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Study Marketing in Turkey

Study Marketing in Turkey
Study Marketing in Turkey

About Marketing

Marketing is all about creating a brand for a product or service and then attracting customers. Effective marketing targets the proper people, converting them into loyal consumers who will use your services again and refer you to others. It is a marketing expert’s responsibility to execute successful marketing campaigns and establish a positive brand image for the company you represent.

Study Marketing in Turkey

If you would like to study marketing in Turkey, there are two types of programs as two years marketing programs and four years marketing programs. Two years of marketing prepares students for the marketing industry and helps students to gain marketing abilities. On the other hand, four years programs are much more elaborative. It includes business and management lectures as well as international management strategies. Moreover, it is important to note that in some Turkish universities, the department of marketing falls into the faculty of business administration. 

Advantages of Study Marketing in Turkey

The first benefit of two-year marketing programs is the short period of education. It is possible to graduate earlier and apply for jobs as soon as possible. year Secondly, universities are diverse for two-year marketing programs in Turkey. Hence, students will have a wide range of options. On the one hand, four years programs will benefit more in terms of career options. If the students choose to study four-year program, the salary average will be higher and the working options will be wider. 

Career Paths for Marketing Degree Majors

Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, Web Content Writer, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Product Manager, Marketing Analyst, Advertising Coordinator and Public Relations Manager are the career paths that a marketing student can prefer. 

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Marketing Expert?

The most basic skills you need to become a marketing expert are the ability to sell products and services, excellent verbal communication skills, the ability to use your initiative, pay attention to detail, leadership skills and maths knowledge.

Is Marketing Right for Me?

Marketing does not only require gaining technical and analytical abilities, but also it requires learning how to be a great storyteller. If you have all of these qualities and you are a fast talker, then marketing can be a good choice for you.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Marketing Expert?

Studying marketing in Turkey takes either two years or four years depending on the university’s program. On the other hand, the duration of a master of marketing can take one or two years depending on the university. 

The Best Universities to Study Marketing in Turkey

The best universities to study marketing in Turkey are Marmara University, Akdeniz University and Bilgi University. 

  1. Marmara University: Marmara University is one of Turkey's oldest academic institutions. It is one of the pioneer public universities and the language of education consists of Turkish, English, French, German and Arabic. The university has over 50.000 students in various undergraduate and graduate programs. 
  2. Akdeniz University: Having been founded in 1982, Akdeniz University incorporated several higher education institutions in Turkey's West Mediterranean region. From its inception to the present, Akdeniz University has been fully accountable for essential and pioneering work in education, research, and innovation which led to a sequence of remarkable national and international level successes. Moreover, Akdeniz University consists of 39 units, including 16 faculties.
  3. Bilgi University: Bilgi University is a private university located in Istanbul. The school offers more than 150 programs including 7 faculties, 3 institutes and 4 higher education institutions. Bilgi University has a mission of creating an environment where critical thinking and curiosity are present. 

Marketing Admission Requirement

Foreign students are required to take YKS, high school diploma, high school transcript and equivalence certificate in order to receive education in Turkey. Some universities may require students to get a sufficient score on the ACT or SAT exams. Or, the student can take YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) and it is required to score a minimum of 75 out of 80. However, please note that the required scores and requirements might vary depending on the university. 

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