SWPS University

Accommodation / Cost of living

Studying in Poland offers students a quality education at European standards with simple facilities. Poland is very centrally located in the middle of Europe, so there is access to all parts of Europe. As one of the developing countries of Central Europe, Poland has become a center of attraction for students.

Education in Poland, which has managed to attract students from all over the world thanks to the academic staff it has trained in leading European countries such as Germany, England, and France, and the incentives it provides to students, offers a wide variety of programs.

Living costs in Poland are pretty affordable. Warsaw is well below the European equivalent in terms of living costs. Accommodation in Warsaw usually ranges from 95-200€ per month. Especially state dormitories are very cost-effective. In terms of living, students can survive for one month with an allowance of 300 € excluding accommodation. Warsaw University, one of the best universities, is advantageous as it also offers dormitory facilities.

Ways to Study Abroad

Warsaw University of Social Sciences (SWPS) offers its students many exchange programs such as Erasmus Plus, Atlantis, and Santander Universidades, helping students gain experience by enabling them to take part in their education in another European Union or overseas. Thanks to the agreements made with educational institutions such as New York the College of Saint Rose, students can also participate in exchange programs in the United States.

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