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Studying Public Relations in Hungary

Studying Public Relations in Hungary
Studying Public Relations in Hungary

About Public Relations

Public relations, also known as P.R., is a branch of communication studies that focuses on informing a particular audience about an institution or public figure. Students who study public relations learn how to promote the products, services, or reputations of their clients, who may be well-known individuals, corporations, NGOs, or even government entities. Public relations students develop a wide range of skills, including negotiation, public speaking, writing, organization, and the capacity to design P.R. and communication initiatives. Additionally, students will examine ethical conundrums utilizing actual-world scenarios while studying crisis management strategies. A few career options for graduates in public relations include press secretaries, publicists, campaign managers, event coordinators, and media planners. They may work for businesses, governments, PR firms, hospitals, charities, well-known people, or as independent contractors. Some of the topics covered in Public Relations studies include media relations, corporate communication, public relations management, and marketing.

Studying Public Relations in Hungary

Hungary, which connects Central and Eastern Europe, has many of the attractions from both continents, but it is most pleased of having its own unique culture. Despite being a small country, Hungary has a lot to offer tourists, from the capital city Budapest's architectural and cultural treasures to vineyard-covered hills and ancient castles. Hungary's appeal as a study destination is projected to increase given the abundance of both natural and man-made attractions, affordable living expenses, and a strong emphasis on internationalization. If you decide to attend school in Hungary right now, you might be at the forefront of that development.

Advantages of Studying Public Relations in Hungary

There are many reasons why you should consider Hungary to study abroad - these are the top 3:

  • Universities in Hungary offer high quality education at affordable tuition fees
  • Hungary is a modern and safe country, but the cost of living is among the lowest in Europe
  • Hungary is a diverse, multicultural nation with lots of fun experiences for foreign students

Career Paths for About Public Relations Degree Majors

An example of what a public relations expert might do is:

  • Publish press releases and gather data for the media
  • Respond to media inquiries for information.
  • Help clients retain their company's corporate identity and brand by assisting them in effective public communication
  • For the senior executives of an organization, prepare speeches and schedule interviews.
  • Examine advertising and promotion initiatives to see if they align with your company's public relations strategy.
  • Utilize social media to gauge the public's perception of your clients

Consequently, Public relations professionals can work in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, and education. They may also work for nonprofit organizations, grantmaking organizations, or broadcast media companies. As you can see below the specific working areas for ones studying PR:

  • Administration of Businesses and Enterprises

Organizations that hold a controlling stake in other firms or enterprises are included in the management of companies and enterprises sectors. PR experts aid in the administration, supervision, and management of these businesses and organizations.

  • Publicity, advertising, and related services

Many PR graduates are hired by the advertising, public relations, and marketing industries to influence consumers, promote goods and services, and strengthen corporate brands.

  • Giving and Grantmaking Services

Fundraising, contributions, and grants are the main areas of focus for PR graduates in the grantmaking and giving sector. They might boost awareness of the organization, express its ideals, and promote a grant-giving organization.

  • Broadcasting on the radio and television

PR specialists are employed by the media industry, which includes radio and television broadcasting, to serve as media contacts, express values and aims, or promote a brand.

  • Social Justice Campaigning Groups

Social advocacy groups aim to advance a cause or achieve a certain political objective. PR experts assist advocacy groups in promoting their concerns and increasing public awareness.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Public Relations Specialist?

  • Public relations professionals frequently speak on behalf of their companies. They must be able to articulate the organization's perspective when doing so.
  • Writing abilities: Public relations professionals must be able to create press releases and speeches that are ordered and understandable. To capture the attention of harried readers or listeners, they must be able to comprehend the main messages they wish to convey and communicate them in a brief, succinct manner.
  • Superior organizing skills are needed by public relations professionals because they frequently oversee multiple events at once.
  • Public relations professionals occasionally must describe how a business or client is addressing delicate topics. When reporting information, they must exercise sound judgment.
  • Public relations experts regularly engage with the public and the media to advance a positive perception of their organizations. Professionals require excellent interpersonal skills to flourish in the field of public relations. These abilities are developed in public relations students through group projects, presentations, and internships.

