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Studying Statistics in Hungary

Studying Statistics in Hungary
Studying Statistics in Hungary

About the Statistics

Statistics is the science of collecting data accurately and transforming these collected data into information. Statistics enables learning from data to transform observations into information. In this way, statistical techniques, in a world of uncertainties, keep the concept of probability underlying these uncertainties under control and turn their observations into knowledge based on interpretation and science. The statistics department provides education and research on conducting research on a certain subject, collecting data, analyzing, and interpreting the collected data. Statistics draws statistical directions and uses mathematical technique to reach and interpret numerical data. When using this method; He works on probability theory, experiment, and developing various methods of analysis.

Studying Statistics in Hungary

Hungary is a Central European nation with a population of more than 10 million. It is a member of the European Union, completely landlocked, and shares borders with seven other countries. In the fields of the arts, music, literature, sports, and science and technology, the country is culturally noteworthy. It has a lengthy past. Hungary also features the biggest lake in Central Europe, the biggest natural grasslands in all of Europe, and the biggest network of hot water caves. The fact that there are Hungarian universities that have consistently ranked in the top 500 and top 300 of the world's greatest universities for hundreds of years has led to an interest among students conducting research for education. Moreover, the fact that these universities have both EU and international equivalence, and that students have the opportunity to work in many parts of the world after graduation, are among the most important factors that make university education in Hungary a logical option in Hungary.

Advantages of Studying Statistics in Hungary

Students from all over the world choose to study in Hungary for several reasons. First off, the country is a stunning location. Second, it is reasonably priced. The students also speak English. Fourth, there are many different methods of education in Hungary. For undergraduate and doctoral degrees in all subjects, the country offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs at both private and public universities.

  • In Hungary, the cost of living is relatively low. Calculating the monthly budget for a student as a manner of accounting for this for tuition and other costs, a student would have roughly UHUF 4,500 ($4,600) per month. If students earn a master's degree or higher from a Hungarian university, they may also be eligible for free travel abroad.
  • Since the language of instruction in Hungarian universities, where the official language is Hungarian, is generally English, students studying at university in Hungary gain a very important advantage by learning English, which is the most valid language in the business and scientific world, with full competence.
  • Since Hungary is geographically very close to Turkey, transportation to the country is quite advantageous compared to many countries in terms of both cost and time.
  • Since Hungary is one of the Schengen countries, university students in the country have the opportunity to easily travel to other European countries and freely experience the life in Europe.

Membership of the European Union: The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is an official member of the EU.  The degree received at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is directly recognized by all the Union's member nations as well as in a number of other nations throughout the world. Comparing their chances to graduates with degrees from their home countries, English-language program graduates say they have equivalent opportunities.

Career Paths for Statistics Degree Majors

Industrial and technological developments have a great share in the main reasons why the department is preferred. Statistics is needed to correctly evaluate the outputs obtained as a result of the inputs used on a subject. This situation causes statistics to be used in many sectors. Thus, the fields of study for statistics graduates have also increased.

Statistics graduates have a wide range of job opportunities in the public and private sectors. These are in public institutions, revenue administration, social security institution, ministry of commerce, Turkish business institution, Turkey scientific and technical research institution. Statistics graduates can work in different departments and positions in these organizations. Especially in municipalities, water and natural gas administration assigns statistics graduates. Likewise, they have job opportunities in different departments and positions in the private sector.

Banking, finance, and insurance sectors are among the sectors where statistics graduates can be seen frequently. They can also find job opportunities in social media from computer programming, logistics and today's communication fields. In summary, in every sector that requires the collection and interpretation of data, they have a chance to find a job in their field. Examples of places where they can work are as follows. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Universities, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Economy, Capital Markets Board, ministry of Transport, customs and Trade, insurance Companies, research Companies, energy Companies, Private banks.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Statesian? 

First of all, you should know that statistics is not directly related to mathematics, it uses mathematics as a tool, but this is not a test feature. In other words, it does not guarantee that a person who can do mathematics in every high school will be successful in the field of statistics or in the courses he will take in the statistics department throughout his undergraduate life. If you are open to learning and good with abstract sciences, it is a department where you can be very successful. At the same time, having a predisposition to numbers, being able to use computer programs easily, having a critical and questioning perspective will make you a better candidate.

Is Statistics Right for Me?

Do you enjoy using data analysis and number crunching to find solutions to problems? Then you might want to think about concentrating in statistics, which is fantastic for anyone who like math and computer science. However, if you are not very interested in math, it should be said that a statistics degree only covers a little amount of probability theory. There is not much math required for descriptive statistics. Without any math, anyone can do it. You can fill out the form with our training and consulting staff so we can provide you with the best information on studying abroad from Turkey.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Statesian?

In universities in Hungary, the undergraduate program takes three years. (In some engineering departments, this duration may be 3.5 years.) This period will be maximum of four years if the student will begin with a year of foreign language preparation.

The Best Universities to study Statistics

University Of Pecs: The program offers a complete three-year mathematical education. The programme offers a general bachelor's degree in mathematics that can be used as a foundation for future math or computer science courses. Applied computer science, group theory, computer algebra, numerical methods, and mathematical programming and operations research are some of the advanced subjects. Depending on the course's focus, there are often two components: a lecture and a problem-solving seminar, each worth two or three credits. The mathematics bachelor's program serves as the foundation for the master's (MSc) program in applied mathematics offered at the University of Pécs (with a particular emphasis on operations research) as well as various MSc programs offered at other universities.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, too, offers a bachelor’s degree in mats and Statesian professions. 

Economy Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate; Certificate of English Proficiency for non-native backgrounds; Curriculum Vitæ; Application Essay; Letters of Recommendation are also among required documents. 

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