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Study Medicine in USA

Study Medicine in USA
Study Medicine in USA

Universities providing medical education in the United States are divided into public and private and are controlled by the government in order to increase both high quality education and international recognition of the universities. The education system not only helps you develop your skills such as research, self-development and keeping up with innovations, but also supports its students with internship, scholarship and job opportunities during your education.

Students who prefer universities in the USA for medical education have the opportunity to attend seminars, symposiums and conferences in many countries of the world, as well as scientific research. Medical students who want to continue their careers as doctors, scientists or academics should have strong memory and attention, hand and finger dexterity, instant problem solving and foresight, patience, practice and communication skills.

Advantages of Studying Medicine in USA

Universities that provide medical education in the USA draw attention with their challenging conditions and application stages for international students. Most public universities are required by law to admit only students from that state to their medical schools. Although you have a higher chance of entering to private universities, the most important point you should not forget is that you must have a high level of knowledge, foresight for scientific research and superior abilities to study medicine in the United States. Universities are also selective about the funds and scholarships provided to students.

Students who receive medical education not only have leadership, a tendency to teamwork, a sense of responsibility, but also discover their talents, inclination to research and patience. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet international students like you at the best and prestigious universities in the world, improve your English, and take part in conferences and conventions in the field of science. 

At the same time, medical schools in America are full of versatile activities. From helping patients care voluntarily in hospitals to monitoring doctors in clinics; examples include working in emergency departments as an emergency medical technician, setting up clinics and participating in laboratory research in poorer countries.

How Long Does It Take to Study Medicine in the USA?

In the USA, medical education generally lasts 4 years, but it varies between 3-7 years according to some specialties. Also, in order to study medicine in the US, you have to complete a bachelors’ degree first, which takes 4 years. Although the academic calendar changes according to the university you will apply for, it starts in September and ends in June throughout the country. It is beneficial for students to follow these dates and prepare for their applications one year in advance, taking into account the exams they will take for medical education.

Students who continue their education during the summer vacation can complete their 4-year education process in 3 or 3.5 years. Although the exams are generally held at the end of the year, sometimes they are only research-based assignments depending on the sub-divisions and branches you will study.

As in most countries and universities of the world, medical education is taught in a system where theoretical education is predominant in the first 1st and 2nd years and intensified with internships, laboratory studies and polyclinic applications in the 3rd and 4th years.

Medical education generally covering basic, internal and surgical departments; It is divided into sub-branches such as physiology, biochemistry, neurology, nuclear medicine, thoracic surgery and radiology.

The Best Universities to Study Medicine in USA

Universities and programs that offer medical education in the United States are available at almost every university across the country, but there are undergraduate and graduate options for students as well.

  1. Harvard University

Harvard University; In addition to being the world's best medical education university, it offers students different educational experiences with its deep-rooted history, campuses, art museum and libraries since 1636. Hosting international students from more than 140 countries every year, the institution aims to develop global leaders who make a difference and excel in learning and research. The institution, which does not hesitate to financially support and reward students who conduct research that pushes the limits of human knowledge, spends about 150 million dollars every year.

  1. Michigan State University

Michigan State University; With its 150-year history and experienced instructor staff, it provides high quality education to its students from more than 125 foreign countries of the world. The institution, which has devoted students to sportsmen, artists to scientists and leaders in their fields, hosts those who want to receive education with its rich cultural diversity.

  1. Yale University

Yale University; In addition to being one of the oldest and most famous foundation universities in America, founded in the 1700s, it is among the top 10 universities in the world in the field of medicine. It hosted famous names such as Meryl Streep, Edward Norton, and Jodie Foster, as well as Nobel Prize-winning graduates, especially in physics and economics.

Medicine Admission Requirements in USA

Although each university has different conditions within itself, there are generally a minimum of things wanted as entry requirements. The point to be noted here is that the application should be made one year in advance and the preferred university should be contacted about the necessary documents. In general, the conditions for those who want to study medicine in the USA are as follows:

  • No matter which university you apply to study medicine at in the USA, the first condition that will appear in front of you is to complete a 4-year undergraduate education. But this 4-year undergraduate education does not have to be on medicine. Whether it's history, tourism, or social sciences, regardless of which department it is, a 4-year undergraduate education is checked.

  • There are some compulsory courses determined for entrance to medical faculties as pre-education preparation. For this reason, you should research which courses the university of your choice requires in the preparatory courses before medical education.

  • Students who want to study medicine in the USA must document the MCAT exam score, which is held twice a year. In this exam, which lasts 6 hours and consists of 4 parts, a good knowledge of English is required. In addition to knowledge, the MCAT also measures various abilities such as the student's analytical thinking skills and essay writing skills. The minimum score accepted by medical universities in the United States from this exam is 31, 32 points on average.

  • The first step to the application process, which will take an average of one year, begins with the completion of the general application form published in AAMC. And after completing the medical education application form in the USA, students choose the universities they want to study at, there is an application fee determined for each university applied.

  • Admission committees of medical faculties evaluate and select the application forms, and they are asked to fill in the form again and complete the necessary documents.

  • Top universities providing medical education in the USA require 3 reference letters from international students. These; must be a professor of science, a professor of a field other than science, and a doctor.

  • Students who complete the application requirements and procedures are called for an interview between September and March, and successful and accepted students start their medical education in the USA in September.

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