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Medicine and Dentistry are among the most preferred departments in the world. It may be tempting for you to enter the university with only a high school diploma, as it does not require exam success. Charles and Masaryk universities, which are preferred for Medicine and Dentistry in Czechia, are among the top universities. Therefore, the diploma equivalence problem of a student studying at these universities will be eliminated. After the preparatory class, students will have to take biology and mathematics-based exams in order to be accepted from the departments. Therefore, the knowledge in basic sciences such as biology and mathematics in high school education is important.

Education in Czechia is very affordable. Moreover, all departments in the country whose language of instruction is Czech are free of charge. To learn the Czech language, a one-year preparatory course can be taken at universities and partner institutions, Czech language should not be a concern as the preparatory departments accept them even from the beginner level. However, it would be beneficial for international students who will prefer Czechia for a universal dentistry education to choose faculties that provide education in English.

Advantages of Studying Dentistry in Czechia

Studying dentistry in Czechia has advantages regarding both the country's economic and social opportunities and the advanced education system of its universities. Czechia is a country with easy access from almost anywhere in Europe. One of the most important advantages of students who want to study dentistry in Czechia, which is located in Central Europe, is that universities provide education in English as well as the local language of the country, Czech. It is possible to start university education directly with English. Students who do not have to stay within the borders of the country during the education period in the Czech Republic can travel to the European Union countries during the education period. In this way, it is possible to live an active student life.

The chance to meet and make friends with students from all over the world by studying dentistry in Czechia is also a great advantage. In addition to different cultural experiences, it is also possible to continue your career journey in other countries with a valid dentistry diploma in the world.

How Long Does It Take to Study Dentistry in Czechia?

Studying at university in Czechia is one of the most preferred options since it is more affordable than other European countries' living expenses. Medicine and Dentistry education in Czechia lasts for 6 years. Students who prefer Dentistry in Czech can study at the university for free. Students who want to study dentistry in English or Czech can take a one-year preparatory study, provided that they do not have language proficiency. In this case, a period of 7 years may be required for dentistry in Czechia.

The Best Universities to Study Dentistry in Czechia

Medicine and Dentistry has become one of the most desired departments in today's conditions. In particular, Dentistry in Czechia is becoming more and more popular with foreign students day by day. For this reason, Charles University and Palacky University are among the best universities to study in Czechia.

  1. Masaryk University Faculty Of Dentistry

Masaryk University Brno is an excellent school for international students to study dentistry in English. The capital of Moravia, Brno, which is home to the university, is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. A historic city and tens of thousands of students, Brno offers a lively atmosphere that rivals even Prague. With the motto of your home in Czechia, Brno welcomes those who come to study dentistry in Czechia. Annual tuition fee at Masaryk University Faculty of Dentistry is 14,700 €.

  1. Charles University Hradec Kralove Faculty Of Dentistry

Studying dentistry in Czechia. Charles University Faculty of Dentistry in Hradec Králové is an institution with an excellent international reputation, offering international students dental education in Czechia in English. With a history dating back to prehistoric times, Hradec Králové offers a rich culture. It hosts many outdoor festivals in summer and autumn. Charles University Faculty of Dentistry 12,800 €.

  1. Charles University Prague And Pılsen Faculty Of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry at Charles University in Pilsen places great emphasis on research and development. City life is lively in Pilsen. The magnificent countryside will appeal to nature and sports lovers, and there are many beautiful local villages nearby. A modern and dynamic university, Charles University offers a diversity and reputation that allows students from all over the world to receive a world-class education. Charles University Faculty of Dentistry 12,800 €.

  1. Palacky University Faculty Of Dentistry

Located in Olomouc, Czech Republic, Palacký University has a serious ranking worldwide. Offering training opportunities for dental education in English in Czechia, Palacky University is a progressive institution emphasizing an individual approach and has become one of the fastest growing schools of its kind. Student life in Olomouc is significant, as the town's population has the highest student density. It's a small but energetic town and has a busy street life with pubs, cafes and bars to keep you entertained. Palacky University Faculty of Dentistry annual tuition fee of 11,800 €.

Dentistry Admission Requirement in Czechia

In order to receive dentistry education in Czechia, it is beneficial to have high school biology, chemistry, physics courses and a high diploma score at the time of application. English dental faculties in Czechia have their own entrance exams. As a result of the successful passing of the entrance exams, the candidate can start his education at the Czech dentistry faculty. Since the language of instruction in dental faculties in Czechia is English, it is expected to have a good level of English during the entrance exam. Candidates who fail the exam can take one or two semesters of preparatory training and try their luck again.

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