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Czechia is one of the main countries that fulfill this desire of students, especially due to its universities providing high-level education in the fields of engineering, medicine and science, and the diversity in its culture. Engineering education in Czechia is very suitable for those who want both to study engineering abroad and to a country where social and cultural activities are abundant.

While the well-established and successful universities of Czechia are laying the groundwork for a quality and modern education life in the best way, on the other hand, due to the interaction with many international universities, it has aimed to train students with a successful education method by improving and reinforcing the education level. Czechia, with its universities with such a high-quality synthesis, is an attractive and interesting country for anyone who wants to study engineering abroad.

Advantages of Studying Engineering in Czechia

Czech universities are known for their high quality of education, exceptional academic opportunities and industry-based education structure. The country has a well-deserved reputation for academic life and scientific research. Many universities in Czechia are in the top 300 of the world's best universities. It's no surprise that the Czech Republic has become a popular study destination, attracting thousands of international students each year.

Although the Czech Republic is a country in the European Union, the country also uses its own currency, the Czech Koruna, which gives students a huge advantage in terms of living costs.

Czech language education is free in Czechia. However, due to the fact that Czech is a difficult language to learn and its usage area is limited, international students are more inclined to programs that provide education in English. Czech universities' annual tuition fees vary between departments, but range from 3.000€ to 8.000€.

By studying engineering in the Czech Republic, the heart of Central Europe, the chance to meet and make friends with international students from Europe and many different parts of the world is an indescribable advantage for all students.

At the same time, Czechia, which has a deep-rooted history and excellent architecture, offers different experiences to students in cultural terms.

In addition to all these, students studying engineering in Czechia, which is a member of the European Union, have an internationally valid diploma and can find the opportunity to work in big companies of the world.

How Long Does It Take to Study Engineering in Czechia?

In Czechia, university education lasts for three years, while master's education lasts for two years. Students who want to study engineering can take preparatory education at Czech universities if they do not speak English at the level to participate in the program. Thus, the academic year will be a maximum of four years.

After graduating from the engineering department, knowing a foreign language academically is a great advantage for students.

The Best Universities to Study Engineering in Czechia

Ostrava Technical University is the first of the quality schools where engineering education can be obtained in Czechia. Ostrava Technical University, which is among the top 1000 universities in the world, is a well-established, successful and high-quality school in engineering education. It includes many departments for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. It continues within the scope of 7 faculties and 3 university-wide education programs at the school where the medium of instruction is English. By cooperating with other successful universities with which it cooperates, it increases the level of education quality every year.

Another visionary and high-quality school where engineering education can be obtained in Czechia is the Czech Technical University. Czech Technical University, which includes Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and many other engineering departments, is one of the quality technical universities in Czechia. Czech Technical University, like Ostrava Technical University, has seriously proven its success by being among the top 1000 universities in the world. The university's curriculum is in English and complies with European Union standards. In addition, it is among the most respected universities in Europe as it continues its tradition for more than 300 years.

Admission Requirements in Czechia

Students who want to study in one of the engineering fields in Czechia will face math, physics exams and English proficiency.

In Czech universities, only mathematics and English exams are required in computer science and related departments. In departments such as civil engineering and mechanical engineering, it will be possible to take a physics exam in addition to the mathematics exam. Some universities may require a portfolio to study engineering in Czechia. For example, Czech Technical University does not apply for an entrance exam to the department of mechanical engineering, but asks for a portfolio.

Czech universities have an engineering department preparation program called pre-engineering for students who think they are not ready for education or may fail the entrance exams. During preparatory education, students are prepared to study engineering in Czechia by showing them basic courses related to mathematics, physics and their field, as well as English education.

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