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Study Political Science in Poland

Study Political Science in Poland
Study Political Science in Poland

About Political Science

Political science, often known as political science or politology, is a branch of social science that focuses on the study of political ideas and political theory's applications, as well as political behavior and systems. Students who choose to major in political science will study both the theory and practice of government as part of their social science education. Political theory, international relations, comparative politics, and other relevant areas will all be covered by majors. Students should have a solid understanding of political theories and concerns by the time they earn their degrees, as well as the ability to approach research subjects with confidence. Political science is a subfield of the social sciences. It is made up of the findings of investigations into the phenomenon of politics in society using scientific methodology or philosophical analysis. These investigations seek to provide scientific explanations, critical thinking, understanding, evaluation, and criticism of this phenomenon. We can categorize political science studies into three categories: formal models, which are not based on pure observation, or which consist of theorems derived from the basis of assumption (axiom or postulate) based on mathematical logic, or philosophical studies intended to create no conclusions at all. Empirical studies are defined by the systematic observation of facts that we can detect with our five senses.

Studying Political Science in Poland

Poland is a nation that emphasizes both providing its inhabitants with a higher education and encouraging global learning through encouraging travel. Due to its adherence to the Bologna Declaration, which encourages student mobility across Europe, Poland is a welcome and well-liked destination for students from all over the world, not only in Europe. In addition, in Poland, the undergraduate program lasts three years. As a result, schooling is completed quicker than it is for the majority of undergraduate students in Europe. Also, students who complete their undergraduate studies in Poland are eligible to work and live there for up to two years as well as in other EU members. They can look for work throughout this time and they can continue to live and work in Europe after this period has expired, as long as they have a company where they work as insured. The average political scientist's salary is 126,422 PLN.

Advantages of Study Political Science in Poland

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe is Poland. More than 57,000 international students attend this university from all over the world, and this number is rising steadily. While affordable tuition is undoubtedly appealing to students, the vibrant student life is what truly makes it special. You will meet new people, explore the city, and take part in interesting events. Juvenalia, a Polish holiday observed every year and entirely devoted to university students, is a fantastic example. Additionally, Poland is home to a large number of renowned universities, with close to twenty of them being listed in the top 1,000 worldwide and a large range of English-taught courses are offered at these universities. Also in terms of safety statistics overall as well as a healthy, clean, and green environment to live in, Poland ranks quite highly. Poland is ranked number 25 out of 163 of the safest nations in the world by the Global Peace Index (2022). 

Career Paths for Political Science Degree Majors

A degree in political science may be used in many different situations. It may serve as a launching pad for a career in government service, charitable work, commerce, the media, or education. Political science students develop research, communication, and data analysis abilities that are widely used in both the public and commercial sectors. Majors in political science hold jobs in the government, business, and nonprofit worlds. They may work in state/local government or federal government as a policy analyst, staff member, press assistant, or an assistant to the legislature. Additionally, they could work as a diplomat or an advisor to a global NGO on the subject of foreign affairs. Moreover, they might work as reporters, editors, market researchers, etc. in the media or the marketing sector. However, due to the degree's wide range of specializations, graduates may find employment in industries including education, business, government, or non-profit organizations. Even while some of these occupations immediately apply their expertise to politics and policy, political science education may prepare students for a variety of careers by teaching them both hard and soft skills.

What Skills Do I Need to Pursue a Political Science Degree ?

To prepare for professions in fields including government, industry, and charitable organizations, political science students must gain a wide variety of abilities. Political scientists require communication abilities for things such as presenting ideas clearly both in verbal and nonverbal communication, debating efficiently, and listening critically. Understanding the components of complicated problems, interpreting data, seeing problems from a variety of angles, rationally solving them, and thinking globally all require analytical skills. In addition to organizing information and people, as well as conceptualizing and carrying out initiatives, one needs planning and development skills. Also, for tasks like creating research designs and models, utilizing survey research techniques, and comparing and contrasting ideas and information, research and quantitative skills are required. When it comes to finding a job employers look for job candidates that have a strong work ethic, outstanding verbal and written communication abilities, collaboration and interpersonal skills, initiative, and these qualities.

Is Political Science Right for Me?

A political science major might be a good fit for you if you want to develop powerful tools for comprehending, promoting, and debating political arguments as well as if you enjoy examining the state of international governments, fusing past events with present conflicts, and coming up with innovative new solutions to global problems. Additionally, a variety of issues about both internal and foreign politics will be available for your exploration. It can be the right choice for you if you're more interested in the concepts that shape the political landscape especially if you want to pursue a career in law, public policy, or anything else.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Political Scientist?

Polish and English are both acceptable languages for university education in Poland. In this nation, undergraduate studies last three years.

The Best Universities to Study Political Science

The University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, and the University of Wroclaw are the top three universities for studying political science in Poland.

  1. University of Warsaw: One of the largest teaching and research institutions of its sort in Central and Eastern Europe, not only in Poland, is the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Political Science and International Studies. In keeping with the university of Warsaw's long-standing traditions, students of the faculty receive an education that is not only flexible and practical in their professional life, but also one that helps them explore their interests and passions. The Polish Accreditation Committee and the University Accreditation Committee both routinely provide high ratings for their educational programs.
  2. Jagiellonian University:The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has awarded the Faculty of International and Political Studies the A category, and the Polish Accreditation Committee has recognized the faculty for the caliber of its programs. It is the University's most multicultural and multidisciplinary division. It provides various English-language programs, many of which are given in accordance with agreements with overseas institutions. This fosters social interaction among students and encourages their growth both academically and professionally. As a result, students have the chance to learn from professionals who are knowledgeable about issues that arise practically everywhere in the world. The study of political processes that occur at the local, regional, and global levels is the primary emphasis of the Political Science study program. Students can learn about the historical and ideological factors that contributed to these through the study plan. It also takes into account the most recent developments in political science research, including the growth and operation of political systems, the change in contemporary communities, and the use of cutting-edge technology in state administration procedures. The ability to match the study profile to the student's interests is an additional benefit. Two specialties exist Political Communication and Consulting and Institutions and Politics Governance.
  3. University of Wroclaw: One of Poland's largest centers for political science study is the Institute of Political Science at the University of Wroclaw. Since English is the medium of instruction, both Polish and foreign applicants may enroll in the study program and earn a bachelor’s in political science. The Institute also offers bachelor's degree programs with concentrations in comparative politics, media and politics, global security, and Europe in the World. Six semesters make up the BA study program, five of which are spent at the University of Wroclaw and one of which is spent abroad at a partner university through an ERASMUS+-arranged mobility program.

Political Science Admission Requirement

In Poland, there is no university entrance exam required to apply to a university. It is essentially sufficient to have your high school diploma, transcript, and a document demonstrating your proficiency in English to enroll in a university in Poland. There can be other requirements established by the universities in addition to these documents. The university may include passing an exam or going through an interview as one of these requirements.

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