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Study Political Science in Czechia

Study Political Science in Czechia
Study Political Science in Czechia

About Political Science

Political science is a social science that examines political processes, including political ideas, political action, and systems of government. Students who choose to major in political science will study government theory and practice as part of their social science education. Therefore, they will learn about international relations, comparative politics, and other related areas. After they graduate, students will have a solid understanding of political theories and issues. In addition to this, after graduation, options include professional or graduate study in fields like law, international relations, medicine, and more. Furthermore, political science majors may also earn class credit for internships in non-profits, legal offices, campaign offices, and other settings. Therefore, political science is a diverse field with diverse opportunities and specializations.

Study Political Science in Czechia 

Czechia has programs both Political Science and Political Science related fields such as Ethnics and Political Philosophy and International Relations and International Diplomacy studies. Additionally, the Czech Republic is well known for its excellent academic prospects, access to career-based options after graduation, and high-quality education. Czech University provides the chance to study in technologically advanced classes, enabling you to get experience after you graduate in your subject. It also allows you to improve yourself by doing activities and plans and helps you to find an internship. Therefore, studying Political Science and Political Science-related fields in Czechia will enable you to improve yourself. There are no tuition costs for courses at public universities taught in the Czech language. However, you don't need to speak Czechia well to study in the Czech Republic. There are more than thousand degree programs in English, and the costs are relatively affordable. Thus, to study Political Science at Czechia Universities, you don't have to speak Czechia.

Advantages of Studying Statistics in Czechia

  • It enables you to find a job both in and outside the country. 
  • The interest it has shown during the internship allows you to become experienced when you graduate from your field. 
  • The Czech Republic Universities have affordable fees. 
  • The Czech Republic ranks as one of the top 10 safest countries in the world. 
  • Student jobs and career opportunities 
  • Research and education quality in higher education. 
  • Enables students to learn by practicing, giving seminars, and doing research.
  • You can study for free at Czech public universities as long as you enroll in a degree taught in the Czech language. If you choose a program taught in English or another foreign language, you will pay tuition fees between 0 and 18,500 EUR per academic year. So it is affordable to study abroad in the Czech.

Career Path for Political Science Degree Majors

After graduation, you will have a wide range of choices if political science is your chosen degree. When it comes to professional options, political science is one of the degrees with the most flexibility. Political science can be a strong starting point for many vocations, even if you don't want to work in politics. Jobs for undergraduates can be found in various fields, including consulting, business, public sector journalism, law, advocacy, government, international affairs, and research. Therefore, political science is a diverse degree with many different job opportunities. Here are five Political Science jobs that can give you information:

  1. Political Consultant: Political consultants use the knowledge they learned in school to create plans for candidates, inspire supporters, and help them win elections.
  2. Political Campaign Staff Member: Political staff personnel with a background in political science can evaluate voter responses to a candidate's agenda using their understanding of political issues.
  3. Policy Analyst: Political science majors study the creation of public policy. Therefore, the job of a policy analyst is a logical extension of their academic work. Strong critical thinking, writing, and research abilities are essential for policy analysts as they create arguments on the nature and effects of policy ideas. Policy analysts, like political science majors, must develop a solid thesis and create a compelling case for or against the approval of a specific policy proposal.
  4. Legislative Assistant: All levels of government use assistants to help senators, assembly members, representatives, and other elected officials carry out their tasks. Legislative assistants draw on the writing and verbal abilities they've gained as political science majors to manage communication with constituents and update them on events in their district.
  5. Public Relations Specialist: Public relations professionals can write press releases, plan press conferences, and communicate with the media on behalf of clients, whether working for a political campaign, an agency, or internally for a business or organization.

What Skills Do I Need to Become A Political Science Specialist?

Political scientists acquire a variety of hard and soft skills that help them function well in a variety of contexts. The following are some essential skills you'll need:

  1. Communication skills, such as writing, public speaking, information transfer, questioning, and presenting, are frequently used by political scientists. Therefore, you should have communication skills.
  2. It's crucial to have computer skills and the capacity to undertake research and data analysis using spreadsheets, data analysis software, and other technological tools. A profession in political science also requires the ability to use the internet and do online research. So, you should have technical skills.
  3. When communicating with others in domestic and foreign contexts, political scientists rely on their capacity for diplomatic thought and behavior. Strong communication abilities, the capacity for deliberate thought and action, and the capacity for navigating a variety of social and professional contexts are essential qualities for a career in political science. Thus, you should have diplomacy skills.
  4. To succeed in your profession, you'll need to develop the research and analysis skills that are essential to the position. Applying quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to gather, evaluate, and interpret research results and data will require you to be able to analyze data and information. Due to this, you should have analytical skills.
  5. Developing your ability to settle disputes calmly and think of creative solutions to problems is also essential. Before making new recommendations to improve political processes, political scientists may need to evaluate alternative policies, tactics, or procedures to identify shortcomings or disadvantages. Therefore, you should possess problem-solving skills that can aid in solving challenges.

Is Political Science Right for Me? 

A political science major can be a good option for you if you want to develop powerful tools for comprehending, advancing, and debating political arguments. It is a field with diverse opportunities in which you can improve yourself. However, if you are hesitant, fill out the form so we can help you and be an advisor to you to determine if the Political Science is right for you.

How long does it take to be Political Science Specialist? 

Your bachelor's degree in political science will be earned in three to four years in Czechia. Depending on the curriculum, earning a master's degree at the graduate level will take between one and two years. Therefore, it took almost six years to become Political Science Specialist.

The Best Universities Study Political Science:

Czech has good universities in order to study Political Science and Political Science-related fields. So, here is a list of the best universities in the Czechia:

  1. University of New York in Prague: Private higher education is offered at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded in 1998 in collaboration with Empire State College, a division of the State University of New York, and the State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY). The largest and most prestigious English-speaking higher education institution in the Czech Republic is UNYP. UNYP is the ideal choice for any international student because it is the only institution in the Czech Republic to offer both an accredited American and an accredited European diploma for undergraduate studies.
  2. Charles University: One of the oldest universities in the world, Charles University in Prague was established in 1348. However, it is also regarded as being a cutting-edge, vibrant, global, and esteemed institution of higher learning. Charles University is ranked 218 on the list of Best Global Universities. Charles University is also considered one of the second-best universities in the Czechia Republic. Moreover, International students are welcome to enroll in Czech language courses for free, just as Czech students.  
  3. Masaryk University: Masaryk University is ranked 568 on the list of the Best Global Universities. In addition to this, Masaryk University is one of the top public universities in Brno, Czechia. Its language is English, so students that are abroad can study in English. Many international students choose Masaryk University to study abroad. Masaryk University enrolls more than 7,000 students each year. Numerous ex-pat organizations and our university’s infrastructure for international students aid students in adjusting and maximizing their academic experience.  
  4. VSB - Technical University of Ostrava: VSB – Technical University of Ostrava was established in1849. It is well known with high quality education. It offers many sought after study programs on bachelor's, master’s, and doctoral level.

Political Science Admission Requirements

Proof of linguistic ability must be shown to study abroad in the Czech Republic. Some colleges provide intensive English language programs if you are unable to present the documentation. The average IELTS score in Czech Universities is 5.9. to be accepted.

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