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Studying abroad will be one of the right investments for your future. One of the reasons that makes it attractive to study in Hungary is the existence of Hungarian universities, which are in the top 500 and top 1000 in the world's best universities according to the ratings agency. The accreditation of Hungarian universities in all EU countries and in the USA continues to highlight university education in Hungary as a logical option.

Candidates who want to study architecture in Hungary take math and/or physics exams in English. In addition, they can prepare a drawing exam or portfolio. Candidates who want to study architecture abroad and prefer to study architecture in Hungary, but who cannot meet the entry requirements or who want to guarantee their acceptance, can take one or two semesters of preparatory training. Architecture preparatory education can be taken at Peç University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, as well as at American universities in Europe such as Budapest McDaniel College or AUBG, which offer international university preparatory education.

Advantages of Studying Architecture in Hungary

  • To begin with, for this department, most of the universities you will prefer in Hungary are universities with accreditation which means that you can benefit from job opportunities both in your country and all over the world by having a blue diploma after 4 years of education.

  • In terms of economy and finance, the fee you will pay for architectural education in Hungary is more affordable especially compared to other European countries. Although Hungary is a country with high living standards, your monthly expenses will be lower as well. In this country, where you can maintain your life at very ideal prices in terms of cost of living, the cost of education is mostly affordable as well; usually between €3,000 and €5,000.

  • In addition, while universities in Hungary will provide you with an advanced language opportunity, they will also provide you with the blue diploma, European standards of education and business opportunities with the combination of success and experience you will gain during the internship period.

Career Paths for Architecture Degree Majors

There are now more academic disciplines available to those with the title of architect than in the past. Architecture graduates can work as auditors, designers, and practitioners in the project and construction units of the public and private sectors. They can also open their own offices and do independent architectural work. Additionally, by specializing in areas like design theory, building element design, material knowledge, architectural history, architectural restoration, information technologies and computational design, urban design, interior design, material design and production, preparation of architectural laws and regulations, publishing in the field of architecture, exhibition, etc., they can practice their professions in a variety of fields. Graduates can employ in construction companies,  architectural offices,  architectural consulting firms, building inspection firms, building decoration companies, design offices, and furniture companies. Shortly, you can see the list of job opportunities as an architect below:

  • Architecture interested in the field of Design Theory, Building Element Design, Material Knowledge, Architectural History, Architectural Restoration etc.

  • Auditors

  • Designers

  • Practitioners

  • Architectural Laws and Regulations

What Skills Do I Need to Become an Architect?

Your interest in this profession may not be enough just to look at it numerically. You need to use your verbal intelligence at least as much as your numerical intelligence while telling people about the projects you have done in your business life when you graduate from the architecture department. You need to verbally convey and persuade people about your project or dream. Your goal is to reduce an abstract idea to a concrete one. You need to show this both verbally and concretely. However, if you are willing to study about geometry and mathematics and even wonder how they designed historical buildings, you will have an advantageous position while studying architecture. In addition, architecture is the section that allows you to push your imagination to the fullest by revealing your ideas and philosophy in the works you will do that do not have as sharp results as engineering. In addition to the features, I have mentioned above, it will be useful for you to have an analytical and synthesis thought to provide social benefit, to transfer the structural culture to the next generations, to have sympathy for the departments of architecture, and to enjoy this profession in the future.

Is Architecture Right for Me?

It is a probable question before studying a department. If you think that you have some skills that architect needs and you believe that you would be successful in this sector, you must study, indeed. Nevertheless, it would really help if you also considered being guided by education advisors, or you can fill out forms and polls that can guide you.

How Long Does It Take to Become an Architect?

It takes 4 years to study in Hungary. Additionally, since you’ve completed 4 years of study for this department at a university and earned a blue diploma, you are eligible to apply for jobs both domestically and abroad.

The Best Universities to study Architecture

There are many universities in Hungary with a high-quality education level, but we recommend that you consider universities such as Pecs University and Budapest University. 

Architecture Admission Requirements

In order to study architecture in Hungary, students must have completed high school. The necessary paperwork also includes a high school diploma and a couple letters of recommendation. candidates who will take English-language classes at least The required grade on the equivalent test or an IELTS score of 5.5 is needed. Students must successfully complete the mathematics and geometry-based tests that are organized by the schools in order to be admitted by colleges. Lastly, to create a request with our international education and consulting organization. Our organization will give you the essential assistance in this regard, and you can provide specific information about application deadlines and needed paperwork there. You can always enroll without any problem at the universities where you can apply through our company.

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