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Studying Economy in Hungary

Studying Economy in Hungary
Studying Economy in Hungary

About Economy

Economics is a very old department. For this reason there are many sub-branches. Learning these sub-branches and having an opinion on which one you can feel close to will be very useful for choosing a university. Economics majors look into every factor that affects how products and services are produced, distributed, and consumed. Economics examines local and international economic factors. Across the world, institutions and colleges that provide bachelor's degrees in economics instruct students on how to maximize every economic move for the benefit of customers and business entities.

Studying Economy in Hungary

Hungary is an appealing choice for international students because of its affordable tuition costs and the numerous scholarships available, which lower the overall cost of living and attending school here. Hungary is a beautiful country and a well-known travel destination. You can spend your free time discovering historic places or beautiful landscapes like Lake Balaton or the Thermal Baths. The country's educational system is diverse, with a significant emphasis on the humanities, sciences, math and engineering. Many individuals with backgrounds in this wide-ranging educational subject have excelled in the sciences. Furthermore, Hungary is a varied and dynamic society. It welcomes international students from all around the world with open arms. This can be the perfect destination to visit if you want to learn about Central European culture and lifestyle. This region is a top choice because of its diverse culture, contemporary way of life, affordable cost of living, and high standard of education.

Advantages of Studying Economy in Hungary

There are numarous advantages of studying in Hungary in terms of Hungary’s moderate tuition fees and opportunities for students, as well as the country’s historical and cultural places and landscapes.

  • High- Quality Education

Since studying abroad is the primary reason for traveling, it is important to understand whether the degree provided by the country's universities is recognized internationally. The degree offered by Hungary's universities is an internationally recognized European degree that is also offered in a wide variety of subjects.

  • Hungary hosts international students

International students are very interested in pursuing their education in Hungary due to the affordable cost of receiving a European degree there. This promotes greater linguistic, cultural, and traditional interchange.

  • Working While You Study

Even though you are there to study, students are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week during the summer and 20 hours per week during the semester. And he has no trouble meeting his monthly expenses.

  • Comparative cost of tuition

Numerous academic programs are available at universities in Hungary, with annual tuition range from 4000 to 9000 euros. Hungary has more affordable tuition prices than other European nations like Germany, France, and the UK, making it less expensive to study there.

Career Paths for Economy Degree Majors

Numerous career paths are available for specialization, including financial economics, labor economics, business economics, international economics, environmental economics, development economics, econometrics, and many more. While a Bachelor's in Economics is an excellent way to gain knowledge and experience, it is not restricted to any certain job after graduation. Graduates in economics are needed in both the public and private sectors in a variety of professions. If you intend to subsequently pursue a PhD in Economics, you can obtain employment in the government, banks, business journals, or higher education. Job titles like economist, consultant, economic analyst, researcher, financial or business analyst, or stock market specialist are among the ones you can aim. Graduates with a bachelor's degree in economics can use their education to a variety of fields, including accounting, auditing, insurance, management, advertising, actuarial science, and more.

What Skills Do I Need to Become an Economy?

Given the depth and scope of the discipline of economics, students should be ready to gain a variety of tasks that will be useful in their future jobs.  You'll learn how to assess risks, measure their likelihood, and forecast how various variables will affect societal behavior. You'll hone your analysis and synthesis abilities while becoming familiar with mathematical models and how to employ them. Those who want to study economics; they should be individuals who have general academic ability and numerical thinking power, are interested in sciences such as mathematics, sociology and psychology and are successful in these fields, patient, understanding, tolerant and sensitive to human needs, able to explain their ideas to others and make people believe.

Is Economy Right for Me?

While studying an undergraduate degree in Economics you will attend a variety of classes which vary depending on the university you'll be attending. Some general classes you are bound to run into include Game Theory, Foundations of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Economic Development and Resource Economics, Statistics and Calculus, and more. To study in economics, you need to love numbers, math and analytics and get along well with their verbal parts. You use analytics a lot because you question how you can touch people, how business works, and how you can make people happier. Therefore, if you are interested in these, it may be the right choice to study Economics. However, if you don't identify with any of these or you are unsure, you may think about filling forms and talking with one of our education consultants to gain more information. They will show you the right path and guide you in developing your future profession. 

How Long Does It Take to Become a Economist?

In universities in Hungary, the undergraduate program takes three years. (In some engineering departments, this duration may be 3.5 years.) This period will be maximum of four years if the student will begin with a year of foreign language preparation.

The Best Universities to study Economy

Some of the top universities in Hungary to think about for your university choice include the ones listed below: 

University of Szeged: Hungary’s highest-ranked university, the University of Szeged is currently placed 501-550 in the QS World University Rankings and 27th in Emerging Europe and Central Asia. Keen to welcome international students, the university participates in the Erasmus exchange program and has scholarships available for international students across all subject areas. Most courses are taught in English, and some bachelor’s degrees include an English preparatory course. The University of Szeged also features in the global top 450 for six subjects in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017, including a place in the top 200 for agriculture.

Corvinus University of Budapest: In this program, we will introduce you to relevant economic concepts, theories, principles, equations, and models which will be the foundation of your work. Not only that but you will have the possibility to take part in a double degree program with Bamberg University in Bamberg, Germany!

Eötvös Loránd University: The primary goals of the International Business Economics Programme at Eötvös Loránd University are to familiarize students with the challenging issues of international economic processes both on the macro and micro level and to get them acquainted with the European business environment in order to be able to perform successfully in a multinational business environment.

McDaniel College Budapest: The Business Administration and Economics major provides quantitative, analytical, and creative skill necessary for careers in international business, accounting, law, as well as service in national and international agencies. The Business/Economics major fosters an understanding and appreciation of economic forms of explanation, training students in economic theory and policy. At the same time, it prepares students to serve as principled, globally minded business professionals, able to bridge management cultures and operate as key players in international networks. Small classes permit the one-on-one development of key statistical techniques, communication skills, and creative entrepreneurship necessary today around the world. Regular internships provide opportunities to integrate practice and theory.

Budapest Business School: This program is designed to explore the connections between world economic processes, trends, and international trade and to transfer the knowledge of foreign economic policy instruments necessary for setting up and implementing international transactions (transactions in goods and services). The knowledge acquired from the program enables students to analyze and devise the foreign trade strategy and export-import structure of national economies, design and manage global supply chains, and create trading, logistics, and financing contracts that enable companies to enter international markets. The program prepares students for work in the fields of international business development, international sourcing, and sales and logistics both in domestic and international business environments

Economy Admission Requirements

In general, a student with minimum academic percentage in higher secondary or three-year diploma student can apply, there isn’t such percentage bar or any kind of demand of excellence academic qualification. Secondary school certificate; Certificate of English Proficiency for non-native backgrounds; Curriculum Vitæ; Application Essay; Letters of Recommendation are also among required documents. 

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