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Poland is a country that stands out at least as much as Germany, Italy or France when it comes to technical branches, and has trained scientists such as Marie Curie, Copernicus, Jozef Strus or Marceli Wilhelm Nencki.

Poland is one of the exemplary countries that made maximum use of scientific research funds and increased research budgets in universities after its inclusion in the European Union. Especially in the last ten years, thanks to the increasing research budgets, Polish universities have won many awards and created projects in the international arena.

Poland is one of the most popular destinations among international students. Low education and living costs, quality education programs make Poland the reason for preference. It is possible to study in both English and Polish in the country.

Higher education in the country is divided into three stages: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate. This system applies to all programs except law, pharmacy, psychology, veterinary medicine, and dentistry. In other words, foreign students who want to study engineering in Poland can choose one of these three stages.

In the Polish education system, scoring is done on a 5-point system and the lowest grade is 2. Language proficiency is the most important criterion for studying engineering at undergraduate or graduate level in English in Poland. Students with a minimum IELTS 6.5 level of language proficiency can be accepted into a Polish university if their previous grade point average and courses taken are also suitable and sufficient. There are preparatory classes for students who do not have language proficiency.

Advantages of Studying Engineering in Poland

For a university application in Poland, it is sufficient for a high school graduate student to have documents that can be prepared, especially a high school diploma and high school transcript. If the level of English is not sufficient, universities have the opportunity to enter the English preparatory departments. In Poland, 120 universities offer university and postgraduate education in English. It is possible to receive education in almost every branch in Poland.

Since Poland is a European Union Country, students who complete engineering education in Poland have a diploma valid in the European Union and all over the world. With the diploma obtained from Poland, he has the right to find a job and work in all of Europe. Moreover, university fees and living expenses are very affordable in Poland.

International students who are in Poland for engineering education have the right to move freely throughout Europe.

Poland has a very developed education system. The higher education system is highly developed and the quality of the education provided is constantly monitored and evaluated regularly. The Polish Accreditation Committee, the General Assembly for Science and Higher Education and the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland are the main Polish institutions responsible for quality assurance in higher education.

How Long Does It Take to Study Engineering in Poland?

After joining the European Union, Poland has universities that have risen in higher education and are among the top 1000 universities in the world rankings. University education in Poland is 3 years in many departments, but it has 4- and 5-years education programs in some engineering departments.

Students who want to study engineering in Poland do not have to enroll in a university in their own country. Engineering education in Poland offers students the opportunity to study their dream department at affordable prices without the pressure of exams. For this reason, students keep engineering education in Poland at the top of their country preferences.

In order to study at a university in Poland, it is sufficient for students to prove their sufficient level of English and submit their high school graduation averages in the application.

The Best Universities to Study Engineering in Poland

When we look at the best universities in the field of engineering in Poland, the education standards, quality of life and affordability are as follows.

  1. University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw is one of the most important institutions in Poland. The university holds high positions in international rankings such as the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the World University Academic Rankings (also known as the Shanghai Rankings). Considering that the total number of research universities has reached 20,000, the University of Warsaw is in the top 3% of world universities. In addition to being the best university in Poland according to international rankings, it is also one of the best among other universities in this part of Europe. 

  1. Jagiellonian University

Located in the historic city of Krakow and the oldest higher education institution in Poland, the Jagiellonian University is also one of the oldest higher education institutions in Europe. It was founded on May 12, 1364, and celebrated its 650th anniversary in 2014. The Jagiellonian University has been an international institution since its inception. In the past, students from many nationalities have studied at this university. Today, the Jagiellonian University consists of 16 faculties, with around 4,000 academics and more than 40,000 students in more than 80 fields of study. The engineering faculty of the university, which is famous for its achievements in the field of medicine, is also quite ambitious and successful.

  1. Wroclaw Technology University

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, also known as Wroclaw Technical University, is a leading Polish scientific and educational center. Its position among technical universities in Europe and the rest of the world is rising every year. The research potential, the highest quality of education, the understanding of innovation and the cooperation with the industry show the development of the university. The faculties within the University are: Architecture; Civil engineering; Chemical; Electronic; Electrical engineering; Geoengineering, Mining and Geology; Environmental engineering; Computer Science and Management; Mechanical and Power Engineering; Mechanical engineering; Fundamental Problems of Technology; Microsystems Electronics and Photon Science; Abstract and Applied Mathematics; It is an ideal institution for engineering education with departments such as Technology and Computer Science.

  1. Adam Mickiewicz University

Poznan Adam Mickiewicz University is the leading academic institution of the Wielkopolska region and is also one of the best public universities in Poland. With its 100-year history, it has a deep-rooted university tradition in the city of Poznan. A total of 2,839 academicians and 2,238 technical-administrative personnel work at the university. It has 4 campuses outside of Poznan, namely Kalisz, Gniezno, Pila and Slubice. Education is given in 15 faculties. The total number of education programs is 228 and 19 of them have an English curriculum. It is an ambitious institution in engineering education.

Admission Requirements in Poland

Students who want to study engineering in Poland are required to provide English language proficiency. For a sufficient level of English, it is sufficient to take IELTS 6.5. They are also required to have a grade point average above a certain level in their high school diploma or university transcript.

Extracurricular Activities and CV are also distinctive for students at the application stage. Extra indicators such as Social Activities, Sports Activities, Volunteering Services and Competitions attended by the student stand out. Entry to Polish Universities is possible without examination.

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