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Study Political Science in Hungary

Study Political Science in Hungary
Study Political Science in Hungary

About the Political Science

It is a department that is closely related to many fields such as political science, international relations, economics, sociology, history, and culture. Political science, which is among the equal weight departments, is also among the most demanded departments. The aim of the Department of Political Science is to train graduates who will operate in the field of political diplomacy in our country or in other countries. At the same time, another main purpose of this department is to educate students in a way that they can examine, research, and interpret political concepts, ideologies, and ideas. Graduates of the Department of Political Science have a certain level of cultural and political issues thanks to the knowledge and experience they have acquired. Political science seeks to analyze and repair government entities and the social structures they affect. A large part of the training involves understanding the political behavior of citizens and various philosophical and ethical issues. An understanding of political systems in general, as well as the American government, European affairs, and international relations, is intended to be provided by the Political Science and International Studies major.

 This major prepares students intellectually and practically for careers in journalism, diplomacy, public service, and law school as well as other graduate-level courses.

Studying Political Science in Hungary

Reasons including not having to take the university admission exams, studying in English, affordable university fees and living costs, having a work permit after graduation are among the opportunities provided by Hungarian universities. Other than educational context, Hungary, which connects Central and Eastern Europe, has many of the attractions from both continents, but it is most pleased of having its own unique culture. Despite being a small country, Hungary has a lot to offer tourists, from the capital city Budapest's architectural and cultural treasures to vineyard-covered hills and ancient castles. Hungary's appeal as a study destination is projected to increase given the abundance of both natural and man-made attractions, affordable living expenses, and a strong emphasis on internationalization. If you decide to attend school in Hungary right now, you might be at the forefront of that development. 

Advantages of Study in Hungary

  • Colleges in Hungary are of better standard in terms of infrastructure and development compared to other countries.
  • From an economic point of view, living and school costs are more affordable than in North America and other European countries.
  • University life in Hungary dates to ancient times.
  • The first college in Hungary was built 600 years ago and there are more than ten universities in the capital Budapest alone.
  • It is a safe country with the least violent crime among European countries.
  • Since it is one of the European Union countries, it can be easily visited with a Schengen-residence visa.
  • English and German education is also provided at Hungarian Universities.
  • Entry conditions to universities in Hungary are more flexible compared to other countries.
  • Studying political science abroad will provide students with excellent career opportunities around the world, while helping you gain skills that are useful for your resume. 
  •   You develop transferable skills
  • You address global contemporary issues
  • You deal with more than politics: environmental issues, climate change, technology, science, human trafficking, global health, protection of cultural property
  • You become part of a great team
  • You make a difference in the World

Career Paths for Political Science Degree Majors.

Political Science graduates can find employment opportunities in a wide range of national and international scale, thanks to their interdisciplinary education and high foreign language skills. Career plans of department students; It is supported by consultancy activities, and all kinds of administrative and academic support are provided for students to turn to a professional choice that suits their personal dispositions, with personalized lesson plans prepared in accordance with their interests.

Employment area of ​​political science graduates; It covers a wide spectrum from the private sector to the public sector, from autonomous organizations to non-governmental organizations and various think tanks, from political research, advertising, and consultancy services to the banking sector. Graduates of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration; District governorship, judgeship in Administrative Courts, Tax Courts and Regional Administrative Courts, expertise and auditor ship in the Council of State and the Court of Accounts; Management and expertise at various levels in ministries; inspectorship in inspection boards; expertise in public institutions, municipalities and State Economic Enterprises; career officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Competition Board etc. expertise, supervision and inspectorship in higher boards; He can work as a specialist, auditor and inspector in public and private banks and international organizations.

In addition, graduates are in various non-governmental organizations; in think tanks and strategic research centers; in national and international research, consultancy, and project organizations; United Nations, European Union etc. in international organizations and international representations; They can be employed as policy analyst, political consultant, public policy specialist, political communication specialist, regional and policy specialist.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Politician?

Prospective students who will read this section should be interested in history, politics, law, and sociology. They should follow the agenda, research the political events of today and the past century and it is very important to enjoy while doing this. They should improve themselves and be interested in foreign language, which is a must for international relations. 

Is Political Science Right for Me?

If you think yourself as a socially active individual, that you are interested in history, international relations, politics and following the agenda, as well as you enjoy read and learn continuously, then you will be interested in political science department, too. For this reason, it can be said political science is the right choice for you if you want to be able to interpret the changing agenda in Turkey and in the world well, have an idea about both economy, law and sociology, learn diplomacy with its past and present, and almost never encounter departmental restrictions during internships and after graduation. However, if you don't identify with any of these or are unsure, you should think about completing forms and speaking with one of our education consultants to gain more information. They will show you the right path and guide you in developing your future profession. Of course, you are the one who decides what is right, but maybe having assistance in this journey would be a good idea.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Politician?

Although the university education in Hungary is 3 or 4 years - the variability depends on the university - the public relations department requires language proficiency because it provides education in English. If language proficiency cannot be achieved, there is a preparatory school.

The Best Universities to study Political Science

Are you interested in studying Political Science, abroad? Below you can find the most popular universities and programmes to study Political Science in Budapest, Hungary.

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Faculty Of Social Sciences: ELTE currently enrolls about 2400 international students, and the number of international students is increasing yearly. The largest social science education facility in the country, with the huge number of faculty members who are highly esteemed and well published, ensuring the best possible instruction.

McDaniel College: Fayette R. Buell, a Westminster teacher, started working toward the establishment of his dream private college soon after the Civil War. With McDaniel College's flourishing campus and academic program, Buell's dream has been fulfilled today since the institution was formally formed in 1867.

This major prepares students intellectually and practically for careers in journalism, diplomacy, public service, and law school as well as other graduate-level courses.

Corvinus University of Budapest: Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, often known as Corvinus University of Budapest, is a university in Budapest, Hungary. A research university focused on education is Corvinus University of Budapest. The school offers academic programs in business management, economics, and social sciences to its 14,000 students.

International Business School, Business and Diplomatic Studies: The curriculum will help you develop the comprehensive, multidisciplinary understanding of international business that is necessary for international diplomacy. It will also provide you a contextual awareness of current international relations. You'll be well-versed in the geography of the area of your choice.

Political Science Admission Requirements

In general, a student with minimum academic percentage in higher secondary or three-year diploma student can apply, there isn’t such percentage bar or any kind of demand of excellence academic qualification. Secondary school certificate; Certificate of English Proficiency for non-native backgrounds; Curriculum Vitæ; Application Essay; Letters of Recommendation are also among required documents. 

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