Is Public Relations Right for Me?

PR could be an exciting field to work in if you're eager to improve your communication abilities, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and learn something new every day. Although it won't be simple, there will be plenty of opportunities for you if you're willing to go in headfirst and learn from your failures.

However, if you don't identify with any of these or you are unsure, you may think about filling forms and talking with one of our education consultants to gain more information. They will show you the right path and guide you in developing your future profession.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Public Relations Specialist?

In universities in Hungary, the undergraduate program takes three years. (In some engineering departments, this duration may be 3.5 years.) This period will be maximum of four years if the student will begin with a year of foreign language preparation.

The Best Universities to study Public Relations

Budapest Metropolitan University Communication and Media Science: With 8,000 students, Budapest Metropolitan University is the largest private university in Hungary. In the areas of communication, business, tourism, and the arts, we provide a huge selection of bachelor's and master's degree programs.

Due to the wide range of degree programs that are entirely offered in English, Budapest Metropolitan University has foreign students from more than 70 different nations. The business community holds our degrees in high regard and recognizes them on a global scale.

Corvinus University of Budapest Communication And Media Science: Corvinus University of Budapest was founded in 1920 in Budapest, Hungary. The university currently has 14,500 students, of which 1,408 are international, and these students are studying for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies in the fields of business, economic and social sciences. The school is ranked among the best in Hungary in the fields of business, economic and social sciences.

University Of Dunaujvaros Communication And Media Science: The university offers English-taught bachelor's and master's programs that are practice-oriented. Moreover, offers a campus that is friendly to both students and the environment, laboratories that are outfitted with the best technology, and lecturers who are highly competent. We can offer scholarships, specialized programs, and travel opportunities to our students in addition to their academic studies thanks to a wide range of partnerships with businesses, organizations, and other educational institutions on both a national and international level.

University Of Pannonia Communication and Media Science: University of Pannonia is one of the top public universities in Veszprém, Hungary. It is ranked #1001-1200 in QS World University Rankings 2023. The University of Pannonia, sometimes referred to as Pannon Egyetem, is a university in Veszprem, Hungary. The University of Veszprem, or Veszpremi Egyetem in Hungarian, was the name of the institution prior to its founding in 1949. Over 9500 students are now enrolled in the university. Five faculties make up the University of Pannonia, which mostly offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the Hungarian language. Engineering, Agriculture, Information Technology, Modern Philology, and Social Sciences are among the faculties.

International students can also enroll in a variety of bachelor's and master's programs at the University of Pannonia that are taught in English. The university's doctoral schools provide Ph.D. students, researchers, and professors with research opportunities and programs.

University Of Pecs Communication and Media Science: Students in Pécs' curriculum with a focus in digital media and public relations are prepared for successful careers in professional journalism (traditional, electronic, and online), public relations, advertising, and organizational communication. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on hands-on media production training as well as the development of students' soft skills (empathetic and assertive communication, teamwork, adaptability, creativity), as well as their digital self-management abilities.

The university values digital technologies proliferated, quick and efficient communication as well as online self-management, which are essential for businesses and people alike, both locally and globally. They also think that while there is still a need for journalists with formal training, the creative industries (such as advertising, public relations, design, and organizational communication) are becoming more and more significant in the commercial, institutional, and NGO sectors. 

Public Relations Admission Requirements

In general, a student with minimum academic percentage in higher secondary or three-year diploma student can apply, there isn’t such percentage bar or any kind of demand of excellence academic qualification. Secondary school certificate; Certificate of English Proficiency for non-native backgrounds; Curriculum Vitæ; Application Essay; Letters of Recommendation are also among required documents. 

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