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Study Medicine in Turkey

Study Medicine in Turkey
Study Medicine in Turkey

Medical faculties in Turkey began to experience a great rise in the global sense. Medical education has always been one of the most important issues in the world. This has been true since the first day of university education. Over time, medical education has become one of the rare departments that continues on its way without losing any importance. That's why students flock to medical schools every year with intense study.

Sometimes students find it sufficient to go to schools in their own country. But other times these schools are not enough for students. In these cases, students do research to get a better-quality education in a different country. It is as important to study in the right medical school as it is to study within the medical faculty. Because the medical education given in every school is not the same. This is an issue that affects students' lives after school as well.

Not every medical school gives students the opportunity to work in different countries. In other words, medical education in some countries is valid only within itself. For medicine, which is an international major, students seek an international university. The number of medical faculties in Turkey also attracts the attention of students in this sense. Compared to other countries, the number of universities providing quality medical education in Turkey is quite high. This situation attracts the attention of international students.

Advantages of Studying Medicine in Turkey

Medical education is never, ever, a field to be put on the back burner or a second-class education. The education that the students who are heading to this field must be completely first class. The teaching staff of most medical faculties in Turkey are among the few people in the world in this sense. In addition to being experts in their fields, the fact that they are successful teachers greatly affects the students. The schools, which are among the best medical faculties in Turkey, are the point that attracts the most attention of foreign students in this sense.

In addition, students learn more than classical medical education in Turkey. Medicine is a field that is constantly updated and has to stay connected to technology. Students get the chance to learn about the most up-to-date medical education in Turkey. Medical equipment in Turkey is also constantly updated and offered to students. In this sense, medical faculties in Turkey offer everything that students are looking for. This situation exists in very few universities in the world. In addition, the work of schools is constantly making a sound in the world.

For a school to be heard by foreign students, the school must have a place in the world's best universities rankings. In order to be included in this list, schools must carry out successful scientific studies. The number of universities from Turkey that enter this list, which is announced every year, is quite high. In addition, the ranking of schools also increases over time. In this way, the number of students studying medicine in Turkey continues to increase over time.

The Best Universities to Study Medicine in Turkey

Among the medical faculties in Turkey, there are two universities that stand out according to the QS 2022 ranking. Hacettepe University and Istanbul University are ranked as the two best universities in Turkey in the field of medicine. In addition, Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine is known as another university that stands out in the same field.

  1. Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Campus

Hacettepe University is known as a state university located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. The university has existed since 1967. The university provides education in many fields such as medicine, law, engineering, education and fine arts. The university is home to approximately 53 thousand students. In addition to this, approximately 4 thousand lecturers are employed in the university. It is known that the international student population is over a thousand. Hacettepe University welcomes international students from nearly 80 countries.

The university has two main campuses. One of these campuses is called Sıhhiye Campus. The medical faculty of the university is also located on the Sıhhiye Campus. International students who want to study medicine in Turkey receive education at the Sıhhiye Campus. The second campus is known as Beytepe Campus. Many faculties and institutes are located in Beytepe Campus. Apart from these two main campuses of the university, there is a Social Work School in Keçiören. Another campus is known as Beşevler Campus. Beşevler Campus hosts the Ankara State Conservatory. The Sincan Campus includes the Vocational School of Technical Sciences.

  1. Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

Another university that stands out in the field of medicine in Turkey is Istanbul University. Istanbul University is known as a state research university. It is known as one of the most important and prestigious universities in Turkey. The university has existed since 1933. Its main campus is located in Fatih district on the European side of Istanbul. The main campus is called Beyazıt Campus. Among the alumni of the university are 2 Nobel Prize winners. Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is among the alumni of the university. Another award-winning name is Aziz Sancar, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

International students who want to study medicine in Turkey frequently prefer Istanbul University. The university is known for the education it provides in the field of medicine at international standards. The university hosts approximately 70 thousand students and has 4 thousand academic staff.

  1. Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine

Another university that draws attention for international students who want to study medicine in Turkey; Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa. Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa is known as a state university founded in 2018. It is known that the university was a faculty affiliated to Istanbul University until 2018. For this reason, the roots of the university go back to the 1930s. The university is home to approximately 40 thousand students. There are 9 faculties within the university. In addition; There are 6 institutes and 10 research centers.

How Long Does It Take to Study Medicine in Turkey?

Medical education in Turkey covers a period of 6 years. In Turkey, it is not necessary to complete an undergraduate program before medical education, as is the case in American and European countries. International students who want to study medicine in Turkey have to take certain exams. If the necessary exams are taken and the required scores are obtained, it is possible to start medical education directly. Medicine is among the most prestigious professions both in Turkey and in the world in every period. However, it is one of the most lucrative professions.

Medicine is also known as one of the most suitable professions for those who want to pursue their career abroad. It is possible to study medicine in Turkey and work abroad. However; In this sense, each country may make different demands. It may be necessary to meet some criteria in accordance with the conditions and demands of the countries. At this point; It may be possible to meet criteria such as equivalence exams or language proficiency.

Medicine Admission Requirements in Turkey

As in every country, there are exams that students must take and be successful in order to study in Turkey. These exams also usually cover two different areas. The first part of the exam measures the general abilities of students. The second exam measures whether students have sufficient foreign language for education. Turkey offers foreign students the opportunity to study medicine in English. Therefore, students are required to obtain valid scores from international language exams.

Foreign language exams valid in Turkey are TOEFL and IELTS. Both exams are generally valid in all schools. Students can qualify to study in Turkey by taking the IELTS or TOEFL exams as they wish. The average scores required are 6.0 from the IELTS test and 80.2 from the TOEFL test. However, the higher the scores the students will receive, the higher the opportunities to study in Turkey. Because schools only open a limited number of places for foreign students.

Another exam required by medical faculties in Turkey is the SAT exam. The SAT is one of the most well-known and most applied exams globally today. Because the SAT is not only valid for studying in Turkey. It is also an extremely important exam required to study in Europe, Asia or America. A high score in the fully English SAT exam will open the doors of medical schools in Turkey to students.

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