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Study Computer Sciences in USA

Study Computer Sciences in USA
Study Computer Sciences in USA

America draws attention with an educational life full of opportunities and adventures it offers to international students who come to the country every year. Studying in a country that is home to the best international universities as well as being an economic and cultural leader; It means witnessing many innovations first hand, from cinema to music, from fashion to technology. Multinational companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook help computer students to design their future in America, which is the main place where career life will be directed in the most correct way.

For those who are prone to analytical thinking and mathematics, those who are interested in a computer-related engineering career, those who follow 24/7 technology news and put creativity and research at the center of their lives, computer engineering in America has exactly what they want.

Computer sciences in the USA is concerned with the design and prototyping of computing hardware and software. In general; It includes subjects and fields of study such as computer graphics, software, programming, algorithms, computer networks, databases, communication systems, artificial intelligence, user interfaces.

Advantages of Studying Computer Sciences in USA

Computer engineers specialize in building, maintaining and operating computer systems, programming software, network management, and digital design. Although studying at a university in this field in the USA is a little expensive in terms of both living and education costs from other countries, this investment in your future will bring positive returns when the business opportunities in the country are considered.

Studying computer science in the United States will first provide students with an eye-catching educational reference and English knowledge on their resumes. Thus, they will have the skills and equipment to work in any country in the world. Universities in the country impress with their modern campuses and research centers as well as libraries. It is possible to have the opportunity to think analytically, solve problems, make new discoveries, and work in international companies. Thanks to this training, it is possible to produce the world's best computers at Apple with admirable finesse and speed, and to develop internet-based products at Intel for those who are interested in operating systems, or at Google, the world's number one in search engines and advertising technologies.

How Long Does It Take to Study Computer Sciences in the USA?

The beginning of the academic year in the USA consists of 3 terms. The fall semester starts in August, the spring semester starts in January and the summer semester starts in May. In some universities, the academic year that starts in September ends in June. While the computer sciences department lasts for 4 years in total, exams are held at the end of each semester. At the end of 4 years, which are generally completed with research, assignments and internships, you are required to prepare a project or thesis in order to graduate.

The Best Universities to Study Computer Sciences in USA

The universities in the USA where students can study computer sciences are very famous. Harvard University is one of the most preferred universities in the country, which has the best quality education programs in the world. Serving hundreds of international students from more than 140 countries, the institution spends more than 150 million dollars on the education of students every year.

Lawrence University of Technology is among the most preferred undergraduate and graduate students in computer engineering with its deep-rooted history and expert academics. Princeton University is the 4th oldest university in America and is among the best in the world in computer engineering with its experience and knowledge from 1746 to the present. The school, where Nobel Prize-winning academics teach, also draws attention with its award and scholarship programs that support students.

Computer Sciences Admission Requirements in USA

Department entry requirements are the first thing that students who plan to study in the USA should pay attention to. To provide a complete application at the right time, taking into account the application dates of the educational institution they want to study in the USA. Some educational institutions may subject students to their own exams, apart from the general entrance requirements. Among them; We can list some of the prestigious educational institutions such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Caltech.

Students who want to study computer engineering in the USA must first have high numerical grades in high school. Educational institutions that accept applications with a TOEFL average of at least 5.5 rank students according to their success and high-grade point averages. Therefore, the necessary documents; we can list them as a sufficient level of English language score, at least 3 reference letters from the professors at the university, graduation certificate, transcript and documents supporting the financial situation in sufficient amounts for education.

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