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Study Medicine in Czechia

Czechia became an EU member in 2004 and is considered one of the stable countries compared to other ex-socialist countries. The Czech Republic offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities for international students. The Czech capital, Prague, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and the economic center of the country.

Czech universities, which have carried the tradition of medical education since the 14th century without any interruption, are now among the top 5 choices of international candidates who are doing research to study medicine abroad. In Czechia, which is suitable for education with its history, nature and free lifestyle, students from more than 70 countries come to study medicine every year. The number of international students who go to medical education in Czechia is increasing due to the fact that the requirement to pass the exam in their own country is not required when applying to Czech medical universities and the tuition fees are more affordable than other Western universities. Students will experience a rich culture while studying medicine in Czechia.

Advantages of Studying Medicine in Czechia

The medical universities in Czechia have been very popular in recent years. Czechia is rapidly gaining popularity as a medical study abroad destination, with over 50,000 international students currently studying in the country. It is not surprising that Charles University, Palacky University of Olomouc, Masaryk University and Ostrava University, which offers medical education at affordable prices without sacrificing quality, are among the top reasons for choosing to study medicine in Czechia. Being granted a post-graduate work permit in Czechia, unemployment rate being the lowest in Europe and being one of the safest countries in Europe are important advantages for studying medicine in Czechia. The country has top-notch medical universities such as Charles University, a leader in medical research and development, that offer English language courses at a lower cost of education and living than the West.

Czech medical universities are world-renowned and top-rated by leading ranking agencies such as Q. S World Rankings, Times Higher Education, ARWU and U.S. News & World Report. Universities are also recognized by world health organizations such as the National Medical Council (NMC) and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

Czech medical schools offer quality education with a high educational standard. Czechia's healthcare services are in an admirable position around the world as a result of their joint work with the scientific world. Czech surgeons perform amazing surgeries in their field, including experimental surgeries. As a matter of fact, medical faculties and the doctors they train have respected places in the medical community. 50,000 students come to study in Czechia every year. Being a hospitable country, Czechia is also a safe country. It is possible to find a job in Czechia, which has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, or to practice medicine anywhere in the world with a Czech diploma.

How Long Does It Take to Study Medicine in Czechia?

Czechia, which is a part of the European Union countries, is one of the most preferred countries with its economic living expenses. Medical education in Czechia lasts 6 years. It is also possible to study medicine in English. English preparatory courses are available at the university for students who do not have English proficiency. For this reason, medical education in Czechia takes 6 years for students who meet English proficiency, while medical education lasts 7 years for students who do not have English proficiency.

Students who want to receive a standard education for medicine, which is one of the most prestigious professions in the world, should consider a 6-year education. As a standard, this education is about 6 years in almost all parts of the world. Especially in European Union countries, this number almost does not change.

Best Universities to Study Medicine in Czechia

There are international universities in the Czech Republic that offer medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary education in English. International students can enroll in English medicine, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy programs in Czechia. Medical diplomas obtained in Czechia are recognized in many countries of the world, including Europe, America, Canada, England and Turkey.

  1. Masaryk University

Masaryk University Brno is a terrific medical school where international students can study medicine in English. The capital of Moravia, Brno, which is home to the university, is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. A historic city and tens of thousands of students, Brno offers a lively atmosphere that rivals even Prague.

  1. Charles University Hradec Kralove School of Medicine

Charles University Medical School in Hradec Králové is an institution with an excellent international reputation, offering international students’ medical education in Czechia in English. With a history dating back to prehistoric times, Hradec Králové has a rich culture. It hosts many outdoor festivals in summer and autumn.

  1. Charles University Pilsen Medical Faculty

The Charles University Medical Faculty and Pilsen Medical Center in Pilsen has new and modern teaching facilities, including five theoretical Institutes and the new Biomedical Center. Charles University Pilsen Medical Faculty gives importance to research and development. City life is lively in Pilsen. The magnificent countryside will appeal to nature and sports lovers, and there are many beautiful local villages nearby

  1. Charles University Prague Medical Faculties

Charles University in Prague is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world. The university ranks high in international university rankings. A modern and dynamic university, Charles University offers diversity and reputation, enabling students from all over the world to receive a world-class education.

  1. Palacky University School of Medicine

Located in Olomouc, Czech Republic, Palacky University has a serious ranking worldwide. Offering training opportunities for medical or dental education in English in Czechia, Palacky University is a progressive institution emphasizing an individual approach and is one of the fastest growing schools of its kind. Student life in Olomouc is significant, as the town's population has the highest student density. This small but energetic town has a busy street life with cafes and bars galore to keep you entertained. The university has equivalency like all Czech universities.

Medicine Admission Requirements in Czechia

The documents required to enter medical schools in the Czech Republic are different from those required to enter other universities in that country. The Authentic Diploma Certificate is the primary certificate to be awarded to enter Czech medical schools. In addition, the most important document for the approval of enrollment in Czech medical universities is the document of the university entrance examination.

The Czech Republic is a country that offers more affordable tuition fees than other European countries, and also the cost of living in this country is low. Excluding the cost of entrance exams and medical preparation courses, the cost of studying medicine in Czechia is around 10,000 to 12,000 euros.

In order to receive medical education in Czechia, an application is made on the condition that the average of high school is 60.

It is necessary to have a score of 5.5 in IELTS, which is the English language proficiency test. Students who do not have English language proficiency in order to study medicine in Czechia also have the chance to receive a 1-year preparatory education at universities.

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