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Study Computer Sciences in Poland

Study Computer Sciences in Poland
Study Computer Sciences in Poland

In order to receive computer sciences education, it is very important to have a quality university and faculty, to provide both theoretical and practical education. On the other hand, it is also important to consider the development status and economic opportunities of the preferred country. When all these features are taken into account, it turns out that it is extremely advantageous to study computer sciences in Poland.

Computer sciences is a very valid major and it is possible to do this profession in very important companies in almost every country of the world. In Poland, it is extremely advantageous to study at a university without an exam requirement, to benefit from economic education opportunities and to receive a valid education.

It is possible to study in Poland with students from all over the world and an international community. Especially for computer sciences education, thousands of students from various nationalities prefer Poland every year. With its education quality, suitable living conditions and various opportunities for students, Poland is among the top countries to be preferred for computer sciences education.

Advantages of Studying Computer Sciences in Poland

There are many advantages of studying computer sciences in Poland. Poland, which contributes to personal and social development in addition to education level and foreign language development, always comes to the fore with affordable and quality education options and is at the top of many people's preferences, especially for education. A person studying in the computer department in Poland receives education through extensive resources and completes his education in laboratories equipped with modern and state-of-the-art equipment.

Specially designed libraries and study rooms for students in Polish universities, where expert academics teach, are prepared meticulously so that students can get a better education. Polish universities, which offer quality education, offers a great social life and at the same time much more affordable than other countries, both in terms of education and living conditions. Poland, one of the most central parts of Europe, provides a quality university education and contributes greatly to its students to step into a bright future.

How Long Does It Take to Study Computer Sciences in Poland?

It is possible to get education in a department such as computer science, which is really valid and a profession of the future, in a lovely European country. At universities, computer majors are between 3.5 and 4 years in Poland. For students whose language of instruction is not sufficient, it is possible to receive language training for one year. The language of education is usually English and Polish. Education is given mainly in English. It is possible to get a good education from a prestigious institution in Poland with a computer sciences education of maximum 5 years in total.

The Best Universities to Study Computer in Poland

There are several universities in Poland that offer education in the field. However, two universities that stand out among them are very popular. Silesia University and Lodz University of Technology are among the most popular and good schools for students' computer education.

  1. University of Silesia

The University of Silesia is an autonomous public university located in the province of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. The university offers higher education and research opportunities. In addition to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, it also offers postgraduate, postdoctoral research, habilitation and continuing education and training programs. The computer section is quite popular. It is possible to receive training with 2600 Euros per year.

The University of Silesia provides its students with a unique opportunity to develop their interests, realize their passions and gain the practical skills necessary in the ever-changing job market. With this feature, which is very important for the computer department, the university also provides an encouraging learning environment where individual interests can be followed and academic goals can be achieved.

  1. Lodz University of Technology

Lodz University of Technology, one of the largest and most important universities in Poland; It was established in 1945. The university, which has inspirations from gothic and baroque architecture in its faculties, is also a state university. The language of instruction of the institution that currently provides education in 9 faculties, 70 institutes and departments; It is in Polish, English and French. Due to the fact that Poland is a student-friendly country, the tuition fees of the university are much more affordable than many other European countries, and students can study here under favorable conditions.

One of the best technical universities in Poland, the institution was chosen as the best technical school in the Lodz region by Newsweek Poland magazine in 2008. Located far beyond Poland for its achievements in research, science, education and international cooperation, Lodz University of Technology is a dynamic and constantly developing university with a strong tradition, especially in the computer department.

Computer Sciences Admission Requirements in Poland

BA high school diploma will suffice to enroll in the computer department. Many people choose Polish universities to get better quality education and have a higher career. Preferring only the computer department while enrolling in the university without any exam and score requirements will be sufficient to receive education in this department. State universities in Poland also have great success in the quality of education. Some of the universities might require English language scores or additional examinations. 

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