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Since Hungary became a full member of the European Union in 2004, it has made great progress in the field of higher education, both with the harmonization process and with the support received from EU funds; Hungarian universities are among the highest standard educational institutions in Europe.

Students who want to study engineering in a Central European country with a population of about ten million should know that the educational institutions here are very valuable. One of the first criteria for foreign students who want to study engineering in Hungary is language proficiency. Engineering education is a difficult education in Hungary as in many parts of the world, but this condition must be met in order to receive education in English speaking institutions.

Hungarian universities are among the best higher education institutions in Europe. To date, 14 Hungarian scientists, writers and artists have managed to win the Nobel Prize, which alone proves how strong the education and university culture is in Hungary.

Advantages of Studying Engineering in Hungary

Students are not required to take an exam for engineering education in Hungary. With a high school diploma and transcript, it is possible to enroll in the preferred engineering faculty of a selected university in Hungary and start undergraduate education.

As Hungary is a European Union country, an engineering diploma from Hungary is valid in most countries of the world. Thus, there is a diploma advantage with international equivalence.

The cost of university education in Hungary is economical compared to other European countries. In this country, where living expenses are at a very reasonable level, engineering students are quite logical considering the advantages of education and diploma.

Students studying in the engineering department in Hungary, which is located in Central Europe, can also have the opportunity to visit various countries and cities in Europe. Thus, university education will be satisfying both academically and socially.

How Long Does It Take to Study Engineering in Hungary?

Hungary, with a population of 10 million, has made remarkable progress in the field of education after its accession to the European Union in 2004, and is among the countries that provide high standard university education in Europe. Hungarian universities, which have become the favorite universities of Central Europe, stand out among many countries with their education system in EU standards and are in the first place for students who want to study abroad with international diploma equivalence and English education opportunities. Students who want to study engineering in Hungary receive 3 years of undergraduate education. For students who do not have English proficiency, the education period can be increased to 4 years with a one-year preparatory course.

The Best Universities to Study Engineering in Hungary

There are several universities that stand out for students who want to study engineering in Hungary. These universities are institutions that are famous for their engineering education as well as for their education in other fields. The top 3 universities for students who want to have a valid diploma in the world by taking a 3-year engineering education in Hungary are as follows:

  1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is one of the best higher education institutions in Hungary and a well-established university with international recognition. Budapest University of Technology and Economics has become one of the leading research universities in Hungary with its scientific results abroad. The basis for the effectiveness of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is the devoted educational activities of the professors and the intense study skills and enthusiasm of the students. All these values ensure the stability and continuity of education, scientific research and technological development in the university. The university is particularly famous for its engineering departments.

  1. University of Obuda

The university provides a versatile education to its students. It aims to train the leaders of the future by adopting a creative, innovative and forward-thinking attitude as well as technical knowledge. Serving with 7 faculties and 3 doctoral schools, the institution is known as one of the oldest universities offering practical and applied engineering courses together.

  1. University of Miskolc

With a history of 275 years, the university is one of Hungary's most ambitious universities, especially in engineering departments. With its campus on the outskirts of the city of Miskolc, it provides students with a wide range of university education opportunities. English is the language of instruction and there are undergraduate departments of materials engineering and hydrogeology engineering.

Admission Requirements in Hungary

The documents required to study engineering in Hungary are very few. Application procedures and health insurance are the two most important conditions. Health insurance is at the top of the list of requirements for an international student. In addition to all these, the following documents are sufficient for application and registration.

  • Sufficient English Language Level

  • A minimum of 60 or higher high school graduation GPA (High School Diploma or University Transcript)

  • Extracurricular Activities and CV (Social Activities, Sports Activities, Volunteering

  • Services and Competitions in which the Student Participates, etc.)

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